If you have a passion for travelling, then you probably like to reflect on your travels from time to time. But have you ever forgotten the name of the hotel where you stayed or the restaurant where you ate the best pasta in your life? Have you ever found yourself sorting out thousands of beautiful yet similar photographs from your trips? Don’t worry – we’re here to help you! In this article, we are going to share 5 tips to preserve your priceless travel memories

Read on to find out what suits you best! 

Use Scratch-Off Maps

How to write travel journel

What is a scratch-off map? It is a world map covered with a thin layer of foil. Just scratch off the layer as you visit a country or a city (children really enjoy this process). Not only is such a map poster a great way to document your vacations, but also a stunning home decor idea. Check out the best scratch-off world maps to cherish your precious travel memories and get inspired for new adventures. 

Create a Travel Slideshow     

The perfect way to preserve your travel memories is to assemble them into one file – a travel slideshow. You can combine your photos with video clips from your vacation in a few clicks. To set a certain mood, make sure to add your favourite song or a beautiful melody. What’s more, you can easily share your movie-like vacation slideshow with your relatives and friends on social media. 

Write a Travel Journal

how to preserve travel photographs

In case you want to create something with your hands, don’t hesitate to keep a travel diary. In your notes, you can rate the places you have visited, attach photographs, postcards, and stickers from all over the world. A good idea would be to write down what you’ve done during the day, whom you’ve met, what has left a deep impression on you, funny situations, and so on. A travel journal can also serve as a trip planner with a wishlist, itinerary, bookings, and essential phone numbers.

Start a Travel Instagram Account 

What takes a long time in real life might take seconds in virtual reality. Here Instagram comes in handy. Instead of writing things down, you can create everyday stories with picturesque scenes and share your thoughts as well as write posts with useful information and tips for other travelers. Besides, you will be able to find your pictures and videos in a few taps yet you won’t run out of phone storage as it usually happens after a vacation.

Collect Postcards 

Travel memories and how to preserve them

Alongside the listed ways, you can also continue the postcard collecting tradition. Why? It is cheap, quick, and most importantly it helps to preserve valuable memories from trips. You can find them all around the globe, and each country and city has its unique style. You might also like to send postcards to yourself, it is so much fun! 

This list could be endless, but we wanted to share only the best ways with you. Still, you don’t have to choose one, you can combine all of them. So, get ready – incredible adventures are coming! We wish you to have fun and make lots of new memories to preserve!


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