Known as the land of five rivers, Punjab is a state rich in culture, history, and heritage making it an avid traveler’s must-visit destination. The region provides a culmination of spirituality and commercialization, which will draw you towards it and will keep wanting to keep coming back to it. Known to be one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, Punjab offers travelers a journey back in time with its forts, palaces, and monuments each outdoing the next in terms of grandeur and regality. The region is brimming with history and culture making it a paradise for tourists as there is no shortage of places to visit in Punjab. If you would want to have a fulfilling trip and really capture the essence of the region below are the best places to visit in Punjab. 

Amritsar – City Of The Holy Shrine

Known as one of the most spiritual places to visit in Punjab the city gets its name from the holy pool that surrounds the famous Golden Temple, which means “the holy pool of nectar” A visit to Amritsar will be incomplete without a visit to Golden Temple. It is the most significant shrine in Sikhism and whenever you visit do not miss the langar which is a communal means provided at the temple. The border between India and Pakistan runs through Amritsar allowing you to witness the famous Wagah Border. The Jallianwala Bagh is also a popular tourist attraction. Harike Wetland is a delight for animal lovers and the Amritsar Heritage Walk lets you breathe in the colorful history of the city. You cannot miss out on this city’s food stalls selling delicacies which is nothing less than a foodie’s paradise. 

Places to visit in Punjab - Amritsar
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Chandigarh – Cleanest City In The Country

Chandigarh is the prime example of how India wishes to be seen as a global traveler, affluent, congenial, and cosmopolitan.  It is attractive to tourists because it has an interesting blend of ancient culture and modern civilization. What is most attractive about Chandigarh is its great network of roads which runs through various zones of the city allowing tourists a way convenient to enjoy the city. Some of the must-visit tourist places in Chandigarh include The Rock Garden, Rose Garden, International Doll Museum, Pinjore Museum, and the Government Museum and Art Gallery to name a few. 

Palace of Assembly Chandigarh

Jalandhar – City With A History

A city that flaunts cultural heritage and ancient history making it one of the best places to visit in Punjab. The tourist attractions boast this city’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent history. Rangla Punjab Haveli is a must-visit if one is looking to experience authentic Punjabi life and cuisine. Jang- E- Azad and Shaheed- e-Azam Museum will allow you to have a look into the contributions of this community to the Freedom Movement. 

Patiala – City Of Newspapers

Known to be a history buff’s paradise the city has an avid display of monuments that have a blend of different architectural styles making it a must-visit place in Punjab.  The city thrives in providing a plethora of places to visit for tourists which include Moti Bagh Palace, Kali Mata Mandir, Bahadurgarh Fort, and Sheesh Mehal. It is also a haven for tourists looking for authentic Punjabi items like Juttis, Parrandas (artificial platted hair), and of course the well-known “Patiala peg”.

Mohali – The Capital

Home of the PCA Cricket Stadium and International cricket stadium the city attracts numerous sports enthusiasts from all over the country. The city offers a wide variety of fun activities like trekking and rock climbing, but nothing beats the culture the city has to offer, and the people make it one of the great places to visit in Punjab. The city is a shopper’s paradise and a popular IT and commercial hub for the country. 

Mohali Cricket Stadium
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Ludhiana – Manchester of India

The largest city of Punjab, Ludhiana allows its visitors various places to capture as well as provide an insight into the life of the locals. What makes it an exciting place to visit is that one can experience all shades of Punjab in this city. One can visit museums like the Rural Museum, and Punjab agricultural museum and also take a stroll in places like Nehru Garden, Deer Park, etc. 

The Lush Green City Pathankot

The city of Pathankot is well-known for its serene and lush greenery. The River Chakki and the abundance of greenery create a picturesque landscape making Pathankot a place to visit for tourists looking to enjoy nature’s bounty. Shahpur Kandi Fort and the Nurpur Fort are historical structures that make your visit worthwhile 

Kapurthala – The Paris of Punjab  

Known for its architecture which incorporates elements of French and Indo-Saracenic design of building monuments Kapurthala is an intriguing destination for tourists. Its marvelous buildings and stunning gardens make it a remarkable destination for a history lover. Jagatjit Palace, Elysee Palace, and Jagatjit Club attracts a lot of visitor because of their marvelous construction

Bhatinda – City That Dazzles

Believed to be established by the Rajput King Bala Rao Bhatti Bhatinda is known to be a city with religious and historical values. Home of the oldest surviving fort Qila Mubarak, Bhatinda is an exciting place to visit for history buffs. For visitors looking to enjoy some solitude places like Zoological Gardens, Bir Talab forest, and Chetak Park are a must-visit. Land of “Channa Bhatura” to Sarson da Saag” Bhatinda offers delicious snacks like pakoras, samosas and jalebis. 

A trip to Punjab will let lead to an experience of, a rich cultural heritage, history, and wildlife. The region packs a punch when it comes to providing unique experiences and enthralling beauty. When it comes to satisfying adventure and authentic experiences Punjab doesn’t disappoint. 

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