Long weekend coming up and not sure where to head to? Is a picture of you sitting on a hilltop staring at the wilderness ahead popping into your mind? Then I believe an Ooty getaway would do the trick for you. Cold weather, no sound of traffic, hot cup of coffee on a cold morning and opening your eyes to greenery, a true getaway indeed.

Road trip it to your Ooty Getaway

I went with my friends to Ooty a few months back. We were all sitting and discussing what to do and had no idea about what any of us were looking for. I saw a brochure of Hill Country Lovedale on my desk and thought out loud that Ooty should do the trick. To which everyone agreed and we left early morning the next day. After a long 8-hour road journey we reached our destination. The journey, though a bit tiring, was totally worth it. We drove through hilly roads, taking turns to drive, and enjoyed the scenic views on the way to our holiday destination.

Ooty lake - Ooty getaway
Ooty lake

Relax with a comforting view

We checked into a villa with two rooms as there were four of us. It was a beautiful resort on top of a hill away from the main city. We had a nice view from our villa. There was a tube well at the entrance of the resort and an old-school telephone at the reception which added a very nice touch to the ambience. From the reception to the villas, there were stone steps and it was fun walking around as the whole place had a very homely feeling. We all freshened up and decided to have our tea sitting outside and enjoying the weather. It was slightly sunny in the day but towards the evening it became very cool. There were swings around and a recreation centre with a few indoor games (ludo, chess, table tennis and carom) which we decided to explore later on.

Flowers and a boat ride

Flowers at a Botanical garden in Ooty
Botanical garden in Ooty

We went towards the main city and entered a place which had different kinds of flowers on display. It was a small place but my friends love flora so they enjoyed reading the descriptions of the different kinds of flowers around there. Then we went for a boat ride around the Ooty Lake which was very peaceful and serene. After that, we decided to retire for the day and had a quiet dinner at the resort itself. While the dinner was being prepared we played a few games and took a nice stroll around the place.

Trek, Toy train rides and Botanical gardens

The toy train from Ooty - ooty getaway
The toy train from Ooty

The next day we woke up early and trekked on the tiny hill behind our villa. We saw the sunrise and it was beautiful seeing the sun rays slowly touch the mountain tops, light up the roads till the entire place was glowing in the early morning sun rays. We had a heavy breakfast and set out for the day. We went on the Toy Train, which made us squeal in joy as we made our way through nature. It was one of the best experiences a nature lover could have had. We also visited the botanical garden and the rose garden but after the toy train experience, I was not that fascinated by these gardens.

So if you are looking for a relaxing weekend, plan an Ooty getaway and enjoy nature at its best!


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