This is the story of another exciting weekend I spent in Denmark while studying in the country. My visit to Cold Hawaii was a one day trip organized by the university. So, I had all my friends, and professors along on this short trip. You’ve all probably heard of Hawaii, but there’s somewhere similar in Denmark! Cold Hawaii is the place to go for the best relaxed vacations and parties in Denmark. It is also known for its excellent place to go surfing.

We left early in the morning (at around 7 am) and it was a 3 and half hour journey from our base at Herning to Cold Hawaii. The bus journey with my friends and professors was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better, while we played games and snacked on delicious food. When we finally reached, we were treated to stunning views of the sea, and the small yet stunning bridges. My happiness knew no bounds when I first sighted sea. 

A Surfing Paradise

Cold Hawaii Denmark
Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

Cold Hawaii is also known as Klitmøller, and is a very popular surfing destination. You must surf on the waves and feel the swell of the waves that are driven along the Atlantic sea from Iceland and the Faroe Islands by the north-westerly winds. As we had a very limited time, we just enjoyed sitting by the bay and watching surfers.

Fishing At Cold Hawaii

Cold Hawaii also upholds old fishing traditions. Historic sailing boats will be dotted around the wide sandy beach, and they aren’t juts decoration. They actually sail out to catch fish on a daily basis! You too can go fishing here, just take along some fishing rods, rent a boat and go out to sea! Yes, it’s that easy! Well, if you don’t want to go fishing you can do what I did and just sit back on a rock with your legs in the sea, and get a fish spa done for free. 

#ProTip – You can rent surfing boards and fishing rods at a shop on the island. They start starts from 100 DKK (1000 INR) for an hour and differs with the kind of equipment you select.

Visiting The Cafés

Cafe Cold Hawaii Denmark
Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

After successive failed attempts at fishing, and after having a great fish spa for free, I was quite hungry. So, we decided to visit a nearby café, the Cold Hawaii Club Restaurant. However, instead of the food, i found myself drawn to the gelatos. After ordering a triple layer gelato, (Swiss coffee, chocolate chips and vanilla), I decided to enjoy the ice cream out in the cold breeze of the sea. 

Cycling Tours 

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

At surf centers here, you can also book cycling tours and enjoy a ride along the ocean. The ride takes you to some small traditional Dutch towns that lie  along the ocean enjoying scenic views. Well, due to shortage of time, I was not able to take a cycle tour. But, for people visiting Cold Hawaii, don’t miss out this tour, I’m sure it will be a onetime experience.

Luau Sandwich

At lunch time, we tried a local Klitmøller favourite, the Luau Sandwich. It is made with Hawaiian Bread filled with sliced Swiss cheese, red onion, sliced honey ham and canned pineapple. It costs around 60 DKK (600 INR) and is worth every bite!

Well, finally our one day trip to Cold Hawaii came to end and it was the time to head back. Even though this place wasn’t on my list initially, I’m glad I did end up visiting it! 


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