Coorg is snuggled beautifully amidst the lush green Western Ghats in Karnataka and is also referred to as the Scotland of India. Besides the mesmerizing views and tea plantations, adventure sports are another reason why Coorg is gaining so much popularity, especially rafting on the river. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you with this adrenaline-pumping activity. The purpose of this article is to help you make the most of your next thrill-seeking trip to Coorg.

Best Spots For River Rafting In Coorg

white river rafting in coorg
Tourists enjoying the adventure.

Coorg has several rivers including Kaveri, Barapole, and Dubare, which brings about a lot of opportunities to indulge in a river rafting expedition. Known for its rapids and calm surroundings, the Barapole River is considered one of the best rivers for river rafting. Enriching the whole experience is the waterfall and rocks surrounding the same. Apart from the collection of torrents on Barapole, the other popular destination for river rafting includes the Dubare River. The water here is pretty unruffled and slightly less tricky, and hence more suitable for beginners.

Barapole River Rafting

Barapole River in Coorg has unmatched white-water rafting facilities meant for adventure freaks and nature lovers. On this site, you can find rush packs of class II to IV cases. With its roaring rapids and rocky skirting, it makes for an exciting yet challenging experience. Seasoned guides make sure you are safe as you tackle rapids such as Morning Coffee and the Wicked Witch. The monsoons, June-September, is the best time for white river rafting in Coorg. An adrenaline-pumping rafting adventure on the Barapole River will leave you with a lasting sense of accomplishment and a lifetime memory.

Dubare River Rafting

At the Dubare River in Coorg, rafting has an offbeat side as well. With its still water, it is a great raft for new rafting families. Through scenic forests, the gentle flow meanders by offering calmness and letting you enjoy the serenity of nature. Rafting in Dubare River is slow and it gives you a chance to soak in the beauty of the place. Available all year round, unless it is an extreme weather condition, it assures a quiet and cool experience. Serenely experience the joy of Rafting at Dubare River and create memories for a lifetime.

Best Time For River Rafting In Coorg

 best time for river rafting in coorg
Monsoons provide a dramatic touch to this adventurous activity.

The best period to partake in river rafting shall be from June to September when the monsoons provide a dramatic touch to this adventurous activity. However, if one has to see as to when is the best time for partaking in river rafting in the district of parts Karnataka, then that would be the months of June and July since these two months have the maximum amount of water. The Barapole River runs almost throughout the year except for the monsoon months. The temperature would be ideal for adventure sports between August to February.

Cost Of River Rafting

The river rafting packages in Coorg differ based on the seasons and also the organizers. On average, it costs around INR 1400 per person for a 4 km river rafting ride. If the rafting is spread over a radius of 12 km, it costs INR 3600 per person. The prices change with the number of people in the group and rapids are easy or tough.

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Dos And Don’ts 

river rafting in coorg dubare timings
Solo and group rafting.

It’s important to adhere to the local guidelines to make the best of your Coorg trip. We have listed down a few guidelines for you to follow before you take on your river rafting adventure in Coorg.


  • You must always wear a life jacket and a helmet
  • Carefully listen to every instruction of the rafting guide
  • Hold tight on the paddle
  • The attire should be loose clothing, shorts, and T-shirts
  • Carry a waterproof camera with you


  • Don’t consume alcohol before going for the ride
  • Do not carry any valuables 
  • Do not put plastics and bottles in the river

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River rafting in Coorg is not for the faint-hearted. It’s an enthralling experience of gliding through the twists and turns with gushing river rapids. Your veins tingle as you glide down the rapids of the Barapole or Dubare rivers. This activity is fast making its place amongst the top things to do in Coorg and one can easily see why. If you are planning to visit Coorg, make sure you make time for river rafting – it’s the adventure of a lifetime!


What are the timings for Rafting in Coorg?

Timings for River Rafting in Coorg are from 9 AM to 3 PM and you can have a great time there for 1-2 hours. Usually, Monsoon season is the most preferable time to go river rafting there but, one can go there in December or January when the river flow is moderate.

Is there any age restriction for river rafting in Coorg?

Yes, there are age restrictions for river rafting activities in Coorg. One must be at least 14 years of age to be eligible to go rafting in Coorg. Also, age criteria differ from different tour operators and participants need to be physically fit to be able to go river rafting.

What adventure activities does Coorg offer?

Apart from River rafting, Coorg offers numerous adventure activities for adventure enthusiasts. Nature & Wildlife Tours, River Rafting & Tubing, Eco Tours, Hiking & Camping Tours, Golf Courses, ATVs & Off-Road Tours, and Bike Tours are among the activities offered.


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