Lost in the Beauty of Edinburgh

You know when you think about a girl or guy, you think of their features, the way they look, how that look makes you feel, what it does to you and how attracted you are to those looks (this is not to make you sound hollow – looks are one part important) but if you aren’t into the looks AT ALL (which is hard to believe) then this first paragraph is a Moo point (like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s Moo).

Basically what I am getting at is, there have been very few moments in my life where I was taken aback by stunning beauty. And, in Scotland, on September 1st, 2014 – It was one of those moments. I was walking down the North Bridge where I noticed something at the corner of my eye, the wind blew me towards the direction of this magnificent sight (Arthur’s Seat). All I could hear in my ears “Could you be more captivated?” – Chandler was inside my head (it happens to me a lot). It was the perfect sight – where natural beauty met cityscape – EDINBURGH.

The first day was all about exploring the city on foot with a now lifelong friend – Harpreet (Happy). We spoke to each other over the phone in India and decided to be housemates for the next coming year or two because we were studying in the same university. It worked out perfectly. Without him, I doubt my life in Edinburgh would have been half as grounded as it was. So as I said, the first day was all about walking around the city not knowing where we were heading. Just aimlessly wandering the world’s most beautiful country (there is proof for this).

Edinburgh is like Narnia, every street is a door – you never ever know what beauty awaits you. The city’s busiest street – Princess Street, has the Scot Monument, the Edinburgh Castle as a view, H&M, Primark, Waverly train station, iStore and a gorgeous looking hotel for starters. The reason I’m taking you through the specifics is, that, right at the heart of all this there is a garden that is as long as the street. Even if you spend an entire day walking on Princess Street, you wouldn’t be able to do justice to its beauty. The only place in the world to perfectly plan the city around nature.


So, happy and I being completely awestruck with gods magnum opus – we started modelling in the city like there was a calendar shoot in progress. From posing to expressions, we were nailing every bit of fashionista from our inner models. We weren’t even a day old in Edinburgh but the feeling of home had already settled into us; it was the perfect decision to come to here. We were fascinated by walls, murals, bridges, organized traffic, and just the right amount of crowd on the streets.


The streets of Edinburgh are always buzzing with the sound of bagpipes and it isn’t a stereotype, it’s a cultural fact. If you are ever lost, all you need to do is close your eyes and follow the sound of the bagpipes (close your eyes and think about it as you are reading this article – it will be surreal). I haven’t even begun talking about everything Edinburgh. Since I did my masters there, the stories of my travels will be spanned across various articles.

This was a trailer into how the city is generally built and the emotion it evokes. Get ready to be awe-inspired because after I take you on this journey, you will want to book your tickets to Edinburgh. FYI, I could be your tour guide – all you need to do is buy me a ticket.

Photo Credit: 2-7 Akaash Ampili | www.instagram.com/akaashampili/



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