If you are a fan of paranormal activities and horror, you can try catching a glimpse at the most haunted places in the world. These haunted places are some of the spookiest sites from around the world with plenty of ghost sightings and creepy experiences. Of these, some are shrouded in mystery, with legends passed down over centuries, while others although relatively new are steeped in their tragic past. Plan a visit to the world’s most haunted places for some unforgettable thrilling experiences. While Halloween is a while away, these supernatural locations will surely be much more than just a trick or treat, right?

Do You Have What It Takes To Visit The Most Haunted Places In The World?

1. Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel, Canada

Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel, most haunted places in the world

The Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, is said to be associated with paranormal activity since its completion in 1888. This chateau-style hotel is one of Canada’s great railway hotels and is reportedly one of the most haunted buildings in the country. It is rumoured to be home to several ghosts such as ‘Ghost Bride’, a woman who reportedly waits for people in the hotel ballroom, and ‘Sam the Bellman’, who served at the hotel till 1975. He apparently still takes over shifts to help people with their bags before disappearing.

2. Tower Of London, London

most haunted places in the world- Tower of London

Built by William the Conqueror in 1066, the Tower of London is one of London’s most notable historical sites. This uncompromising fortress served as the city’s most notorious prison and execution site, witnessing the execution of two of Henry VIII’s wives, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. To this day, the visitors, at this one of the most haunted places in the world, have reported many ghostly sightings of English royalty, including seeing apparitions of Anne Boleyn and Mary, Queen of Scots.

3. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado, most haunted places in the world

This famous Rocky Mountain destination is known famously as the inspiration for Stephen King’s classic horror novel ‘The Shining’. Located in Colorado’s Estes Park, this 142-room hotel has gained a reputation for the paranormal. The staff have allegedly encountered ghosts such as a maid from Room 217 who is known to pack guests’ clothing when they aren’t looking.

4. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan, India - October 06, 2012: A landscape of hilly mountains surrounding abandoned cursed ruined fort in a place named Ajabgarh on a way to allegedly haunted place Bhangarh fort

Located just 100 miles southwest of Delhi, the lush ruins of Bhangarh Fort are said to have some of the scariest ghostly appearances and spooky experiences in India. The ruins make for a curious juxtaposition against the desert landscape of Rajasthan and is also believed to be the most haunted place in the world. Today, this haunted place is an archaeological site, known as the ‘House of Ghosts’. According to the legend, a curse was cast by a disgruntled sorcerer after his advances were rebuffed by a local princess. To this day, there is a warning that no one be allowed to enter the fort after the sun goes down.

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5. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP), Pennsylvania,USA - Halloween in USA, most haunted places in the world

Once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, the Eastern State Penitentiary is widely considered to be among the most haunted places in the United States. Built-in 1829, this castle-like prison took solitary confinement to new levels. The prisoners were made to live alone, eat alone and exercise alone. When the prisoners left their cells, they were made to wear sacks over their heads so they couldn’t see or be seen. The historic prison was closed in 1971, but today it’s a site that welcomes thousands of visitors every year, both for its museum as well as its Halloween celebrations. At this prison, which is undoubtedly one of the most haunted places in the world, the visitors have heard disembodied laughter and seen shadowy figures wearing sacks over their heads dart across walls. 

6. Château de Brissac, Brittany, France

Val-de-Loire, France - August 23, 2013 : Side of Brissac Castle, most haunted places in the world

Dubbed the ‘Giant of the Loire Valley’, this towering building is famously known as the place where Charlotte de Brézé was murdered. The castle is also called the home of ‘The Green Lady’, aka the ghost of Charlotte of France. According to legend, Charlotte, the illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII, was murdered by her husband after he discovered her having an affair. The chateau is a popular hotel today; however, visitors have claimed to see a ‘Green Lady’, named for the colour of her dress, roaming the chapel’s tower room and moaning in the early hours of the morning.

7. Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-Under-Edge, England

Ancient Ram Inn, England, most haunted places in the world

Located in Wotton-Under-Edge, this 12th-century inn has played many roles over the centuries. It served as a former priest’s residence who had masons and slaves help build St Mary’s Church. It also used to be an inn and public house. Believed to be built on a former pagan burial ground where children were sacrificed, it’s considered to be one of the oldest such sites in the Western world. One of the most haunted places in the world, this inn is supposed to be home to more than 20 spirits, including children and a pagan high priestess.

8. Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

Poveglia Island - Venice, Italy, most haunted places in the world

The small abandoned island of Poveglia, between Venice and Lido, used to serve as a quarantine zone for bubonic plague victims in 1348. Later in the 1920s, the island was also the site of an insane asylum. One of the most haunted places in the world, it’s believed that the patients here were experimented on and tortured. While Poveglia Island is off-limits to most visitors, you can see the island and decaying hospital safely from the beaches of nearby Lido. Locals still claim to hear echoing chimes of the asylum’s bell tower from the island—even though the bell was removed decades ago.

9. Port Arthur, Australia

The old abandoned prison town of Port Arthur, is located on the Tasmanian Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia, most haunted places in the world

The Tasmanian town of Port Arthur began as a penal colony in 1833 until it was abandoned in 1877. During those decades, the town was touted as “inescapable” as it focused on correcting the inmates’ morality, using methods like solitary confinement and mandatory church services. Today, the site is a hotbed of paranormal activity and therefore, available for ghost tours amid the ruins and the open-air museum. 

10. Castle Of Good Hope, South Africa

Table Mountain viewed from inside the Castle of Good Hope, most haunted places in the world

Dating back to 1666, this giant pentagonal fortress was once the seat of government and military operations of the Dutch East India Company. The site also saw some gruesome punishments and executions. Today, it is said to be haunted by a tall man who is seen walking the ramparts, and a ‘Gray Lady’ who is seen crying in the halls.

11. Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana, USA

St. Francisville, Louisiana, USA - 2017: A swamp at the Myrtles Plantation, a historic home and former antebellum plantation, built in 1796 by General David Bradford.

Said to be built on the site of First Peoples’ burial ground, the Myrtles Plantation is rumoured to be one of America’s most haunted sites. Situated in the small town of St Francisville, northwest of New Orleans, this site is one of the most haunted places in the world. It is reportedly home to at least 12 different ghosts, including that of William Winter, who was murdered in the house.

Special mentions:

  1. Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania
  2. Island Of Dolls, Mexico
  3. Paris Catacombs, France
  4. Morgan House, Kalimpong, India
  5. Chaonei Church, Beijing, China
  6. Charleville Castle, Ireland
  7. Alcatraz, USA
  8. Casa Loma, Toronto
  9. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts
  10. Lawang Sewu, Semarang, Indonesia
  11. The Forbidden City, China
  12. RMS Queen Mary, LB, CA
  13. La Recoleta Cemetery, Argentina
  14. Jazirat Al Hamra, UAE
  15. Raynham Castle, Norfolk, England
  16. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
  17. St, Augustine Lighthouse, FL
  18. Kellie Castle, Malaysia
  19. Casa de la Poesía, Bogotá, Colombia
  20. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia
  21. Salem, Massachusetts, USA 

Explore These Most Haunted Places In The World For Some Bone Chilling Experiences

If you are someone who doesn’t scare easily and loves exploring uncanny spots, then this list is made just for you. You will certainly find haunted places or a ghost tour almost anywhere you travel. And whether you are a skeptic or believer, it’s still an experience to visit these places and test these claims for yourself. Visit these most haunted places in the world and tell us all about your ghostly experiences in the comments below.

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