Bloom season begins and you can’t help but imagine the myriad of flowers that would bloom painting a million colors with sunflowers and daisies dancing along the graceful butterflies. We all crave clear skies and a picture-perfect breezy garden filled with the festivities of natural splendor. This is the season where nature truly takes center stage. Well, imagine that and some more! With over 45 million flowers on display, the Miracle Garden Dubai is not just a garden; it’s a floral paradise, the largest of its kind.

What Is The Garden All About?

miracle garden in dubai has millions of flowers
The flowers here are a rainbow explosion of popping colors.

This place is not just insta-worthy; it’s like diving headfirst into a rainbow explosion of popping colors that are louder than your favorite playlist, there are more beautiful flowers than you can count and the patterns are remarkably inspiring if you are into design. We’re talking about over 150 million flowers here! And they’re not just haphazardly placed together – they’re doing the floral tango in jaw-dropping patterns and shapes.

Whether you are a hardcore floral fanatic or just someone bored and looking to escape the banal realities of life, this garden is your golden ticket to an unforgettable day. Now picture this: This is not just any garden; it’s the Godzilla of flower gardens, reigning supreme as the world’s largest natural flower garden. We’re talking 120 varieties of flowers strutting in a floral fashion show that attracts a whopping 1.5 million visitors every year. From sassy petunias to sunflowers, geraniums rocking their grace, and marigolds adding the wow factor – it’s a spectacle that’ll make your average garden green with envy.

So if you are still thinking flowers are just some pretty things you give on birthdays, think again! The miracle garden in Dubai is a floral fiesta, a botanical bash, and a petal-packed party all rolled into one. Don’t miss out on this bloomin’ good time – your senses will thank you later!

How Can You Get There?

miracle garden dubai uae is a must visit
Aerial view of the colorful Miracle Garden in Dubai.

First up, the Metro – You can easily hop on the Dubai Metro, the red line to be precise. From there, it’s a joyous ride to the Mall of Emirates. The journey however does not end here, Hop onto the RTA bus Route 105, and it’ll chauffeur you straight to the garden. 

Taxis – In case you are traveling in with luggage or you’ve got a whole squad in tow ( Because flower adventures are best when enjoyed with your friends), A direct cab is your ticket to this paradise. The cost would be somewhere between 80 to 100 AED – a small price to pay for the VIP entrance to the garden.

Bus – For those who might want to come from Abu Dhabi, we’ve got a bus route that’s as exciting as a carnival ride. Hop onto the Dubai RTA Bus E101 at the Central Bus Station, and it’ll take you to Ibn Battuta Metro Station. Upon arrival, hail a cab to the garden.

What Are The 5 Best Elements?

Love Blooms In The Heart’s Passage at Miracle Garden
Emirates aircraft is adorned with a mind-blowing 5 million flowers.

This has to be the most creative garden, Ostrich bodies covered in flowers line the walkways, and Massive peacocks also covered in flowers overlook high above. Giant parrots stand on tall hills and fake pelicans float in the water body. If this is not enough to give you a high then here are the top 5 elements of the garden:

Prepare For Take Off With The Emirates Airbus A380

The Emirates A380 got a whole makeover. This double-decker extravaganza is adorned with a mind-blowing 5 million flowers. We’re talking petunias, coleus marigolds, snapdragons, violas, geraniums, and gaillardias teaming up to set a Guinness World Record. Buckle up for a flowery flight!

Love Blooms In The Heart’s Passage

Step into the Heart’s Passage, a love-struck wonderland shaped like hearts that has been stealing the show every year since the garden’s birth. It’s not just a walkway or a permanent fixture; it’s a graceful journey through petals, blossoms, and all things heartwarming. Love truly blossoms through this passageway.

Selfies Meet Enchantment At The Floral Castle

Who needs a regular castle when you can have a floral one straight out of the Disney dreamscape? Covered in a magical carpet of emerald and red-hued flowers, this castle is truly a spectacle that is one of its kind.

A Center Stage For The Blooms At The Floral Auditorium

Looking for a break from the banal realities of life? The floral auditorium is your ticket to a blooming good time! With a center stage surrounded by mesmerizing flower arrangements, it’s not just an auditorium; it’s a feast for the senses. The center stage with the numerous flower arrangements is quite a visual sonnet.

A Petal Powered Timepiece Within The Floral Clock

Groundbreaking in more ways than one, the floral clock is a 15-meter timekeeping marvel made with real flowers and plants. But here’s the twist – in addition to being a fully functional clock that shows time; it blooms and changes its design based on the seasons, weather, and daylight hours also.

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Best Time To Visit Miracle Garden Dubai

check for miracle garden dubai timings before visit
Clock made of flowers in Dubai, UAE

Miracle Garden Dubai UAE timings fluctuate according to the seasons and for its 11th season, the garden is open from November to May.

Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday): 9:00am to 9:00pm

Weekends (Friday and Saturday): 9:00am to 11:00pm

Typical duration of the visit: 2- 3 Hours 

Where Can You Buy Your Ticket?

A Dubai Miracle Garden ticket costs about DH 40 (INR 767 approx.) for adults and DH 30 (INR 575 approx.) for children above twelve years of age. 

You can book your tickets online through multiple portals or have the option to book conveniently right here.

Top Installations At Miracle Garden Dubai

Flower-licious Teddy Bear This garden has cranked up the cute-o-meter with a gigantic Teddy Bear bursting at the seams with flowers! This fluff ball is stealing the show in its eleventh season. One is sure to feel the warmth and harmony after witnessing the big guy.

Meet The Floating Lady She’s up in the air, arms wide open, hair gracefully cascading down without a care in the world. This addition is here to defy the laws of physics adding a dash of airborne elegance to the garden.

Sun Kissed Sunflower Field – Here you will be greeted by a sea of sunflowers doing the ultimate dance with the sun. These tall and elegant beauties follow the sunlight like they are doing a waltz, bringing a touch of verve to the garden. 

Final Thoughts

Get ready to be swept away into a world where flowers take flight, hearts pave the way, castles burst into bloom, auditoriums turn floral, and clocks tick-tock in the language of petals. Miracle Garden Dubai is not just a garden but a wonderland waiting to enchant you at every turn! So, buckle up! Flower enthusiasts, every step you take here will be captured as a core memory because at Dubai Miracle Garden every moment is a petal-packed page-turner!


Are Butterfly Garden and Miracle Garden the same?

No, Butterfly Garden and Miracle Garden are not the same. They are separate attractions within Dubai. Butterfly Garden is a unique space dedicated to butterflies, while Miracle Garden is a vast floral park showcasing a variety of flowers.

How long does it take to see the Miracle Garden?

The time it takes to see the Miracle Garden can vary from person to person and their individual preferences. On an average, visitors spend 1 to 2 hours exploring the garden. However, enthusiasts may extend their visit to enjoy the multitude of floral displays.

How many types of flowers are there at Miracle Garden?

The Miracle Garden boasts a stunning array of over 50 million flowers, showcasing around 150 different types of flowers. The diverse collection includes roses, petunias, marigolds, and various other vibrant blooms, creating a breathtaking floral spectacle.

Which bus goes to Miracle Garden?

Several public buses, including Bus No. 105 and Bus No. 106, go to Miracle Garden. Visitors can easily access the garden using Dubai’s public transportation system, making it convenient for those without private transportation.


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