Lalbagh Botanical Garden is not just a green space, it’s a living source where families gather for picnics, artists seek inspiration between the peaceful surroundings, joggers find solace in their morning routines. The vibrant life of this park and its confines leaves an indelible mark on your memories, fostering a long lasting connection. You cannot help but be enthralled and enchanted by the statues and sculptures that are widely positioned around the park. Each one of them narrates a peculiar story, making this a highlight when we speak about the unique places to visit in Bangalore.

In essence, Lal Bagh is an immersive experience, not just a destination. It is a form of a retreat where one can momentarily escape the urban chaos and connect with nature. Laughter echoes across the green carpet as families gather for picnics beneath the embrace of time-worn trees and  joggers navigate through the trails encapsulating the pulsating energy that defines this city’s essence.

Presence of such a sanctuary is a constant echo or a reminder that, amidst the bustling cityscape, sanctuaries like LalBagh go beyond the visual and thrive to nurture you. Let’s start the sprawling journey of how this park makes everything better.

Exploring The Roots And Legacy

lalbagh botanical garden bangalore flower show
Flowers in full bloom at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

This botanic garden dates back to the 18th century and is a prime source of inspiration for horticultural excellence. Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali’s visionary ambition to natural aesthetics converge in the origins of LalBagh. The park was born out of the curiosity and desire to craft an impactful Marvel in the middle of an Urban expanse, this botanic garden emerges as the “Red Garden ” as it envelopes a large section of red roses gracing the landscape. LalBagh is the perfect symbol that epitomizes a harmonious coexistence of history and botanical allure. 

The roots of this Park are strongly inclined towards nature; the entire park is filled with shades of green and dotted with reds, pinks, and oranges from the beautiful flowers all around. 

The Red Gardens

High court in bangalore
Image Source: wikipedia

The State Central Library and the High Court building stand as architectural gems, boasting of historical grandeur. Each structure speaks of tales of the past. The juxtaposition of the modern city setting against these colonial-era structures forms an enthralling sight.

This place is a horticulturist’s heaven. This Red Garden spread across the vast 240 acres of land. It is the perfect combination of visual treat and educational collection, like the watering system that keeps a surprising collection of over 1000 species of tropical plants alive.


A treat for the early risers who like to wake up to the songs of birds, Lalbagh Botanical Garden timings start from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm everyday.

Entry Fees

You can carry a camera with you for an additional fees for INR 50 and pay INR 20 for adults

Lalbagh Botanical Garden entry fee  is free for children below 12 years

How To Get There?

The Botanical Garden is located 4 kilometers from the city center. It is located in the Mavalli area. You will find a paid parking at the east gate and the parking cost is around 30 to 50 rupees.

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Why Visit Lalbagh?

The coolest part about this park is that every plant and tree here is like a live encyclopedia! Yes, you read that right! With labels on each one, ready to transfer the knowledge to you. This knowledge-packed adventure is a treat and you go home learning something new.

Top Attractions At Lalbagh

check the official website for lalbagh botanical garden flower show timings
A wide range of indigenous blooms and exotic flowers on display.

Too much information? We got you covered. Lalbagh is a treasure trove that will blow your botanical minds! From a time traveling floral clock to a dove cot, this park has leveled up and made an attempt at becoming a botanical amusement park! Here are our top picks: 

1. LalBagh Botanical Garden Flower Show

This year’s top pick is not so far away, an event that will dazzle you, with an explosion of hues and scents. The LalBagh Flower show. A wide range of indigenous blooms and exotic orchids will be reflecting the rich varieties of plant life at this event. Interested people will even have the opportunity to purchase the saplings to take it back home.

When Is It?

This floral extravaganza is going to be held till January 28th 2024 and you can purchase your tickets at the gate for a nominal fee of INR 50.

2. Floral Clock

This floral clock is ticking and blooming at the same time! A fine piece of art brought to you by the wizards at HMT! Standing at a whopping 7 meters, this clock is a fabulous treat to the eyes. Makes you think to yourself ‘Hey! Time can look fun too!’ 

3. LalBagh Glass House

Now for the showstopper – The Glass House Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one reason to visit the park. The glass house adds a dash of glamor to Lalbagh. When you are in LalBagh, you will realize that the intricate details of this Glass House take the limelight.

If that’s not enough then Snow White and the Seven dwarfs are right around the corner to join the enchanting party and sure to give the kids a great time!

4. Lal Bagh Lake

Another worthwhile attraction at LalBagh is the Lake, with its rustic walkway bridge that’s basically a type of runway for nature lovers. There are two lakes, one Lotus Pond on the north side and the other one in the secluded corner to the west. 

If you are someone who likes to discover hidden lakes and ponds, then this lake is definitely on the list. 

Closing Thoughts

We have safely established that this place just revives the inner nature lover inside you, you can’t help but take notice of the poetic grace of the tendrils softly framing the flowers or the glistening dew drops swaying along the edges of leaves. Even if you are not a curious wanderer, LalBagh Botanical Garden Bangalore will turn you into one. This is a non-negotiable pitstop if you are in Bangalore. From precise to the treasured flora, LalBagh is a masterpiece waiting to be explored.


What is special about Lalbagh Botanical Garden?

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is distinguished by its historic Glass House, the iconic Lalbagh Rock, and a rich array of plants, making it a unique blend of history and botanical beauty in Bangalore.

Is entry to Lalbagh free?

Children under 12 years can enjoy free entry to LalBagh, this allows families an affordable option to explore the botanical garden. For adults, the entrance fee is a nominal INR 20, making it a budget friendly weekend escapade.

Which one is better: Lalbagh or Cubbon Park?

The Botanical Garden is ideal for plant enthusiasts with its diverse flora, Glass House, and Lalbagh Rock. Cubbon Park offers a mix of greenery and historical landmarks, catering to a broader audience. The choice depends on individual preferences.

How big is Lalbagh Botanical Gardens?

Lalbagh Garden in Bangalore covers an area of about 240 acres, making it one of the largest botanical gardens in India.


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