Rajasthan, a relic of the past but also much more in terms of the stories it narrates of the romance and valor, the majestic forts and palaces stand strong after generations of timeless memories being embedded into every speck of dust present here along with the characteristics of the regal persona. The presence of these monumental and historical places is a testament to Rajasthan’s allure. The golden rays of the setting sun will have reminded of a time worn reality that you can now experience with resorts in Rajasthan.

The annals of Rajasthan are bustling with the aristocratic energy that was not just a way of living but an expansive lifestyle. Decades later the monuments stand but the aristocracy is lone gone. Set amidst the backdrop of deserts and glistening lakes, this destination invites travelers from all walks of life to come and experience the royalty through the land of maharajahs and maharanis. 

Unlocking The 6 Best Resorts In Rajasthan

Today, we unravel a carefully curated selection of resorts and luxurious stays that match up to the splendid life the royalties had once upon a time. So, get ready to catch a glimpse of this extravaganza as we embark on an exploration of palatial retreats.

Deogarh Mahal, A Resplendent Heritage Palace

best resorts of rajasthan is good enough to experience the spirit of the region.
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Are you someone who seeks a brush with luxury on your vacations? Then Deogarh Mahal will not leave you disappointed, this resplendent heritage palace is an ode to the Mewar royal era and stands towering with all its statuesque majesty. Stepping inside this space allows you to instantly relate to the ostentatious architecture and high standards that were kept in mind while building this masterpiece.

Imagine walking along towering minarets and lush gardens that sprawl across the grounds, as you pass through ornate gates into the grand courtyard fragrant flower garlands compliment the exquisite frescoes and chandeliers. The offerings here are nothing short of luxury and every aspect of the resort is designed keeping in mind the necessity of indulgence.

Distance from Airport: Approximately 150 km

Approximate Tariff per Night: INR 7,503

Address: Palace Road, Deogarh, Rajsamand dist. Udaipur, Rajasthan 313331

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Chokhi Dhani Resort, For Unmatched Cultural Experience

luxurious resorts of rajasthan
Resort for unmatched cultural experience.

Chokhi Dhani Resort is a picturesque retreat that embodies the spirit of the region, it is one of the best resorts in Rajasthan which promises an unmatched cultural experience that sets the authenticity on a whole new pedestal.

Now it is a known fact that visitors who choose to stay in luxurious retreats will mostly be very specific about the type of accommodation they choose, the Choka Dham has you covered in terms of tailored options that not only compliment your specific needs but also offers a level of comfort that is intensely pampering. The executive Cottage, regal Royal Cottage, spacious Royal Suits, Dela Maru Suite, Heritage-inspired Haveli Suite, or a family-friendly Royal Suites all of them offer a sophisticated environment

The food is not short of quality here either, visit the Bindol Restaurant for a culinary journey like no other, they have a spectacular variety of spicy curries and aromatic dishes that celebrate the destinations rich heritage through flavors inviting everyone to delight in inventive creations. Aarogosa Restaurant jolts your palate with a fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes while Chandt Mahal Bar, offers expertly crafted cocktails and fine spirits because all that food needs to be washed down with something after all

The resort offers the choice between Traditional Dining and Real Fine Dining experiences, catering to both casual meals immersed in tradition and lavish affairs fit for royalty. In every dining experience, the resort’s restaurants offer a culinary journey that embodies the essence of Rajasthan’s rich culinary heritage making it one of the best resorts in rajasthan.

Distance from Airport: Approx 11.5 kms.

Approximate Tariff per Night: INR 210,000-1,00,000

Address: 12 Miles Tonk, Road Via, Vatika Rd, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303905

Amanbagh Resort, A Harmonious Retreat For Weary Travelers

best resort in rajasthan to unwind in secluded courtyards
Natural beauty and architectural splendor at Amanbagh Resort.

This renowned retreat is nestled 90 kms from Jaipur in Rajasthan. As visitors enter the resort, they are greeted by a scene of natural beauty and architectural splendor. Lush gardens, dotted with swaying palms and vibrant blooms frame the pathways leading to the main pavilions. Each pavilion is a masterpiece of design that fuse Rajasthanı elements with modern amenities to create a harmonious retreat for weary travelers.

