What is it that one looks for in an ideal travel destination?

It could be a relaxing blowout to take away from the noise and annoyance of the city lifestyle for some, while some others might want to indulge in activities that push limits and take you outside your comfort zone to provide an adrenaline rush. You might be able to come up with a different idea of a vacation, but the point is that it is different for each person, and each person’s ideal vacation might have a different location.

The truth remains that there are too many places to visit, too many things to do and little time to do it all. This is why planning a holiday is an extremely challenging task. But what if it were possible meet all these needs simultaneously? What if one could enjoy the chill of the morning on a mountain peak, live amidst the enchanting trees and wildlife of the forests, dirty their feet in a beautiful blue beach, dive to the depths of the ocean and be astonished at the world of corals and fish – all in one place?

Yes, there is one such place. Merely 4 hours away from India, in the northern part of the island of Borneu in Malaysia, lies an ecological marvel called Sabah. This little place is an amalgamation of the best of all worlds- it has forests, mountains and oceans in extremely close proximity, ensuring a vivid and distinct experience to each and every visitor.

Its forests are majestic and come with a variety of flora and fauna. They take up 55% of the total area of this region, setting it apart from the global trend of urbanization. It happens to be one of only two places in the world where elephants, tigers, rhinos and orangutans live together. Its capital city – Kota Kinabalu is also the home to the Kinabalu national park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is described as a birdwatchers delight, housing more than 622 species of birds of which 34 species are endemic to the region.

Mount Kinabalu, near Low’s Peak,

This park surrounds what happens to be the highest peak in Malaysia, Mt. Kinabalu. Standing at over 4000 meters, the mountain is one of the most prominent eco-tourism locations. Sabah is also known as an adventure sports hub. Its terrain allows it to offer a number of adventure sports such as mountain climbing, paragliding, rappelling, zip lining, parasailing, all of which happen to be highlights of an exhaustive list that can satisfy the biggest of adrenaline junkies.

The ocean around Sabah is a wonder in its own. Not only can one see over 3000 species of marine life, but also a beautiful ecosystem of coral reefs. Adding to its beauty are the turquoise waters that are simply pleasing to look at. The tourism board organizes various activities to explore the waters and interact with the life beneath it.

If the diversity of Sabah’s landforms has not convinced you to visit the place, the people here are also diverse. With more than 30 different ethnicities speaking over 80 different languages, this place truly has it all. It can offer an experience that not only pleases your eyes and mind, but can also be truly intellectually enriching.

Being a former British colony, English is widely spoken in Sabah – making travel all the more convenient. Its proximity, diversity and culture being truly unparalleled, enables any person – irrespective of their age or area of interest to have a great vacation. With luxury resorts offering a relaxing experience, Sabah is really the place to be this holiday season.



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