Your four-legged guy is your favourite in the family to be with – undoubtedly! Leaving your pet with someone who is a complete stranger to the pet can make your pet uncomfortable. Taking them along will give your pet a chance to experience new sights and new smells. You obviously don’t want to be anywhere without them, not even on holidays, but obviously, your pet’s travel packing might scare you.

Thinking about what to pack and what to leave while planning a holiday with your pet is definitely a worrisome thing. Here is a guide to what to take along in your pet’s travel packing list to make him comfortable and happy throughout the journey. So not to worry about it, carry him along with you.

What you need your pet’s travel packing list

1Carrier bags and Harness

Harness, important for you pet's travel packing
Miniature Goldendoodle with harness

First of all, if you are travelling with your pet in a car, carry a carrier or harness with you, because seatbelts do not always prove to be effective. And your pet roaming around in the car can distract the driver and cause accidents.

And if you are travelling by air, keep a carrier with you because not all cats are comfortable travelling in cars. So for their as well as your safety, keep carriers with you. Dog bazar is an amazing place to shop for pets.

2Seat cover

Leather car seat cover
Leather car seat cover for protection

This is to protect your pet from the heat of leather seats as well as to protect your seats from your pet. They will shed hair and who knows heat might make them enough cranky to tear the seat covers. Take precautions before anything happens.


Pet bedding for you pet's travel packing
Cute sleeping ginger cat wearing a sleep mask in her favourite bed.

Bring along some home comfort with you. They should feel happy while sleeping so that they don’t ruin your trips and that they feel comfortable even in a different place. If you are taking your pet along with you on a vacation, it’s your responsibility to make it feel as comfortable as possible. Make sure you keep bedding as a priority in your pet’s travel packing list.


Dog food in the bowl and bone shaped biscuits
Food for your pet

Not only for hoomans, but for pets too, snacks are the ultimate solution to everything, every mood. So keep a box full of your pet’s favourite food with you so that they can hop on to it whenever they want. Keep as many snacks as paw-ssible in your pet’s travel packing bag.

5Food and water dishes

Pet food and water in bowls
food and water bowls for pets while travelling

It is good to carry dishes with you for serving them food or water. They will always have their favourite dishes in which they love to eat. That will make your work easy too. They are light, carryable and they like to eat in their home plate.

6Collar and tags

Silky Terrier with collar tags
cute collar tags

Pets love to roam around; they do not like boundaries at all. But leaving them to roam around independently is too tough to allow to happen. So instead of stopping them just, add a collar and a name tag or any other information that you think is important to put in case of emergency.

Your four-legged friend should have his own identity with him.

Make sure you select the tag as differently as possible. Hot dog collar helps you personalise your pet’s collar, which helps you create a collar tag which is as unique as paw-ssible.

7First aid

First aid kit for pets in your pet's travel packing
First aid kit for pets

Any medication that your pet is going through, do not, in any case, forget to take along with you. If your pet is healthy and you don’t think any medication is needed for them, you are mistaken. One week before leaving for the trip, meet your pet’s vet. Ask if s/he is healthy enough to be taken along and ask for any emergency first aid that you need to carry with you. Basic things that you need to keep are antiseptic wipes, ice packs, cotton balls, bandages, blankets, lotion, powder, scissors, petroleum jelly and rectal thermometer.

8Dog Booties

Cute paw booties for your pet's travel packing
Cute paw booties for your pet.

If you have a dog, get them dog booties before you leave for travelling. Undoubtedly dogs have tougher feet than humans but occasionally they need protection, especially if your dog is old or sick. This helps them form grip on slippery surfaces. Plenty of them are available in the market, but make sure you get the ones that are comfortable, that fit properly, are durable, comfortable and water resistant. It’s your duty to make sure that your pet’s paws are soft. There are paw creams available in the market for your pet’s cracked feet. Amazon has a product named, oatmeal paw butter which has amazing reviews not only on Amazon but everywhere else. Pamper that furry-cutie!

