Oman is a small country located between Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. It
is a place known for its hospitality and its rich culture. The area that is now Oman has also been inhabited for an incredibly long time, and also has one of the oldest ruins in the world, going back more than 100,000 years. Here are is why you have to visit Oman this year:


Muscat, Oman’s capital, is a wonderful place where the past and the
present blend together seamlessly. Visit the many mosques, each a beauty in
itself with intricate carvings and tall minarets.

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Wadis are dry valleys that fill naturally with rainwater. This crystal clear water is extremely fun to plunge in or simply to drip your feet in. There are many wadis in Oman, but the most popular one is Wadi Bani Khalid.

View of emerald pools in Wadi Bani Khalid, OmanAN ULTIMATE FOODIE DESTINATION

The Omanis make absolutely delicious food. Their staple is spiced rice and marinated meat, and this is the base of a lot of dishes. Shuwa is one where the meat is wrapped in banana leaves and then slow-cooked in an underground sand oven for two whole days!


Frankincense is a speciality in Oman, and is considered a precious gift. It is
said to have healing powers because of its purity and comes in many styles to choose from.


The hypnotizing sand dunes in Oman are a must-see for everyone who visits! You can indulge in fun activities here, like sandboarding, sand dune bashing, quad biking or even go on a camel safari.

Tent in the desert with blue skyCASTLES AND FORTS

Oman is filled with many stunning historic forts and castles. Many date back to the 13th and the 17th centuries. There are over 500 forts and castle in Oman, including the Nakhal Fort, the Al Jalali Fort, Bilad Sur Castle, and Nizwa Fort.


The country of Oman is dotted with wonderful mountains that lie along the Al
Hajar range. They are the perfect destination for people who love rock climbing and other
such daring activities. There are also many charming mountainous villages that are worth exploring.


The souks are traditional marketplaces where one can buy everything from handcrafted goods and pottery to incense and jewellery. There are tons of vibrant souks throughout Oman, so make sure you pack light as you will undoubtedly return with lots of goodies.

Muscat, Oman. Mountain landscape.BEACHY VIBES

There are many serene beaches, and they are mostly tourist-free so you can have the beach mostly to yourself. At beaches like Yiti and Raz Al Jinz you can also observe turtles laying eggs, while Al-Sawadi and Kumzar are great diving spots.

Omanis are known for their kindness and hospitality. So, if you have any more reasons to visit Oman, do share them in the comments below.


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