Muscat in Oman is home to stunning landscapes, untouched beaches, cultural monuments, and unique shopping places. The capital and largest city in Oman is a great location to embrace a new culture and have fun with it. Summers in Muscat city are warm and arid, so the ideal Muscat weather for outdoor and hot-weather activities is from mid-March to mid-April and from mid-October to early December. Between October and April, Muscat tourism sees its peak. 

Best Things To Do In Muscat In Oman

1. A Regal Residence: Al Alam Palace

Al Alam Palace, Muscat, Oman.
Al Alam Palace, Muscat, Oman.

In the heart of Old Muscat, the Al Alam Palace has 200 years worth of colourful history. The palace was called the Flag Palace and painted in the regal colours of blue and gold. The palace was renovated in 1972 and is now used for ceremonies of His Majesty the Sultan. It is also one among six other royal residences. The neighbouring forts are 16th-century Portuguese Mirani and Jalali Forts. The palace is also close to the Ministry of Finance and the National Museum. While visitors are not allowed to enter the palace, you can take pictures and walk around the palace grounds. 

2. Artists From Around The World: Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House in muscat, oman.
Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman.

Right from artistic performances to educational programmes, the Royal Oman Opera House Muscat has it all. The Opera House supports cultural tourism and is His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s creation. The Opera House puts on diverse shows like ballet, jazz performances, operas, Arab music performances, musicals, and other world music shows. Countries from different parts of the world like Georgia, Argentina, Russia, and more present their acts in Muscat in Oman. 

3. Historical Attraction: Mutrah Fort 

Mutrah fort on the top of a hill overlooking the harbour of Muscat, Oman just before sunset."
Mutrah Fort, Muscat, Oman

The area of Mutrah is filled with beautiful views and lies along the bay that is studded with buildings and mountains. One of the jewels in Muscat tourism, the Mutrah Fort was built by the Portuguese in the 1580s and is used for military purposes. The fort has cannons and three circular towers. The fort can be reached through Mutrah Souk.

4. An Experience: Mutrah Souk

Mutrah Souk in Muscat, Oman
Mutrah Souk in Muscat, Oman

Mutrah Souk is the go-to place for the best souvenirs. Right from antiques, Arabian gems, silver jewellery to traditional Omani clothes, you can barter for everything. One of the best markets in Muscat in Oman, Muttrah Souk also has kumma (Omani caps) and essential oils. 

5. Cultural Treasure Trove: Oman National Museum

The Oman National Museum recently opened in 2016 and displays Oman’s culture and heritage. The initial idea came to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s mind in the 1970s and took decades to become reality. The museum depicts Oman’s maritime history, its architectural marvels, unique irrigation systems, the culture of Islam and more. The museum in Muscat city is spread over 13,700 square metres, including 4,000 square metres for 14 permanent galleries. 

6. Beauty At The Shore: Beaches

Muscat in Oman is famous for its secluded and pristine beaches. Right from white sandy beaches like Sifah Beach, situated on the eastern coast of Muscat city, to the northern coast’s Shatti Al Qurum, these beaches offer spots for swimming, picnics, and water sports like snorkelling, dolphin watching, boat tours and fishing. Other beaches in Muscat city include Qurum Beach, Yiti Beach, and Ras Al Hamra Beach. 

7. Taste The Real Flavours: Food

If it’s fine dining that you are interested in, then Ubhar restaurant offers traditional Omani flavours and hospitality. The Al Angham Restaurant at the Royal Opera House also offers a unique dining experience that offers Omani delicacies. Bait Al Luban is another restaurant that offers authentic Omani flavours. The Omani shuwa is a must-try dish when you visit Muscat in Oman. Shuwa is a traditional Omani dish which is meat smeared with oil and spices, wrapped in palm leaves and cooked in an underground stove. Another popular Omani dish is a dessert called Omani luqaimat, a dessert made of dough dumplings soaked in date syrup. 

Never Ending List Of Things To Do

A centre for culture, shopping, art, and food, Muscat in Oman is a great destination to visit. It offers a diverse setting with malls and buildings and forts in Old Muscat. The largest city in Oman has an array of activities to keep you occupied and relaxed. The enormous source of culture, artefacts and relics keeps Muscat tourism thriving. The Muscat currency is Omani Rial and is 2.60 USD approximately. 

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