Imagine lofty ceilings where you can unwind in secluded courtyards and he soaking in a lavish bathtub sculpted from green marble, all of which adds to the resort’s charm Amanbagh pays a huge respect to the reverence of Rajasthani tradition by depicting a marriage between Mughal-inspired architecture with modern comforts in combination with the sprawling terrace that offers a panoramic view of the well-maintained lush greenery that whisper the essence of ancient times. Apart from accommodating a standard of royalty, Amanbagh sprawls across 8000 sqm with an organic garden that encompasses the vicinity and caters as a sustainable approach to exclusively prepared delectable dishes.

Though Rajasthan is renowned to be a dry state, Amanbazh has gone beyond its capacity to ensure a farm to table experience remains intact here. You can let your taste buds have a great experience with the ethically sourced ingredients that play a major role in preparing the delicacies here. Each dish in a celebration of local produce and artistry in its purest form Amanbagh also is a prime retreat for local entertainment, Rajasthani folk singers enchant the guests with their soulful melodies and soul calming tunes. The hospitality that greets you here will be cherished by you forever leaving you feeling a generous amount of warmth in your heart

Distance from Airport: Approximately 110 kilometers 

Approximate Tariff per Night: INR 30,000

Address: Ajabgarh, Rundh Narayani, Rajasthan 301027

SUJAN Sher Bagh Resort, For An Immersive Wildlife Experience

SUJAN Sher Bagh Resort has strict eco friendly ethos
SUJAN Sher Bagh Resort for the nature enthusiasts.

This one is a bit distinct compared to all the other retreats in this list, we have intentionally selected this for the nature lovers who wish to experience a much more enthralling expedition level vacation with a touch of royalty and luxury combined SUJAN Sher Bagh Resort invites the nature enthusiasts who are forever seeking a luxurious yet immersive wildlife experience. This retreat is tailor-made for those people who ultimately cherish an intimate setting around natural surroundings. One reason why this stay stands out is because the standards of a comfortable stay have harmoniously integrated with Rajasthan’s wilderness.

If You get a chance to spot elusive tigers, a huge variety of bird species and graceful leopards in combination with luxurious accommodations where every detail is designed to compliment the grace of Rajasthan and the raw wilderness around Comfort and style go hand in hand here and you can see it et identity as the sun sets over the rugged landscape turning the sky from aquamarine to a candy floss tone. The resort also has strict eco friendly ethos that ensure that your stay is not just luxurious but also a conscious effort towards sustainability, this effort makes you feel like you are having the time of your life along with taking good care of mother nature which is a win-win situation 

For the shopaholics, there is a unique Pugmark boutique that offers an indulgent shopping experience where you can take part in a wildlife session led by conservationists, naturalists and biologists who will take you on an in-depth educational tour where insightful discussions about the flora and fauna will blow your mind. Every moment that you spend at the Sher Bagh Resort promises an enriching and fulfilling experience that you will cherish for a long time to come.

Distance from Airport: Approximately 160 kilometers 

Approximate Tariff per Night: INR 49,000

Address: Sherpur-Klulijpur Sawat Madhopur, Ranthambore, Rajasthan 322001

Lebua Lodge Amber, For Rajasthan’s Serene Beauty

fun and relaxation go almost hand in hand at the resorts in Rajasthan
Unparalleled luxury and world-class service at the resorts in Rajasthan.

Lebua Lodge Amber is nestled in the picturesque Ballupura Farms on Agra Road, this resort in Rajasthan is a one of a kind with its unparalleled luxury and world-class service that leaves you questioning all other kinds there are! We are not exaggerating at all here. The builders have done a beautiful job keeping the resort positioned near Jaipur and yet spacing it out properly by stationing it at a convenient 40-minute drive from Jaipur International Airport.

It’s an expansive space of serenity which is a perfect getaway one can plan to revitalize their senses. Lebua Lodge has also been acknowledged as one of the finest resorts in Rajasthan for couples as it offers special packages for them in combination with recreational facilities that you will get accustomed to almost immediately. At Lekua, you can immerse yourself completely in activities such as swimming, horse riding, table tennis, elephant polo (Yes, that is a thing) and golf With the never-ending list of games.

You can play at the resort, fun and relaxation go almost hand in hand. If you are someone who doesn’t like to follow the standard rules of games and wish to completely let go of all inhibitions, and go on an expedition or adventure then fear not! The resort arranges endless moments of thrilling activities such as cycling and camel safaris helping you to get up close and personal with the cultural richness of Rajasthan Accommodations wise, Lekua Lodge Amber boasts of a total of 60 exquisitely designed suites, all of which are a sanctuary of extensive amenities and uninterrupted comfort and elegance, this resort is luxury resorts in rajasthan.

