Nagaland Travel Guide: The Picturesque Tribal State

Jump the lights, cross the bridges and arrive at the dizzying and dazzling destination of Nagaland. Located in the foothills of Himalayas, with its unique culture and fascinating traditions, Nagaland can be like an out-of-the-world experience. This Nagaland travel guide aims to capture the essence of this wonderful state.

Nagaland travel will provide something to any wanderer. With its abundance of nature, a wide range of flora and fauna or the tranquillity provided by the hills, or the thrill of being part of a culture that is unique and unlike your own, Nagaland is definitely worth exploring. This beautiful destination situated in the northern-eastern part of India can be considered as a wondrous spot for a vacation.

How to get to Nagaland

You can opt for a number of transport networks for a hassle-free journey. Nagaland’s traditional lifestyle is a shadow of its prehistoric era. Its roots to the past have increased its popularity and you’ll find that getting there should not be much of a hassle. You can choose to travel by road, railway, or air.

By Air:

Travelling by air is always convenient. The only civil airport in the entire state of Nagaland is in Dimapur (DMU). You can fly from any major city in India, with direct connections from New Delhi and Kolkata and connected flights from other major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. IndiGo and Air India are the two main airlines that fly to Dimapur.

By Road:

A road trip is always a great idea, as you can sightsee on your way. While travelling to Nagaland the path followed by you is through Kohima, Shillong (Meghalaya), and Guwahati (Assam). You can travel using Volvo-buses, Mini-coaches or taxis, you can also opt to self-drive. You can also use Nagaland State transport to commute from one area to another within Nagaland.

By Train:

Transportation network for the Northern Indian state of Nagaland can be through Dimapur Railway Station. It is a convenient method if you have the time to spare, are on a budget or want to take the scenic route. Dimapur Railway Station is further linked with Guwahati that is considered as a gateway to the northern-eastern part of India. Guwahati is an overnight train journey from Kolkata railway station.

Nagaland taxis:

This plays an important role in serving people who wish to reach Nagaland by road. These taxis are quite helpful for sightseeing in Nagaland city. Yellow coloured taxis or rented cars can be hired for roaming around the state.

Activities you can undertake on your Nagaland Travel

1. Dzoukou Valley

This place is also named as the magical valley of Nagaland. The suspended height from sea level is near about 2,462 meters; thus it is known as the most astounding place for trekking. Take a moment here to marvel at the display of seasonal flowers.

Dzukou Valley in Nagaland - Nagaland Travel Guide
Dzukou Valley
2. Mountain Biking

Walking along with the flow of water or by the side of Peak Mountains is an adventurous activity which you cannot experience in any other area. Nagaland is, therefore, a place where you must try mountain biking if you have a flair for adventure.

3. Trekking at the Japfu Peak

Fun, adventure and activities such as hiking or camping; the Japfu Peaks is famous for all these outdoor explorations. These are just some of the various things to do in Nagaland.

Places that can be added to your Nagaland travel list

1. Kachari Ruins 

Every single footstep will provide you with the glimpse of historic lifestyle. Kachari Ruins is situated in Dimapur and here you will find the essence of Kachari civilization of the 10th century.

Kachari Ruin in Dimapur - Nagaland Travel Guide
Kachari Ruin in Dimapur, Nagaland
2. Wildlife sanctuary for animal and lovers:

Nagaland is a place where you can enjoy magnificent experiences and one of them is visiting its indigenous wild-life sanctuary. Here, if you are lucky, you can spot exotic species such as Golden Langurs, Tigers, Black storks, Hornbills, Sloth bears, Monitor lizards, Pythons and several other varieties of birds and animals.

There are several wildlife sanctuaries in Nagaland of which Ntangki National Park and Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary hold most prominence. Bird watchers can pay a visit to Ghosu Bird Sanctuary or Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary. Nagaland also has a zoological park in Dimapur.

Female Amur falcon (Falco amurensis) a very rare passage migrant found in Nagaland
Female Amur falcon (Falco amurensis) a very rare passage migrant found in Nagaland

3. Shopping:

Without some shopping, most trips seem incomplete. For the best and most authentic shopping, visit marketplaces or bazaars in Kohima and Dimapur. Nagaland is known for handmade items, so you can pick up a handwoven scarf or a cane basket to take back home as souvenirs or gifts.

Nagaland culture

Nagaland is well known for its unique tribal culture and various ethnic groups. The well-known ethnic groups in Nagaland state are Chakhesang, Zeliang, Sangtam, Yimchunger, Chang, Lotha, Rengma, Pochury and Phom and many more. But the prime religion which is followed by Nagaland locals is Christianity.

Local customs and festivals:
  • Colourful Naga Cultures at the Hornbill Festival – this 10-day festival takes place annually during the first 10 days of December. It is now a major tourist attraction which sees participation from people all over the world.
  • Aoling Festival – While the Hornbill Festival is celebrated by all tribes in Nagaland, the Aoling Festival is celebrated only by the Konyaks. It is a harvest festival celebrated in the first week of April which also coincides with Konyak new Year.
Hornbill Festival in Nagaland - Nagaland Travel Guide
Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

Best time to visit

As part of your Nagaland travel guide, some seasonal details would be helpful:

Best time to visit Nagaland is in winters from October to February. The moderate climate ranges from 4°C – 24°C and is sufficient if you want to enjoy the beauty, charm, and adventure of Nagaland.

In summers from March-April, the temperature is 16°C – 31°C so it can be adequate if you are planning for 2-3 days trip. Monsoon climatic conditions are noted as 21°C – 40°C. Thus we can say May-September is full of humidity and rainfall.

Facts and useful information:

Nagaland is one among the seven North-Eastern states of India (The Seven Sisters) with the capital city being Kohima. The Naga and Patkai hill ranges are important aspects which are amazing representations of the mountainous region. The famous rivers such as Doyang, Barak, and Diphu, measure the trails of dreamy mountains before they merge with the mighty Brahmaputra.

This Nagaland travel guide has tried to provide as many details as possible when it comes to this beautiful state. If you have more information please comment below. While you are there you can explore some of the neighbouring states, check out our other North East India travel guides.


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