If you have clicked on this article and have landed on this page, you probably know what am I going to talk about. A new trend that has taken over social media is the “Airport looks”. If you are new to this word, you have been a lucky one or you are from Mars. If you search for airport looks on the internet, your screen will be flooded with pictures of celebrities dressed as stylish as ever at the airport. But if you think you will understand what the trend is all about just by googling the images, I am afraid, you’re wrong my friend. This is the irony, we are obsessed with something that we don’t know what it is. Let me help you and tell you what an airport look is.

What Is An Airport Look?

An Airport Look simply means the look in which you travel. Yes, that is all it means. Now I know what you are thinking.

We travel from many means of transport, then why is it named as Airport look only?

Good question! I’ll tell you why. The airport looks are carried mostly by celebrities and…

Celebrities do not travel by any other means of transport other than flights. Hence #airportlooks.

Celebrities have created looks for beaches, weddings, gyms so why lag behind in fabricating Airport looks? There is a deep and philosophical meaning of the airport look as well which says “be comfortable while travelling but don’t forget to be stylish as well”.

What Exactly Are We Obsessed With?

Once upon a time, people used to get dressed as comfortable as they could at the airports so that they can enjoy a comfortable nap in the flight. Ahh… the good old days!

Now the scenario has changed, now people, mostly celebrities do not travel without their Nikes and the Chanels. They have their own reasons to do that. Don’t judge!

  • They have paid for the looks that they are carrying.
  • They are celebrities, we have made them huge. Being perfect is their daily routine. If they are not, we will be the people trolling them.

So, they had to come up with a solution; wearing something comfortable and call it style… Enter, Airport looks!

They don’t have an option but you do have one, right? See, I am not telling you to be non-stylish or a “nobody”. I am just asking, what is the problem in being one? You want to be stylish, be stylish. But only if you want to be. And stop calling it a look. You wear something comfortable while travelling, even if it is your pyjama or legging and a sweatshirt. That will be your airport look. Being comfortable and travelling is better than being stylish and uncomfortable.

How do you think you get to see the airport looks celebrities carry?

There is a truth about celebrity fashion that many people don’t know about.

Paparazzis are paid for the clicks of celebrities
there… I said it!

In recent years, there has been an immense rise in the price being paid for exclusive celebrities pictures. Can you imagine what the Kardashian clan would have been without the paparazzi? I will give you a few names in the showbiz who are a part of the paid campaign.

  • Kim Kardashian

Kim is the biggest example of fake paparazzi pictures. She also has a personal paparazzo who she keeps updating about her plans so that both can come up with, “Oh my Gosh, silly fans” pictures.

  • Paris Hilton

Another name in the list is Paris Hilton. She has always made sure, the camera captures her beauty. She used to call the paparazzi herself and always be ready for, “Ma’am one picture, please” pose.

  • Britney Spears

The one name without which you can not finish the list of pop-stars, Britney Spears had a group of photographers to click her pictures. She used to call them and give out her best poses for “Just for my fans” moments.

Karan Johar, himself being conscious of his Airport looks and feels disheartened when not being clicked at the airport, laughs at other people with his tweets.


Imagine the amount of effort a paparazzi puts in clicking their pictures. Stands outside an airport to click that one picture, for what? See celebrities ramp walk? Is it really worth it?

Viral Bhayani, one such paparazzo is always on his toes. The 40-year-old lives with his family in Andheri, Mumbai. 

He currently heads a team of 11 photographers. He in one of his interviews told the reporter that his WhatsApp is filled with unread messages. Once during one of his interviews, a text message popped up on his phone. The message was from Kangna Ranaut’s PR team and it said, “Kangana Ranaut will be spotted at the airport at 1:40 pm today (T2 international, Jet Airways arrival)”. He rushed to the airport to capture the pictures and Kangna greeted him and went off in her BMW.

These are a few names, there are many others who do that and then we get fooled thinking they are real and “Influencers”. No, they are not! You, instead are your own influencer.

So, you really want to follow something that is fake? Not only fake but paid fake. Why is an airport look so important? You want to travel, and you want to be comfortable. And that is what you should do, feel comfortable while travelling. Don’t be such a millennial in styling. Don’t feel the pressure of getting dressed because you have a flight to catch. It is okay to be yourself!

If you are one of the airport look people, you know this.
If you are not, and you want to be one, here are some tips for you.

How to get the Perfect Airport Look?

Here are a few steps for you to follow to crack the code of being pro in Airport looks.

  1. Be a millennial or a xennial.

2. Feel free to wear whatever you want to (even if its boxers and a t-shirt)

3. Click a picture.

4. Upload the picture.

5. The most important part: ADD #AirportLooks IN CAPTION.

6. Be confident and carry that look like…

Be whatever you want to be. Influencers cannot tell you anything different. Any look can be comfortable for you till you are comfortable in it.


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