Guten Tag Wanderlusters! If you’re looking for a respite from the scorching heat of the summers and want to have that ice-cold feeling, you’re in luck. Because, we have got you covered. This incredible destination is none other than, Jungfraujoch! 

Situated in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, Jungfraujoch is a mountain pass which is also known as the “Top of Europe”. It is also the highest railway station in Europe at 11,371 feet which is 3,466 meters above sea level.   

But before you pack your bags and head on towards the journey of the different places to see and the different things to do in Jungfraujoch, let’s get you acquainted with how to pronounce it right. While it may seem baffling, the pronunciation of the place isn’t as tricky as it sounds.

top of europe jungfraujoch
The towering peaks of Jungfraujoch

Your winter wonderland awaits you. With this comprehensive guide to all the things you can do in Jungfraujoch and the expert tips for traveling there, you are all set. 

Jungfraujoch will leave you mesmerized in all the ways possible. So, pack your bags with the warmest clothes you’ve got, charge your cameras, pick up your skiing gear and head to one of the most beautiful journeys of your life. And once you reach the destination, that’s when the actual fun begins.

jungfraujoch in switzerland
A close look at the beautiful swiss alps

Jungfraujoch is pronounced as ‘yung-frow-yock’. Now that you have figured out how to pronounce it like a pro, let’s get our ski caps ready and swish away. 

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Jungfraujoch is a must visit destination for anyone and everyone who loves the mountains and the spectacular views that come along with them. And, if you’re an adventure seeker, there’s a lot waiting for you to discover as well.  

While Jungfraujoch is  stunning in itself, the journey to reach there is as stunning as the destination. 

So let’s take a look at all the amazing things you can do and how you can do them to make your visit to Jungfraujoch, as memorable as ever. 

Getting To Jungfraujoch

Once you reach Jungfraujoch, mesmerizing scenes are all that await you. But like it’s said, some journeys are more important than the destination. And that’s exactly the case here. The journey is all about lush green meadows, breathtaking views and phenomenal scenes. 

Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it truly is. For you to reach Jungfraujoch you would need to catch a train from Interlaken Ost in Switzerland to Lauterbrunnen. 

Once you’ve reached Lauterbrunnen, you’re in for a real treat. You can either hike up to Jungfarujoch or switch trains and hop onto the cogwheel railway to Kleine Scheidegg. 

Should you choose to do the hike, be prepared for a challenging time, as the hike is not for the weak of heart. But if you do it successfully, the experience will definitely be worth the effort and more. 

jungfraujoch by train
The amazing train journey through the scenic views on the way to Jungfraujoch

And of course, you can also choose to take the train ride route. Which is all that you can imagine and more. It runs on tracks giving you picturesque views that look like they are straight out of a postcard. 

And then finally, to reach Jungfarujoch, hop on to a train to the Jungfraujoch station, and take on breathtaking views as you go towards “The top of Europe”. As the train chugs up the mountains, giving you phenomenal views of the Swiss Alps, you will feel like Hercule Poirot sipping tea. The train winds its way through the alps giving you a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains, glacial rivers and pretty little postcard towns. 

What is more, the train also goes through a 7 Kilometer long tunnel, now, isn’t that something! 

Once you’re there, you’ll be welcomed with a transcendental looking vista of ice and snow! Take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air and if you feel like it, you can also enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coffee at the highest Starbucks in the world! 

Jungfraujoch from interlaken
A scenic view of the splendid swiss alps

Things To Do In Jungfraujoch

Now that you know how to reach Jungfraujoch, let’s check out all the things you can do there to make the most of your trip. 

Cool Yourself In The Ice Palace

You’re in for a frosty treat! The Jungfraujoch Ice Palace is nothing less than an icy wonderland where you will feel like a prince or princess. 

The first thing you’ll come across are the spectacular ice sculptures, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. They are extremely mesmerizing to look at with their intricate carving and detailed sculpting, they are nothing short of stunning. You can also do a photo-op of your own with the sculptures. 

Quick tip: Try not to get too close to them, because then you would just want to lick them and that won’t be a good idea. 

Sphinx observatory
Inside the Ice Palace of Jungfraujoch

The next big thing to not miss is the famous ice slide. Yes, as astounding as that sounds, it truly is a slide made entirely out of ice. If you’re into slides and ice, this will definitely be an experience you will never forget. 

If you are an adventure bug, you should definitely try ice climbing. All the gear you may need for taking on the challenge is made available near there. And once all geared up, you can go take on the frozen wall and climb it to victory. If you’re seeking some adrenaline, you will most definitely get it. 

The Sphinx Observatory

Learn More About Research At The Sphinx Observatory

The Sphinx Observatory is a research station situated on top of a mountain in Switzerland. It also happens to be known as one of the highest astronomical observatories in the world. But, do not let the name lead you astray. The place is not as nerdy as it sounds. 

The views are breathtaking and the surrounding mountains are spectacular to look at. So, even if you’re not into science or research, you would definitely love the ride to the station and the panoramic views it has to offer. 

The views are absolutely heavenly. The towering peaks and the ice-capped mountains sprawl as far as your eyes can see. 

The Sphinx Observatory
The Observatory at the “Top of Europe”

But the scenic beauty isn’t all there is to see. The stargazing experience is truly something. The mere idea of gazing at the stars from one of the top regions in Europe is quite thrilling and exhilarating. They have some really fascinating telescopes you can peep through to explore the true beauty of the night sky. 

Other than the obvious attraction, which is the stargazing, there is a lot the scientists are up to on top of that mountain. The observatory offers tours you can take and find out all about the research being done there. Including research about climate change and cosmic matters. 

There are many things you can explore if you are there on a day-long trip. There are activities like snowboarding, skiing and walking on glaciers that you can indulge in and feel that gust of cold air that’ll leave you refreshed. 

