While planning for the next holiday, most travellers make a list of the things to be stuffed in their backpacks and trolleys. Regular outfits, nightwear, toiletries, pen drives, second camera batteries, an extra pair of sandals and skin care products are the common items in the list. But do they give a thought to natural antidotes?

While travellers get busy in ticking out these things in their luggage, they miss out on natural antidotes that can cater to an emergency. A crisis may occur at any time. It is always better to keep a few vital remedies handy with every traveller so that they can cope with an emergency while travelling. A nomad must have few basic natural antidotes in their bag that include antiseptics, pain killers and digestion boosters. Few of them are listed here for a quick brush up.

5 natural antidotes to take on your travels

1Turmeric for minor accidents

powder seasoning spice turmeric on a black stone

Turmeric has excellent healing properties both from inside and outside the body. Turmeric has a compound called curcumin which acts as an anti-oxidant, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory to the wounds and cuts. Travellers must always carry this natural extract and help themselves in minor scratches and injuries.

Benefits of carrying turmeric
  • Consuming turmeric or applying it on the infected area results in fast healing of certain wounds.
  • It also protects the traveller from further infections.
  • Turmeric, when consumed with hot milk, has been considered beneficial for our body under all odd circumstances.

2Almonds for a quick energy boost

Almonds and almond powder
Almonds and almond powder

These easy and chirpy snacks are quick energy boosters that are requisite in a nomad’s pocket. Either soaked or roasted, almonds are a source of energy. Trekkers and mountaineers who regularly go for trekking must carry almonds in their backpacks. Each piece of almond has few grams of protein, monosaturated fats, and enough good fibres to keep a nomad full and energized.

Benefits of carrying almonds
  • This brown oval-shaped nut has the highest protein content as compared to other plant-based nuts.
  • Almonds also contain Vitamin E which is beneficial for the skin.
  • Almonds also help in lowering the blood sugar content and cholesterol level in a traveller’s body.
  • Travellers roving in the harsh and rough environment must have a handful of almonds to protect their skin from damage.

3Fennel seeds to aid digestion

raw organic fennel Seed Ready to Use

Gastro-intestinal snags and stomach problems are very common while roaming in different places. Change in the quality of water and adjustment of diet are very common causes that result in digestion glitches. To save a nomad from this crisis come fennel seeds.

Benefits of carrying fennel seeds
  • These good smelling elongated herbs help in reducing indigestion and constipation.
  • Drinking fennel tea helps in maintaining the proper water balance in our body and also maintains the body pressure.
  • A trekker must have these herbs in their bags as fennel seeds give relief from shortness of breath at higher altitudes.
  • Travellers with sinus get more acute with height. This can also be overcome by intaking fennel seeds.
  • Fennel seeds have also been known to help reduce menstrual cramps.

4Honey to combat cold

Jars of honey and lemons on wooden table

Another natural must have an antidote for a traveller is honey. This multi-purpose sweet viscous liquid has both medicinal and cosmetic values.

Benefits of carrying honey
  • Consuming a teaspoon of honey while travelling prevents cough and cold.
  • Honey, when added to tea, has its own flavour and healing properties.
  • Honey has an excellent speedy healing property that helps in quick recovery of wounds, burns and cuts.
  • The main constituent of honey is natural sugar with no added fats or proteins or vitamins. As a result, travellers can always use them in place of regular sugar. This will both cure their body ailments and maintain the sugar level in their body.
  • Wanderers in rough climate can apply honey in their skin and hair as well to rejuvenate them from the dry weather condition.

5Sea Salt to cure dehydration

Variety of salts in wooden spoons
Variety of sea salts

The grey, black and pink coloured transparent crystals that are an age-old method to cure dehydration are nothing other than sea salt. Some come from the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea while Himalayan and Dead sea salts are very well known for their various positive properties. Sea salt is nothing but our plain table salt. Salts are itself extracted from the saline oceans and hence the name sea salt.

Benefits of carrying sea salt
  • A traveller must have this flavouring nutrient in his/her diet not only to enhance the food flavour but also to gain essential minerals.
  • Sea salts contain minerals like sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium that reduce dehydration and retain the body fluid.
  • Sea salt enhances the muscle function, blood regulation and brain occupation rendering a traveller much healthier body system throughout their journeys.
Why you should carry natural antidotes on your journey

While on a journey, nomads always pray for quick and fast recovery from any unwanted circumstances so that their adventure is not spoilt. These must-have natural antidotes in a traveller’s backpack promise to come in handy during certain emergency situations without fail. So, keeping them in handy is always recommended to overcome an unwanted situation.

Consumption or external application of some of these natural antidotes also help you ward off illnesses and ailments before they can even arise!

The above mentioned natural antidotes are also very easy to carry in small bottles and hence will not take up much space or be cumbersome to carry. One bottle (roughly 100 ml will last for several weeks when consumed moderately).

Alert: Careful usage

All of the above antidotes have their own exclusive properties of healing and curing only when taken in proper quantity. Overconsumption of any of the above is not recommended and may yield a negative result. Therefore, it is advised to gain information about their intake amount before consuming them.

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