Road trips can be fun and why not when you have the company of your dear ones? Now that you are planning a road trip, you must have started thinking about what to pack and carry with you to keep your trip as exciting and comfortable as ever. The absolute road trip essentials are provided for you in the packing guide given below.

Road Trip Essentials: What Not to leave without

1License and registration

Registration and lisence; essentials for road trip
A police officer looking at a young driver’s driving license

Even before stepping into the car, look for your license and car registration documents. Without these papers, you might not be even able to reach your destination or even leave your city. Make sure you keep:

  • Multiple copies of your original documents so that if there comes a moment when you have to submit a copy, you will have an extra copy with you.
  • Your driving licence both original and photocopy
  • Your car’s pollution certificate
  • Car license and registration copies
  • Car Insurance copies
  • Any other identity proof for yourself

2Spare Tyre

Spare tyre is an essential for road trips
Spare tyre in case of a puncture

Just be prepared for a bad day, don’t have one, just be prepared for one. A spare tyre can help you save your time and you can reach your destination without any further delays. Keep the following things with you while travelling:

  • Car jack
  • Spare tyre
  • Flares and reflective triangles
  • Wheel wedges
  • Flat tyre repair kit

Watch some good tutorials on youtube which help you learn how to change the tyres.

3Emergency kit

Essentials for road trip
Emergency kit

An emergency kit is another bad day preparation or more like precaution that is a necessity when you hit the road. Make sure your emergency kit is filled with all the necessary things that will make your journey easy and comfortable. Things like a warning triangle, whistle, tyre pressure gauge, window breaker, first-aid, etc.

4Large water bottles

large bottle of water for essentials for road travel
a large bottle of water

On a road trip, you might not get water at every stop so keep one or two water bottles with you and refill them whenever you do get access to drinking water. Keeping yourself hydrated during travel is important.

But also keep an extra water bottle or two (need not be drinking water) in the boot.

This will also help you in case of emergencies like overheating or when you require to refill your windshield water, clean up something, etc.

5First aid kits

First aid articles
Collection of first aid articles.

Keep every possible aid with you. You never know what you will need at which point in time. From necessary medicines to bandages to antiseptic creams and solutions, keep everything ready with you. This is a priority when it comes to road trip essentials. And it’s not just important that you keep it, read up a little bit about first-aid so that you know what to use when, where, and how. A few things you would want to carry are:

  • Diarrhoea medicine
  • Vomit medicine
  • Bandages, band-aids, and gauze
  • Cotton
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Doctor’s tape
  • Antiseptics
  • Thermometer
  • Sunburn treatment
  • Paracetamol/aspirin
  • Glucose
  • Any other medicine that you need for any pre-existing medical condition


Flashlight shining a beam of light in darkness
Flashlights for road travel in case of emergencies

Heading for a road trip is knowing there will be times when you won’t have any availability of resources you might need. Flashlights are one of those things you won’t find in the middle of the road. If the car battery crashes in the middle of the road, you will have to use a flashlight to reach to help. Keep extra of them with you, and extras of their batteries are also essentials for road trips and must make into your road trip packing list. Try to get solar or auto-powered torches, as they can last longer (in the case of the former) or can be self-powered (like the latter).

7Phone chargers/ USB

Charger plug phone
Charger plug phone

This is a non-negotiable entity without which any trip isn’t possible anywhere. Carry this with you whether you are going on a trip or not. Keep some good songs on your USB and listen to them and sing along.

Also, keep a power bank just in case you lose your charger or USB.

8Tissue papers/ Wet wipes

tissues are essentials for road trip
Tissues and tissues

For any spillage that happens, wet wipes or tissues will be an easy solution for you, there will not be water available 24*7. Keep an alternate option with you ready.

You can also keep old rags as handy wipes for your car.


Blankets for a comfortable sleep

You never know where you will have to stop your car in the middle of the road and spend the night there in the car because of the visibility. This is one reason, there will be plenty of such reasons. Always keep a blanket in your luggage or handy so that if something like this happens, you are ready with a solution.

