“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

Tony Robbins

After all its ups and downs, it felt like my life was finally on an ascension. Still, there was something unfulfilled deep inside of me, something kept me on the edge of boredom. Work was hectic and I liked it, the busy life suited me. Still work never fulfilled my deep desire to be content. Only then did it strike me to venture the unknown and try being complete. So I stayed back and decided not to board my connecting flight, what was supposed to be a 4-hour lay-by became my home for the next week.

Hong Kong did turn out to be a spiritually enchanting place. It was my third time in this country, and the first time I ever stayed back to explore it. Being brought up surrounding a rain-forest, I was always entertained by Hong Kong’s islands, lustrous green mountains and beautiful weather. I always felt like I was in a cocoon wanting to fly out and feel the country, but could only look through my miniature window of an aeroplane.

My sacred journey to find peace begins-  Solo travel in Hong Kong
Aerial view over Hong Kong Tai Lam Chung Reservoir under smokey weather, solo travel in Hong Kong
Aerial view over Tai Lam Chung Reservoir,  Hong Kong

Unplanned and unknown for a second a sense of fear did creep up my spine, once I walked out of the airport. Only then did I realize that I did not have any friends or business acquaintances here, I was alone. But then it struck me, this is what I wanted, this was where I belonged. Keeping all my worries at the airport, I started on my sacred journey to find peace- A solo travel in Hong kong. As I was out I was greeted by Winston Chang, he shocked me for a second by talking English as good as he was born in England. My first concern of language was cleared, guess by then Winston had realized that I was kinda lost in my own way and was unplanned for Hong Kong. Asians are known for their hospitality, Winston did turn out to be a very kind and hospitable person, he ensured he would guide me to a good hotel. Helpless as I was, I accepted him and his services only to realize he is a tour guide, a thought consumed me at that point ‘everything falls in place at the right time’, motivating myself to be happy that I was doing the right thing.

The public transport system of Hong Kong is better than cabs
Busy Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. People rushing home after work. Solo travel in Hong kong
Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. People rushing home after work.

Winston was a tough guy making his way through the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong city. He insisted that we use the public transport than a cab. The public transport system of Hong Kong did amuse me as they were punctual, coming from a country where people still sit on top of buses and trains for their daily commute, Hong Kong was organised and quick. Winston did make sure that he had a plan even though I did not, he kept asking me of my preferences, all I said to him was- ”surprise me!”. He took it as a challenge and made me firstly check into a good hotel. It was clean tidy and had all the star amenities but not biting my wallet, all that I was looking for.

The beauty of Hong Kong’s city line from Victoria peak
Skyline from the Peak,Hong Kong City, China
Skyline from the Peak, Hong Kong City, China

Taking my request seriously he firstly said that he would show me Hong Kong, we set off for Victoria Mountain which was on the main Hong Kong island. After a long climb little did I remember of my fatigue, my eyes and mind were in fact surprised looking at the beauty of Hong Kong’s city line in the night all lit up like a never-ending fireworks display. He then took me to the streets of Lan Kwai Fong, these street were full of insomniac life, filled people from all around the globe with a common intent to have a good time.

Hong Kong is a delight for Cultural buffs
Tian Tan Buddha statue at Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong, Solo travel in Hong kong
Tian Tan Buddha statue at Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong

Next day as Winston realized I was a cultural buff he asked me to visit Man Mo Temple and Po Lin, Man Mo temple was a delight as they worshipped the God of literature, forgetting that I even had a  normal life of hectic work the temple did guide me to be spiritually strong. I then set off to the see the big Buddha in Po Lin which was on another island. The enormous Buddha sitting on the peak of Po Lin is a sight that you won’t miss from miles away, once you reach the peak  you do get aligned to the energy of the universe, experiencing this little did I know that I spent six hours just gazing at the panoramic view and feeding on the refreshing energy of Buddha.

Double Decker tram tour
 Double deck tram on busy street of Central Hong Kong. Trams is major tourist attraction and famous transportation system in HK
Double deck tram on a busy street of Central Hong Kong. Trams are a major tourist attraction and famous transportation system in Hong Kong.

On my third day I was on a mood to see the city and the developed part of this country, yet again Winston comes to my rescue and suggests me to take the take the double Decker tram tour, these were quite common in Hong Kong and they covered most of the cities attractions through the day. The cities are filled with ancient Chinese dynasty remnants and structures still standing for hundreds of years yet a treat for the archaeologist in me.

Unwinding at Sai Kung East Country Park
Nature view at Sai kung Country Park, Solo travel in Hong Kong
Nature view at Sai Kung Country Park

Having spent most of the time in the city I decided to move to Sai Kungbeing said it is the most adventurous town in Hong Kong, it did overwhelm me with its lush green forests and surrounding mountains, just what I was yearning for. Looking forward to trek I got info and a guide for the MacLehose Trail, it was a 100 km long trail but can be done in different stages. I kept myself in control and choose to go on a single day trek. It was a manageable trek passing along the peninsula and deep into Sai Kung East Country Park, midway you can find some crystal clear waters to cool down and relax. The vast shoreline did make me want to sit there and just keep staring at it for eternity. The next day I set off on a diving expedition in Sai Kung, never did I realize that it was just 10 km away from where I was staying, the shallow waters did show me a ton of diverse sea creatures and did ascend me to a colourful new world under water.

Planning what to do next I suddenly came across my phone that I switched off a few days back, instinctively I switched it back on only to realize I had my flight in 10 hours. This did not sink in well. Short of time and the long list of things I need to do I decided I would only spend time looking at the bay and introspect on life. Short of time I rushed my way back to Hong Kong City airport with a small pit stop at its diverse markets and ever welcoming harmonious vendors, little did I know that a few hours would never be enough for this mammoth of a task of shopping.

Deciding that I would return here soon, but with a longer time to explore. I set back again to my busy life, but this time with an abundant will to live and decide my destiny the way I want to.



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