Travelling with infants in flights or basically surviving flights with infants is a tedious and challenging task. Yes, you heard it right!

But is it something most of us wouldn’t wish at all OR something we would love to bits? Most of you might not agree with the latter (neither do I), but cheers to that Mom-Kid bonding and that warm spirit to love your kid so beautifully that you keep knocking out every hardship that comes your way.

And we know that travelling with an infant is not an easy task. Everybody complains about the noisy, crying child on the flight, but there might be reasons for its discomfort that we aren’t aware of. Being the parent of a noisy child invokes even more anxiety. You have two things to deal with – ensuring your child stops feeling uncomfortable and subsequently ensuring that the other passengers aren’t getting too bothered by your baby. It’s tough being in that situation.

Now, this TE special advice is going to help you discover if it’s possible to streamline things for future trips and take on travel like a mom-baby squad!

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On some of the flying days, while carrying those double bags and accountabilities of an infant, it gets literally impossible to waive off the multiple challenges. Right from security check-in to reaching that ‘not-again’ milestone, finding the right seat, OR due to the confinement to limited areas with limited facilities. Thus taking care of it all becomes a tedious task and yes I can imagine you running like an Indian goddess with multiple weapons of nourishment in her hands (*Gulp*).

But ahoy lady! We need your kind attention because here are some quick tips to give you a list of Do’s and Dont’s to manage it all, though you can not stop that giggling and crying from within (Aww that’s cute!!:D).

So here are a few points that guide you on surviving flights with Infants


Baby waiting to board a flight

Above all, travelling with an infant in flight can be tricky considering cleanliness & basic hygiene as babies have evolving immune systems and aircraft can be starting grounds for germs/infection or bacteria.

Having said this, you and your baby should be physically fit and consult your doctor before you go ahead and plan a journey.

Make a Checklist

Mother and baby infront of laptop working together

Sit down and make a checklist. Write it on a paper or make a list on your mobile or laptop. List things you need for your baby and you. List out things that you will need to have handy and will go in your cabin luggage in the aeroplane, while other things can be sent into luggage. Doing a check every other time not only brings you a positive feeling towards the travel operation as a hands-on mom but also helps you look back at things which are missing and how you can arrange them within a timeline.

Let’s pack your Bag

Mom and baby - surviving flights with Infants

Your baby can vomit, burp, poop, pee, throw up on your face and you need to be prepared for everything. This means – you need to have one new toy or book for every hour, an empty baby bottle for water, a change of clothes, plastic zipper bags, baby wipes, extra jackets and blankets, headphones, iPad, cups with lids, clothespins to fashion a tent over a baby’s bassinet, snacks, pacifiers, Dramamine for kids who suffer from motion sickness (Remember, never load too many diapers as you can buy them at your destination). You can also read this travel packing list for kids, it has EVERYTHING you’ll need.

Breastfeeding? Feel like a pro!

Mother breastfeeding baby in flight

It is essential that you understand how breastfeeding works, the pattern it follows and how your child responds to the same. Your body starts to understand demand and supply pattern on a daily basis so, by the time you board a flight, your body and baby both should be able to feed & feel like a pro. Also, choose seats strategically because if you plan to breastfeed and feel that you want to feel secure/secluded then the window seat is made for you. On the other hand, If you think you will have to move a lot, then you should opt for the aisle seat.

Keep Talking, It helps!

Take airline assistance for surviving flights with Infants

Occasionally the baby fly-day might also make you feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions OR you might get very unfortunate to be seated around very nasty kind of people too.

In such cases you can technically do nothing about it, however, to survive the flight with your infant in you have to make sure you communicate and talk to the cabin crew at least. It is highly recommended that you get friendly with the cabin crew before the flight takes off. This will ensure that the crew knows beforehand that you have an infant with you and can help you for any immediate assistance. Aeroplanes have diaper changing tables and basic baby logistics available in the bathrooms, so use them (with full confidence).

Travelling with an infant in flights is challenging. You might be blessed with that sweetheart of a baby who is zero-hassle. But your baby might also have its bad days and might get uncomfortable or cranky. But whatever the case, as long as you know your baby’s moods and temperaments, if you are on par with their impulses and requirements and you’ve prepared for every possible scenario, then you have little to worry about. Overall, feel proud of your abilities and the journey because you are a Mother and you carry an entire world with you already!

So if you are planning to travel with your kid, here are some tips for travelling with small children that might come in handy.


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