You can choose from the luxurious Executive Suite or the ultra-Luxury Suite that redefines the word ‘luxury’ they also have a selection of private Luxury Villas if you are planning to go in a group The resort takes flavor and preparation very seriously, Vajra restaurant is where a delectable selection of Asian and Continental dishes await you, be prepared because the food can take you by surprise as it tantalizes your taste buds beyond your expectations. For the passionate drinkers, Chakra Bar is an ideal spot to visit at the end of the day to relax and enjoy an exotic cocktail, or maybe three!

Distance from Airport: Approximately 22 kilometers 

Approximate Tariff per Night: INR 50,000

Address: Kunda, NH-8, Tehsil Amber, Jaipur – 302028 Rajasthan

Taj Aravali Resort And Spa, A Tranquil Oasis In The Aravalli Range

refreshing drink stylishly at the Pool Bar
Spacious and thoughtfully designed space in Taj, Rajasthan.

Taj Aravali Resort and Spa in Udaipur invites travelers who take heritage and nature very seriously, a single day spent here will make you realize why Rajasthani culture is so fascinating the nature around this resort is not very lush and verdant but it captures the essence of Rajasthan’s undulating hills and verdant landscapes that might be expansive and dry and empty. Modern comforts accentuate your experience by a few more levels offering you an enchanting retreat and experience overall. The rooms and suites in Taj Aravalli are spacious and thoughtfully designed to offer you a stay that perfectly matches your preferences. Whether you are looking for an over-the-top romantic getaway or just want to experience the rich flair and elegance with a garden view, this resort has got you covered.

The Deluxe Room comes with a Garden View and Balcony whereas the Luxury Hill View Suite comes with a Garden View and a magnificent Sit-Out, each room promises a stay like no other with unique amenities that caress your existence Luxury is not really a complete concept without a pool, one of the highlight of this resort is the infinity pool which offers a panoramic view of the rolling hills from all around. Choose to dine around the infinity pool and recreate the scenes from a movie or choose to dine royally at the Titi Restaurant, Ridgeview Restaurant, Oodeypore Lounge Bar. You can even switch it up a notch by enjoying a refreshing drink stylishly at the Pool Bar. 

Distance from Airport: Approximately 40 kilometers 

Approximate Tariff per Night: INR 50,000

Address: Taj Aravali Resort and Spa, Kherwa, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


The worst feeling in the world might be ending a luxurious trip where you have experienced a thoroughly royal hospitality, but what makes ending trips in Rajasthan fun is the fact that they give the best send offs. You must come here to experience one of those. As you complete your trip one thing becomes evidently clear. This state is a treasure trove of colorful memories and experiences waiting for you at every corner. From the remarkable heritage of Deogarh Mahal to the eco-friendly and sustainable efforts of SUJAN Sher Bagh Resort, the marriage between luxury and adventure has never seemed so brilliant!

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You could be a tranquil retreat lover or maybe an adventure enthusiast itching for a wild experience, Resorts in Rajasthan lays it all out like a flea market for you to choose from the amazing options it has under its umbrella waiting to pamper your senses and delivering it to you with a dash of lavishness.


What are some of the budget Rajasthan resorts?

Some of the budget resorts in Rajasthan are: Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp and Resort as it offers affordable prices without compromising on comfort and services. Samsara Dechu Desert Resort also has budget-friendly accommodations amidst the desert landscapes.

Which resorts in Rajasthan have rooms with great views?

The Serai Jaisalmer is a proud one with rooms that overlook the vast Thar Desert, If you love a desert view then this one is hands down your best options to choose from Tree of life Kipling Jungle Lodge in Ranthambore also provides rooms with panoramic views of abundant wildlife around.

What are the best Rajasthan resorts for families?

Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is very ideal for families as its very spacious and allows the children to run around, they also offer a huge selection of family activities that you can choose from. Ananta Udaipur offers amenities like a kids club so parents can truly let go and enjoy their vacations.

Which are the best Resorts in Rajasthan for couples?

Chokhi Dhatu Resort, Jaipur is a blessing for couples with its romantic ambiance and an array of leisure activities. Another very good selection for couples is the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur which offers luxurious accommodations amidst the serene Lake Pichola that is a god-sent for the lovers to enjoy a sunset.


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