9Safety vest and life jacket

Safety jacket for pets
Let your pet play safely.

A safety vest is a necessity when you pack your pet’s travelling list. Dogs are great swimmers, but cats can be cranky at times. It is good to keep a safety measure with you in your pet’s travel packing list.

10Poop bags

Poop bags for cleaning
Poop bags for cleaning

Just like kids, pets can be unpredictable too when it comes to emptying their stomach. Keep the precautionary measure with you. If you are on a road trip, make sure you stop in small intervals to help your pet and you, make journey blissful.

If you are travelling on the plane with your pet, make sure you have made correct reservations for them and remind yourself to carry a poop bag with you.

Disasters can happen anywhere hooman, it is good to be prepared!

11Grooming supplies

Grooming kit for your pet's travel packing
Dog grooming

Pamper them and keep them happy. Cats are moody when it comes to bathing, dogs love them. Their grooming kit should have the necessary items that will help them stay clean and less irritated throughout the journey. The basic things that should be present in the grooming kits will be combs, de-shedding tools, shampoos, nail clippers, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste. See cats already know that they are beautiful, let that extra extrovert dog also groom himself a bit. So keep your pet’s travel packing filled with grooming kits.

It also helps to carry flea powder – who knows what they might catch out there on the road!

12Paper towel

Paper towel for pets for cleaning.
Paper towel for pets for cleaning.

Always carry a Paper towel or a pack of tissue with you, and keep them handy. This will help you in flights where you cannot get up and go to the washroom every 5 minutes, so keep an alternate option with you in hand. Paper towels in your pet’s travel packing will serve as a big help for you.

13Extra ziplock bags

Transparent clear Plastic ziplock pouch
Transparent ziplock pouches

This can be used for a number of things. For an extra amount of food that you can keep in a ziplock and then put it in your bag or keep toiletries for your four-legged friend. These can be used for some grooming items that you think will leak or get spilt. Ziplock pouches or bags will always be helpful, keep extra of them in your bag.

14Cleaning solution

Cleaning solution
Cleaning solution

This is a grooming kit accessory for them but you can keep it handy, just in case your friend feels like doing some adventure on the trip. It comes in small bottles, and you don’t necessarily need a pet cleaning solution, you can use a normal one. It just has to clean the mess.

15Crate fan

Cage fan to cool the dog
Cage fan to cool the dog

If you are carrying a crate with you for your pet and going to a hot or a humid climate, carry a crate fan along with you. Pets feel very hot and thirsty. A fan will maintain body temperature and keep them happy throughout their journey. MetroVac Air Force Pet Crate Fan and Metro Air Force Crate/Cage Cooling Fan are both available online in different colours. 

16Picture of your pet

Photograph of the pet to carry along with you
Photograph of the pet to carry along with you

Keep a picture of your pet with you on the trip, you never know when this mischievous creature would want to play hide and seek with you. Hiding will be easy for him, seeking might be a little tough for you.

17Health certificate

Happy veterinarian examining medical documents of a dog.
Health-related documents for your pet to be carried with you

Visit your dog’s veterinary doctor and ask for a health certificate. Hotels, where you have made reservations, might need it. When you are looking for hotels, look for the ones that are pet-friendly. Depending upon which place are you going travelling, make sure you check rules for that place to bring pets like Australia has very strict rules when it comes to bringing your pets with you.

18Extra water bottle

Pets get thirsty very soon; keep an extra water bottle handy with you so that you don’t have to dig into the luggage for one water bottle every 10 minutes. Petco provides a wide variety of water bottles for the pets that you can carry with you. Try to buy bottles that are smaller in size and come in sipper type varieties so that you can keep it in your purse and handbags. It will not be possible for you to take out the bowl from your pet’s travel packing bag every time.

This will be the best journey of your life, because of the place and because of the company.

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Please let us know in the comment section if you liked the article and also if you have any other tip for travelling with pets.

BOW voyage!


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