Slovenia, located in Central Europe is well known for its mountains and lakes as well as beautiful resorts. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital is a pleasing place filled with green spaces and Tivoli Park. It consists of many museums including the National Museum of Slovenia that displays the history precisely. But if you ever plan to visit Slovenia, never miss out on its east. The Eastern Slovenia region has a few breathtaking places you wouldn’t want to miss.

Eastern Slovenia
Celje Town, Slovenia

Central and Western parts of the country usually witness a huge number of tourists because of places like Ljubljana or Postojana and Škocjan Caves. Eastern Slovenia despite being home to Marion and Celje does not encounter many tourists.

Eastern Slovenia consists of small towns with a very rich history with a number of museums and castles that are worth a visit. You just can not ignore the beautiful countryside and its many vineyards.


Celje being Slovenia’s 3rd largest city, it is filled with exciting places to see. The highlights of the city are the old town and the castle that can be easily spotted from the city. The city’s main attraction is the Regional Museum that is split into two buildings and both the buildings represent Celje’s history via different exhibitions. Another highlight is the modern Prince’s Palace that houses the displays of the Counts of Celje.

Don’t miss the old imposing buildings, namely Town Hall and the waterfront which is now renovated and is perfect for a walk or relaxation by the river. Celje Castle is an attraction you wouldn’t want to miss. The castle was built between the 13th and 15th centuries. You can climb the four-story towers of the castle and enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

Eastern Slovenia
Celje castle


Žiče is not far from Celje and the main attraction in Žiče is The Charterhouse which is a former Carthusian Monastery from the 12th century in a tranquil green valley. This monastery was abandoned in the 18th century. The place has gone through some rehabilitation and you can now visit the grounds of Žiče and enlighten yourself with its history.

Eastern Slovenia
Zice Charterhouse


You just cannot miss visiting Ptuj in Eastern Slovenia. It is the oldest town in the country but that doesn’t make it less perfect to explore on foot. Ptuj is the host to the most significant and most popular carnival events in Slovenia called Kurentovanje. The highlight to not miss in Ptjun is the Ptuj Castle located on a hill right above the city centre. From the castle, you will be able to experience amazing views of the city. The castle hosts exhibitions to display beautiful musical instruments and classical paintings.

Eastern Slovenia
Ptuj Castle

When you descend from the castle to the town centre, you will encounter Slovene square where you will be able to see Roman Orpheus tombstone, Ptuj tower and the Church of St. George. For excellent views of the city, you can use the pedestrian bridge to cross the Drave river. Do not, I repeat, Do not miss it!

Podsreda Castle

Another castle worth visiting in Slovenia is Podsreda castle. The castle has a Romanesque architecture which was build in the 12th century but is recently renovated and is located beautifully. I have to tell you that the castle stands out in the hilly forests. Nowadays, the castle houses a few exhibitions, including art and photography. Be sure to visit this beauty.

Eastern Slovenia
Podsreda Castle


Maribor is the second largest city in the country. It attracts more attention than the other places in Eastern Slovenia. There are many pedestrian areas that you can explore and experience. Castle square is different from the castle nowadays. Unlike other castles, it houses the Regional Museum. Don’t miss Glnavi Trg or Main Square that houses the Town Hall which is one of the main buildings in Maribor.

Eastern Slovenia
Maribor Castle square

Rodošto & Mikluš Prison

Košice, a city in Eastern Slovenia has one of the most attractive highlights is the historical town prison with a torture chamber and adjacent dwelling of the executioner. Okay, a little creepy but is an attraction after all. At the prison, you’ll be able to see a video presentation on an executioner etiquette, before seeing grisly restraints in the cells.


Vineyards are everywhere in the country. So, if you are planning to visit Slovenia, do not miss the beautiful vineyards and admire the rolling hills.


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