Do You Actually Relax Through Travel?

“Sir, the connectivity here is poor, it will take some time”

“It doesn’t matter, figure it out and send it to me”

“Alright Sir, I’ll send it to you in 10 minutes”

Have you ever been in this situation? Where you are on vacation but you are bound to do some amount of work because of its urgency?

So here’s the million dollar question – Are you really vacationing or holidaying during travel? Are you relaxing and unwinding through travel like you wanted to?

Going on a holiday or vacation and being on one are two sides of a coin. For some people, it is easy to cut off from everything while on vacation while for the others, they are bound to work for some amount of time at least. So what do you do when you are sick and tired of your routine and want to relax and unwind?

How to relax through travel

There are few pointers here on what you should do to actually ‘BE’ on vacation. Most of you will know the obvious ones but have you ever thought of a place which strategically lets you be on the vacation you want?

When you really want to unwind and relax through travel, make sure you go to a place where there are not many people around you, more of nature and most importantly, no WiFi and hardly any data connectivity as well. All you can do with your phone is call someone when required, such as an emergency, which was the core purpose the device was made for in the first place.

Periyar national park landscape - relax through travel
When was the last time you actually took a moment to notice and appreciate your surroundings?

How do you pick ‘that’ place where you can relax and unwind through travel?

When it comes to India, most cell providers do not function up north. When I say north, Delhi, Punjab and surrounding cities do not count. North, as in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, or even Jammu and Kashmir. In parts of North East India as well, cell phone connectivity is poor.

So you can figure out a place to go up north but if you’re looking at a quick holiday, Coastal India is a wonderful option. If you are not a beach person, you can camp out in one of the many famous national parks in the country.

Smack dab in the middle of Periyar National Park in Kerala or Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand, most of these national parks are wonderful during the monsoons and have cabins or cottages where you can stay.

Periyar National Park – Redefining ‘relaxing and unwinding’ through travel
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary in Periyar National Park - relax through travel
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary in Periyar National Park

Nature, wildlife, clean air, good food and completely away from any concrete, a holiday or a vacation in one of the wildlife sanctuaries is the perfect way you can unwind and relax through travel.

Make sure you just do not pick a place where you cannot relax or unwind. Some people often mention at sanctuaries and national parks, you have to always be on your feet. That is true to some extent and usually for a day or two.

In the early mornings, you can opt for a safari while in the evenings and nights, along with the afternoons as well, you can just sit in your cottage balcony, sip some nice tea and relax amongst the abundant wildlife and greenery around you.

Waking up to the songs of beautiful birds is something we seldom can experience in the city. Witnessing wild elephants in their natural habitat or even listening to the roar of the famous Bengal Tigers from kilometres away is a privilege. Those rare moments make the trip to Periyar absolutely worth it.

Indian bison (gaur) at Periyar National park - relax through travel
Chill like this Indian bison (gaur) at Periyar National park

The Periyar National Park is also famous for its boat rides in the lake present inside the national park itself. You can witness wild elephants bathing and many many species of birds.

Unwinding and relaxing through travel is something all human beings need at some point in time. But when all through the year, we are amongst our kind, why not spend a few days and witness the sheer beauty and calm of the species of animals who make the world more beautiful and awe-inspiring?

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