Aletsch Glacier
The picturesque Aletsch Glacier

Check Out The Largest Glacier In The Alps- The Aletsch Glacier

The Aletsch Glacier is a majestic natural wonder, to say the least. It is the largest glacier in the Alps, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. And there are so many fun things you can do there.

For starters, you can pick up any of the several hiking trails that are available near the glacier. The peaking mountains and the frigid cold streams will surely take your breath away (in a good way). And also, do not forget to click some fabulous pictures that will make all the people you know green with envy. 

If you are an adventure junkie, you can indulge in some “Glacier Walking”. But don’t worry, you won’t have to do it alone. You can take a guided tour of the glacier, where the guide will help you get the best of experience. The guide will also take you through designated paths and all you’ll have to do is simply walk and breathe in the beauty of the phenomenal views. 

A close view of the Aletsch Glacier

Get ready to feel on top of the world. The Gondola ride is another thing you must add to your list. To get a bird’s eye view of the marvelous mountains and scenic surroundings, hop onto the Gondola and sway amidst the icy cold beauty of Jungfraujoch. 

And of course, do not forget to indulge in some decadence. While you might have had swiss chocolate before, there is nothing quite like savoring the rich creaminess of the chocolate while being surrounded by the mesmerizing Aletsch Glacier. Believe it or not, the experience would be unforgettable. 

From hiking, to panoramic views, the Aletsch Glacier has something for everyone. 

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Jungfraujoch also has amazing local brews and wines you can try

Relish The Local Cuisine

We’ve talked about how much of an icy wonderland Jungfraujoch is, but it’s more than that. It is also the best place for people looking for mouth-watering delicacies and something warm to warm their tummies and hearts. 

As it’s Switzerland we’re talking about, we can’t really ignore the cheese. The entire world is a fan of Swiss Cheese. And Jungfraujoch also houses some of the best Swiss Cheese in the world. Whether you like your cheese sharp, creamy or bland, there’s a local cheese for everyone. 

One of the most well known and liked cheese delicacies is Raclette. It’s a hot heaven of melted cheese poured over boiled pickled onions and potatoes. Drooling, aren’t you? There’s more. Another local specialty is Rösti, a delicious potato dish which can be considered something between a pancake and a hashbrown. And we most certainly cannot forget fondue, which is melted cheese served with bread.   

The scrumptious Raclette

And then there’s the decadent swiss chocolate. Jungfraujoch has local chocolate shops and cafes mushrooming everywhere, for you to choose from. Bittersweet or creamy, however you may like your chocolate, your sweet tooth will find a home in the chocolates here. You could go for simple chocolate bars or savor chocolate fondue, but anyway, satisfaction is guaranteed. 

And finally, let’s talk about the drinks. Jungfraujoch is also known for its beer and wine and you can get a taste at any of the many local breweries. And of course, there’s the scrumptious cocoa topped with creamy whipped cream to keep you warm as you ponder over the beauty of the mountains.   

how to reach jungfraujoch
Scenic view of the swiss alps from a window

Tips To Travel In Jungfraujoch

Plan Your Trip Ahead

Logistics are very important when it comes to Jungfraujoch. Even though the Jungfrau Railway operates all through the year, the tickets and timings are pretty dynamic and are subject to change. Make sure you’ve scouted the website well and have it all planned out before heading up to the winter wonderland. 

Dress Warmly In Layers 

While this might seem like a very obvious thing, it is quite more than that. Because up in the mountains the world ‘Chilly’ gets a new meaning. Remember to bring your warmest winter coats, sweaters, pants, gloves and caps. And do not forget to pack some super comfy shoes that will keep your feet relaxed and warm. Because by now you know, there is a lot of walking involved when it comes to touring Jungfraujoch. 

The beautiful streets of Jungfraujoch

Carry Sunscreen

You may think it’s the mountains and they are supposed to be cold, so using sunscreen is an alien idea. But that’s not the case. Even though the temperature may be low the sun rays will be sure to hit you right in your beautiful face. So make sure you’re all covered in sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt.

Altitude Sickness Is A Real Thing

When you are high up on the mountains, you might feel like it’s all heavenly and beautiful. But taking care of your health is also essential. While most people don’t feel this, the high altitude can make some people feel dizzy or nauseated. Headaches are also a common symptom. But there’s nothing to worry about. To steer clear of altitude sickness, make sure you’re well equipped with the medications you take and also have a couple of meds that will help you placate any altitude sickness symptoms. 

Quick tip: Alcohol tends to make altitude sickness worse. So, keep a track of that.  

jungfraujoch peak
The ice capped mountains of Jungfraujoch


Your winter wonderland awaits you. With this comprehensive guide to all the things you can do in Jungfraujoch and the expert tips for traveling there, you are all set. 

Jungfraujoch will leave you mesmerized in all the ways possible. So, pack your bags with the warmest clothes you’ve got, charge your cameras, pick up your skiing gear and head to one of the most beautiful journeys of your life. And once you reach the destination, that’s when the actual fun begins. 

Some FAQs For You

How long does it take to visit Jungfraujoch from Interlaken?

If you’re taking the cogwheel train from Interlaken, it takes approximately 2.5 hours to get to Jungfraujoch. 

How much does it cost from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch?

It will cost you around CHF 200-250 if you want to take a round trip from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch and back. But this is also subject to change depending on the type of ticket you choose to buy.

Does Swiss Travel Pass cover Interlaken to Jungfraujoch

Yes. The Swiss Travel Pass covers Interlaken to Jungfarujoch. 

What time is best to go to Jungfraujoch?

The summer months, that is June to August are the best time to visit Jungfraujoch as you can enjoy clear skies and mild temperatures.  


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