As the year comes to an end, it is impossible not to recap everything that a place has to offer. Gauging a recap is like trying to figure out the past year with the highlights, but when you holiday in a place like Sabah – highlights too have a category (at least that’s how I see it). You can’t seem to put a finger to what made you the happiest during the trip – so you choose to mention everything that still brings a smile to your face. Journey with me into everything Sabah.

Challenging Worms: 

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Never in my life did I think that quotes from Lion King would define my trip ‘slimy, yet satisfying’. Humphrey had planned this for an entire week and convinces a bunch of Indians to taste Sabahan tradition in the most raw and real way possible – bite into live worms and taste all the protein. It honestly tasted like cucumber juice with the texture of chicken skin. Here is how I managed to get through the challenge while having a million thoughts in my head.

Party Like There’s no Tomorrow:

The night scenes in Sabah really surprised me a lot. I had read about how it becomes a hub for Southeast Asians, but never in my wildest dreams did I think there was a chance I will party my lungs and legs off. From K-pop to hip-hop, there is everything anyone could ever imagine. All one needs is the perfect company and an ear for great music.

Adventure Extremes: 

Sabah was an adrenaline rush. There were so many things to do, in so little time – that one trip simply doesn’t do justice. Anything under or over the water, Sabah did it. Anything that needed your commitment and determination, Sabah had it. Anything that was challenging, Sabah had it. From ultra-mountain climbing to ocean walking and diving, Sabah was the place for an adventure enthusiast like me.

Awe-Inspiring Landscapes:

The consensus of a holiday spot is that landscape view of the greenery. What if you are surrounded by greenery that is untouched and is just a feast for the eyes? Essentially Sabah protects the forest with all their heart, and every decision the city makes is based on the conservation of the forest and the views that give people a chance to interact with mother nature. So, when you visit Sabah, understand that mother nature at this point is one with your soul.

Smile is the Only Way:

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Sabah was born to deliver smiles. When God made this place that is all he had in mind. People make Sabah the place to be because you feel very welcome. A holiday feels more relaxed and extremely relatable when you have people turn the world upside down for your happiness.

The best in an Island 

Everything you ever wanted to do say, be and experience is possible here – on the most beautiful island ever; Sabah.


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