10Travel pillow

Travel pillow
comfortable sleep with a travel pillow

In the same case as the blanket, make yourself comfortable as much as you can on the road trip. A pillow and a blanket will help you sleep properly and be ready for the next day. Make your life easy when on the wheels, travel can tire your spine. Add this to your list of road trip essentials.

11Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitiser for road trip
Hand sanitizers

Keep your hands clean, you will have to eat with those hands and maybe without washing. Keep a sanitizer handy with you. It has alcohol content in it that will help kill the bacteria on your hand. Washing your hands won’t be possible every time on the road trip.


UV protection sunglasses
UV protection sunglasses

Sun can be harsh the day you travel. Wear or keep sunglasses with you. It will save your eyes from the UV rays and it’ll become easy for you to drive. Sun striking in your eyes is not good for your retinas and your journey. These should definitely be added to the road trip packing list.


best sunscreens
Sunscreen for a road trip

Apply sunscreen with a higher SPF to avoid sunburns or any inflammation on your skin. L’Oreal UV Perfect is perfect for all types of skin. Don’t let the sun spoil your pictures and mood.


Shower set and towel in small bath bag.
Shower set and towel in a small bath bag.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, and wipes are a few necessary items that you need to keep as your toiletries. Keep them available to you. It will be helpful for you when you’ll have to crash somewhere on the road. A towel to clean yourself up will be great. It will help if your hotel or resort doesn’t provide you with toiletries.

Keep mouthwash handy in case you do not have access to water tobrush your teeth

15Rubbermaid cooler

Top view of a cooler filled with various foods, Cruise
Cooler packed for a weekend getaway.

Refresh yourself with cool drinks throughout the journey. For that, you will need a Rubbermaid cooler. Preferably buy a rubber cooler. Drinks stay cool and fresh for a longer time in this cooler. Mark this in your road trip essentials list.

16Trash bag

trash bag to throw garbage in the bag, not on the road
Trash bag to throw garbage in the bag, not on the road

Let’s make the world a better place and not throw garbage on the roads. Keep a trash bag with you in the car, throw the waste in it, and throw the bag when you find a dustbin. Throwing trash on the roads doesn’t make you a better person. These bags can also come in handy if someone gets carsick are isn’t time or place to pull over (although it is always best to not use plastic, and instead throw up in the soil where it can be absorbed into the earth).

Also, segregate the waste.

If the waste is organic, such as banana peels or other fruit or vegetable waste, you can dispose of it where there are soil and vegetation. They will serve as a source of nutrients for trees and plants. But dumping any other waste indiscriminately is a big no-no. Be better, do better.


Snacks for road trip
food makes every road trip happen

Food is the only thing that can make you feel happy about the tiring journey. Keep snacks in the cooler to eat them fresh. And if you are on a long journey, keep a lot of it with you.  And if you are a foodie, then leave everything aside and take just the food along with you. Ready to eat food or spend some time in the snack-making, your choice! Take it along with you to make your stomach happy and growing.

If you don’t have or want a cooler, carry snacks like energy bars and fruit. Or even things like chips and other packaged snacks if that is your choice.


mobile phone with map gps navigation
mobile phone with map GPRS navigation

Since we don’t live in the age anymore where paper maps and the pole star are used to reach a destination, move to technology. Use GPRS for directions. It not just shows you the directions but also shows you the way where there is less traffic to tackle.

However, if you are using GPRS on your phone it is sometimes subject to a good network connection. So download or save your destination’s route offline as a precaution. You can also invest in a GPRS system like Garmin or TomTom for your car.


Cash for road trips
Cash for road trips

Money can buy you anything, quite literally. Cash, credit cards, debit cards, food cards, carry all of it with you. And keep some extra cash ready to use in case your cards don’t help you – for example at certain toll booths. There are places where cards might not work, so you would want to keep cash with you.

20Travel camera

Travel photography
Travel photography

Don’t just make memories, capture them too to look at them years later and remind yourself of the time you spent on the wheels and how that trip changed your life in many ways.

This will be a life-changing adventure, make the most of it and make memories.

And don’t forget to fill up your fuel tank, check your tyre pressure and give a basic once-over of your vehicle before starting off. Happy road tripping!

Hope you like the blog and that it helped you in your road travel planning. Comment below if you have other essentials for a road trip in mind and let us know.

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