Manipur Travel Guide: The Land of Natural Beauty

Known as “Jewel Land” Manipur lies in Northeastern India. Home to the famous Sangai; a rare species of deer and Siroy or Shirui Lily, Manipur is a complete package. Any Manipur Travel guide is incomplete without these mentions. Generally, the Siroy Lily grows on the highest points of the Shiroi slope. A famous British personnel named St. Clair Grimwood depicted Manipur as “A pretty place, lovelier than numerous show spots of the world.”

Manipur shares its boundaries with three more Indian States – Nagaland, Mizoram, and Assam – and the country of Myanmar.

Siroy Lily at Siroy National Park, Manipur - Manipur travel guide
Siroy Lily at Siroy National Park, Manipur.

Manipur remains to some degree disengaged from the rest of India, and interchanges inside the state are poor. A national interstate goes through the state from Tamu on the Myanmar border in the south via Imphal to Dimapur (in Nagaland) in the north; this parkway likewise interfaces Imphal with the Northeast Frontier Railway close Dimapur.

There are airports which help in travelling from Imphal to Guwahati and Silchar in Assam and to Kolkata (Calcutta) in West Bengal state. Though, in case you are going to visit Manipur for the first time, a travel guide will come handy for your support.

Manipur travel guide: The culture
Dragon Boat race, Sangai Festival, Imphal, Manipur travel guide
Dragon Boat race, Sangai Festival, Imphal, Manipur

The city has varied culture, Polo and field hockey are amongst the mainstream sports between the people of the state. Manipur has brought forth an indigenous type of established dance known as Manipuri or Jagoi. It is a dance drama that narrates stories in the form of dance, using graceful hand and upper body movements.

The shows, translated by a storyteller, depict a piece of religious life. Topics are for the most part taken from the life of Krishna, the peaceful lord of Hinduism. A confined artistic expression for a long period of time, Manipuri was acquainted with the rest of India by the writer Rabindranath Tagore in 1917.

Best time to visit and Why

The ideal time to visit Manipur is between October to March as most of the touring spots are open and the humidity level is tolerable. If you wish to visit during the Siroy Lily’s blooming time, then visit between the months of May and June. They can also sometimes be found in the wild in the monsoon month of July.


The climate of the city is moderate for most of the year, and if you want to experience Manipur at its best then visit it between October to March and experience the best of weather and climatic conditions to roam around.

Other Facts

The most spoken language here is Meitei, while the second native language here is English and few local dialects. You will also find some people speaking in Hindi. There are ample festivals celebrated in Manipur, though some of them worth mentioning include Dol Jatra, Rath Jatra, Gang Ngai and Ramjan ID.

Major Tourist Attractions

You get a wonderful, energetic feeling, while you meander in the city of Imphal filled with activity and enthusiastic people. The city is frequently filled with merchants pitching for things to purchase like foods, fishes and much more. If you are a seafood lover then Imphal is the place for you.

It is additionally a picturesque city that has rich legacy destinations. Manipur offers everything from culture to nature. For the most part, the visitor can meander around in the Ema Keithel (Mother’s Market) or go for sculling in Loktak lake.

Decorated with lavish woods and sprawling prairies, Bishnupur is a famous journey goal in Manipur. This heavenly town has numerous wondrous sanctuaries and relics. Other than Bishnupur individuals do visit places like Thoubal and Churchandpur.

Since Manipur borders Myanmar there is a place in Myanmar that you can go to from Manipur without needing a visa. 

Things to Do

You can enjoy Boating in Loktak. For people who love shopping, Moreh-Tamu International Market serves a perfect place to be in. If you are a nature lover then you can opt to visit Keibul Lamjao National Park too.

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