London – one of the most expensive cities in the world. When it comes to food this place is off the charts, but with the right guide to tell you what you must eat in London, you can have a cheap, tasty, and crazy meal. If pub hoping is your thing, remember food hoping will give you a taste of London.

Bite into London

Diversity is what keeps London’s food culture ticking. A lot of people would say the food at China Town is cheap. And in general, that is true, but it isn’t necessary that’s the only cuisine you could get at an affordable rate. You have to experiment to survive in London. My one year there was insane, between cooking at home and experimenting with street food – it made my stomach even more resistant and strong.

Franco Mancaa pizza joint found across London doesn’t have the perfect presentation but has sourdough pizza that tastes heavenly. HomeSlice at Covent Garden also has presentation issues, but for £4 for a massive slice of pizza, it is just irresistible. You fold, eat and get lost. If the Ninja Turtles were London based, it looks like pizza on the go wouldn’t be an issue.

Fill ’em Up

London food burgerBagel, Wraps, Shawarma, Doughnuts, and Baos – the perfect food for every mood of either you or your wallet. Because the food culture is interestingly eclectic, there is a crossover on dishes and flavours – the base dish remains traditional but the filling really surprises you.

Beigel Bake (open 24×7) has been in London for a gazillion years now. The salted beef bagel is a simple recipe but has loads of flavour. I don’t think anyone would be able to recreate this palm-sized perfection. Sticky Beaks has stalls at various food markets across London. It doesn’t seem like a place that has a variety of dishes, but at £6.50 the slow-roasted lamb sandwich will fill you up for the entire day (perfect for a young advertising professional – that’s me!).

Even though I don’t have a sweet tooth, doughnuts are something that has always interested me – the mix of salt and sweet is just so beautiful at Bread Ahead. £3-3.50 for a single piece, your heart skips a beat with the first bite. Being an Indian born in Dubai, impressing me with shawarma is very difficult – because my Arab friends have made me taste the most authentic stuff. But Café Helen does come really close – so for me, it was the best shawarma joint in London for sure.

Meaty Soups

beef miso soup

Is it a soup, is it noodles, or is it meat – it’s everything together. Mien Tay is where you would get the most traditional pho in London. The beef pho (£8) is classy and packed with flavours, which a bowl will fill you but greed will get the better of you. And as the concept of noodle bars is quite famous, Londoners and tourists alike seem to enjoy the beauty of stewed beef noodles at Lanzhou Noodle Bar. These noodles are so good, they’ll leave you confused!

Can’t Get Enough

Whatever be the craving or cuisine – London has it for you. With food in abundance, you can tingle your senses with the best of flavours and traditions. This is the Taste of London.


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