Patnitop is a small hill station located in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. Well connected to both Jammu city and Srinagar, it sits at an altitude of 2,024 m in the Shivalik belt of the Himalayas. Its name is derived from the phrase “Patan Da Talab“, meaning “Pond of the Princess,” as there was once a pond here that is said to have been used by princesses.

This hilltop tourist destination has lots to do, so here are some of the best things to do in Patnitop:


man-skiing-down-a-snowy-mountainAn easily accessible but a splendid place to visit Madhatop lies at an altitude of 2,024m. Here you will find all kinds of adventure activities, such as paragliding and skiing. There are also three freshwater springs that are said to have curative properties. Madhatop is a favoured destination by honeymooners, trekkers, winter sports lovers and pretty much everyone else. While the skies are clear, one finds it a great place to relax, either alone or with family.

Paragliding at Patnitop

Paragliding at Patnitop
(via Wikimedia Commons)

With its high altitude, Patnitop is the perfect location for paragliding. One of the most popular rides starts from Dawarayai, on the Sansaar Road. A climb of 400 steps takes you to the take-off point, and from there it’s a ride of 2km all the way to Kud Park. The ride takes a total of 8-15 minutes, depending on wind conditions at the time. When you’re done, be sure to watch the video of your ride provided by the paragliding company.

Kud Park

Kud Park Patnitop

This is a very famous picnic spot, for both couples and families. This park has gained popularity for its beautiful varieties of flowers and for its lush greenery. Don’t forget to try the famous sweet “patista” that the region is known for. You can see lots of travellers stopping to try this along the Udhampur Srinagar Highway.

Baglihar Dam

Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project is build across the Chenab River at Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir, India
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Built across the Chenab River between two hills in the Doda district, this powerful dam is a wonderful experience, and a perfect example of man-made wonder. You reach here via a long tunnel (which boosts the enthusiasm and excitement). This huge structure holds millions of cubic feet of water, and is used to generate electricity in the area. 

Naag Mandir

Naga Mandir Patnitop

This temple is over 600 years old, and is built mostly of wood. During the Nag Panchami Festival, you can see sees hundreds of devotees of the Hindu deity Shiva come here to pay respects and worship the serpent god. Local belief is that when you make a wish at the temple, you must tie small ribbon here; and when that wish is fulfilled you come back and remove the same ribbon.

Sansar Lake

Sanasar Lake
(via, Vivek Sharma)

This breathtaking and beautiful lake may not seem very large, but is known for its lush green sloping meadows and its horses. It is the perfect place to come and relax. There is lots of place for kids to lay, and you can also go for horse rides, or boating on the lake. When visited during the winters, one finds this place covered with snow.


Natha Top Patnitop Jammu-and-Kashmir
(via Wikimedia Commons)

After a short trek from the city, one reaches Nathatop. Here you will find yourself in the snow-laden mountains. Keeping high at an elevation of 2711 m, the scenic view of clear skies and broad mountains is fascinating. While on the roadside, plenty of food vendors offer a variety of delicacies and won’t let you go ahead with an empty belly. Nathatop is rather a perfect place for a gateway from the pace of the city and to enjoy the scenery. In winter the snow gets you chilling cold; whilst in summer the lush green grasses make the perfect bedding for a pleasant nights stay.

Have you been to Patnitop? If so do share your experiences in the comments below.

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