Nagarhole National Park is a treat for nature enthusiasts, also known as the ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Park’. This is a place where each stride invites you to become one with the raw, unbridled essence of the lush jungle. The name translates to ‘Cobra-river’ in Kannada. Here, the river’s serpentine grace intertwines with adventure, get ready to flow as freely as the Kabini River and ride the waves of the Cobra River Magic!

What Have You Signed Up For?

safari in nagarhole national park will get you closer to the wild
The Nagarhole Forest is the perfect place to unleash the photographer inside you.

The park is a wildlife extravaganza! It sprawls across 640 sq. km, setting a dense carpet between the Mysuru plateau in Karnataka and the Nilgiri Mountains of Tamil Nadu. It is a natural wonder that beckons explorers to immerse themselves as this place naturally unfolds at a slow yet firm pace. 

Hold onto your safari hats as the VIP lineup of this park is revealed – Bengal tigers, Asiatic Elephants, Wild Dogs, Leopards and Bears. The safari here feels more like an exclusive pass to the jungle’s star-studded show. As you observe mighty Wild Gaurs and Sambar Deer in their natural habitat you will be enveloped by a profound sense of reverence. The air carries the weight of their untamed majesty transforming the visual experience into an emotional wonderment that humbles the soul.

Blessed with an abundance of Teak trees and Rosewood, the park is a display of botanical elegance. The Nagarhole Forest is the perfect place to unleash the photographer inside you, this enchanting forest does not require any elaborate setups, intricate lighting adjustments, or meticulous angle planning to capture breathtaking shots. Here, every frame is a masterpiece waiting to be captured.

Why Should You Visit Nagarhole National Park?

there are many nagarahole tiger reserve forest resorts
See the splendid wildlife in its natural habitat at the Nagarhole National Park.

Scenic Beauty The splendid wildlife and natural habitat at the Nagarhole National Park are almost rejuvenating and a must-try. If you are someone from the city who is witnessing the mad crowd and chaos every day then the calming grasslands and tranquil free flow of the river is a sort of medicine that will heal you from deep within.

Bewitching Black LleopardsYou must visit this place for the elusive black leopards! The allure of these magnificently untamed creatures adds an extra layer of excitement to your visit. Encountering a black leopard is a brush with the mystical. Imagine the sleek, obsidian coat revealing itself through the parting leaves. A sight that will throw your heart into override for sure.

Venture Into The Wild, Jeep Safari

check official websites for nagarahole tiger reserve safari booking
Visitors enjoying a wildlife safari in the open.

The jeep safaris here are an invitation to blend and be one with the habitat. The thrill is personal as the Safari in Nagarhole National Park here follow a strict rule to carry only a handful of curious souls into the heart of the jungle As you traverse through the rugged terrain, embracing the wild, bumps, and curves, the knowledgeable guides narrate the tales of herbivores and carnivores thriving in their untouched habitat.

Nagarhole Tiger Reserve truly gives you an expedition experience like no other coupled with absolute euphoria as you let yourself get lost in every nook and corner under the watchful eyes of trusted professionals.

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Bus Safari Excursions

number of tigers in nagarhole national park
Meet the wild in the wild.

If you are someone who enjoys a larger group of people then a bus safari is your best bet! Early birds always catch the wild wonders, and we recommend securing your bus spot either in advance or on the spot. A piece of advice for those looking for extra care, connect with your travel guide for seamless guidance. The park has two gates and you should book both to have better luck at spotting those tigers.

Nagarhole National Park Tickets Are Priced At:

INR 700/ Per person- Indian citizens

INR/ Per person- Foreigners

Timings-  (16 Oct to 15 June) 06:00 AM to 07:30 AM | 07:30 AM to 09:00 PM | 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM | 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM

Make sure you pick your gateway to the wilderness: Kakanakote (Near Kabini) or Nanachi Gate (Nagarhole – Near Kutta). Your safari package covers everything – from the bus to the guide, driver, and all entries and taxes. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are no hotel pickups.

Accommodations In The Heart Of Nagarhole

There are many jungle lodges near river
The river’s serpentine grace intertwines with adventure at the National Park.

Staying in the vicinity of the park will be more rewarding as you witness the nocturnal sounds of nighttime, some of the most comforting and versatile options of Jungle lodges in Nagarhole National Park: 

Serai Kabini: Nestled in the village of Karapura, a scenic 220 km drive from Bangalore, Serai Kabini is more than just a resort. Palm trees swaying, wildlife meandering, Sitting on the gentle ripples of the Kabini river.

Evolve Back Kabini: Set in the silent heartland of the Kadukuruba tribe at Evolve Back Kabini. Here, authenticity meets luxury.

Kabini River Lodge: Tucked snugly into the Park, Kabini River Lodge is a nature lover’s long-awaited vacation destination. A budget-friendly option where your senses are hijacked by nature’s finest.

book jungle lodges in nagarhole national park for a unique experience
Kabini River in Karnataka

Final Thoughts

As you bid farewell to Nagarhole National Park, the memories will surely be cherished – the playfulness of Wild Dogs, the grace of the Sambar Deer, the thrill of the safari, and the stillness of the river all reminding you of the magic that happens when humanity embraces nature and when the spirit of conservation is awakened.


When is the best time to visit?

Visit between October is recommended or in May for the best weather and wildlife experiences. The park remains closed during the monsoon season from June to September.

What are the popular tourist attractions in & around Nagarhole National Park?

Wildlife Safari Adventures: Explore the park’s rich biodiversity where you can spot tigers, elephants, and more wild animals in action.
Boat Safaris on the Kabini River: Enjoy a serene boat ride for a slow day filled with a unique experience.

How to Reach Nagarhole National Park?

Air: The nearest airports are Mysore Airport (96 km) and Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore (270 km)
Train: The closest railway station is in Mysore (80 km), well connected to major cities.
Road: Accessible by road, with two main entry points; Kakanakote (Near Kabini) and Nanachi Gate (Nagarhole Gate (Nagarhole – Near Kutta)


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