Ever wondered how nature and human ingenuity can go hand in hand for building the perfect harmony in a destination? Mattupetty Dam Munnar also known as ‘Cattle village’ does just that and more. It is also known as the biggest dam in Kerala. This man-made dam stands in the heart of the Western Ghats in the breathtaking state of Kerala, India. This engineering wonder which stands at an impressive height of around 160 feet is an epic reflection of the endless ways in which we can benefit from nature and manage to give back.

Munnar Dam is the biggest dam in kerala
A tourist capturing the wild amidst the wild.

Mattupetty Dam Munnar Guide

How can a concrete gravity dam located inside the Munnar region of Kerala be worthy of your time? Well The Mattupetty Dam is more than just a dam and the surrounding beauty of this place will definitely be worthy of your time!  

History Of Mattupetty Munnar Dam

The dam was constructed in the late 1940’s as part of a hydroelectric task initiated by the then British colonial administration. It was built mostly to serve the purpose of water storage and strengthen the surrounding region. It is situated between the steep hills of the Western Ghats, with an intention to place it strategically to harness the flow of Mattupetty River.

The reservoir which has a whopping capacity of 8,000,000 cubic meters of water is shaped by using the dam and serves irrigation functions and also supplies hydroelectric power generation for the nearby farms.

Development Of Surrounding Area: The construction of the dam and the formation of the reservoir caused the development of the surrounding areas too. It aided the growth of agriculture, contributed to the socio-financial improvement of the location.

Tourism Around Mattupetty Dam

Over the years, Mattupetty Munnar Dam has also become a famous destination for travelers. The serene environment, the picturesque reservoir, and the untouched greenery attract travelers from many walks of life. Visiting this dam is very close to the best things one can do in Munnar. Boating options are also available on the reservoir for travelers looking for an activity to indulge in.

Ecological Importance: Apart from its role in producing electricity, the dam and its reservoir also maintain ecological importance. The area across the dam is rich in biodiversity, with several species of flora and fauna thriving in the surrounding forests like orchids, rhododendrons, butterflies and birds making it one among the top beautiful places to visit in India.

What To Do Around The Dam

largest dam in kerala
A breathtaking backdrop for nature enthusiasts.

Since the dam is surrounded by dense hills and sprawling forests, it offers a breathtaking backdrop for nature enthusiasts. Keep an eye out as you could possibly catch a glimpse of elephants frolicking close by forests. And don’t forget to indulge in some shopping for aromatic Eucalyptus Oil sold near the dam, it can be a perfect souvenir of your visit along with a walk to the famed Indo-Swiss dairy farm in Mattupetty for an added touch of Swiss charm in your Kerala getaway! 

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Mattupetty Dam Timings

Boating Timings: Mattupetty dam boating timings start from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM during the boating season.

Dairy Farm Timings: The dairy farm is open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and also 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Mattupetty Dam Entry Fee

– INR 10 per person

– Ordinary boating for 15 minutes, INR 300 for 1-5 people

– Speed Boating for 15 minutes, INR 500 for 1-5 people 

  • – Horse Riding INR 50
beautiful views of munnar dam
Scenic views of the Munnar Dam in Kerala.


Munnar Mattupetty Dam stands as a masterpiece in Kerala’s backdrop—it successfully converges with nature’s bounty and mankind’s aspirations. As you pause to reflect on your sojourn, allow the bountiful nature and boating to give you a taste of slow living which lingers on long after the trip concludes.

From the rich history of its production to the diverse flora and fauna thriving here, Mattupetty Munnar Dam gives you panoramic views and endless options for continual experiences as it is a gateway to many other attractions, like the Anamudi Peak.


What is the ticket price for boating in Munnar?

Boating price ticket charges in Munnar range depending on the type of boat and length, generally costing between 300 to 500 INR per person.

What is the time of boating in Munnar?

Boating in Munnar generally operates from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, however the exact timings can also change based on seasonal factors.

What is the entry fee for Echo Point Munnar?

There is no entry fee for Echo Point in Munnar; it’s commonly freely accessible to visitors for enjoying the scenic views.


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