In love with the Irish culture and their beautiful landscapes? Well, wouldn’t a trip to Dublin be wonderful then? Dublin which is the capital of Ireland lies at the River Liffey’s mouth. The historic buildings you will get to explore here are the Dublin Castle and St Patrick’s Cathedral. The National Museum of Ireland paints a beautiful picture of the Irish culture and heritage. Here’s how you can get the best of Dublin.

First, soak in some sights and culture

Begin your sight-seeing with the glorious Dublin Castle, which has years of Irish memories built within and is an important part of the history of Ireland. It is spread over 11 acres and stands on the highest ridge in the locality. One can go for a self-guided tour or a guided one depending on your own preference. There are beautiful grounds to explore and beautiful rooms to lose yourself in, gardens and museums (Chapel Royal, the Chester Beatty Library, the Garda Museum and the Revenue Museum) to give you a taste of the rich culture of Ireland. One should spend ample amount of time here as it is worth the experience.

Historic Dublin Castle. Must see in dublin
Historic Dublin Castle

Second, time for some nature

Next, you should check out the Phoenix Park, which is a huge park located 2 miles from downtown Dublin. It isn’t like any other ordinary park that you will visit, in fact, it has the  Dublin Zoo, a sports field, the Wellington Monument, and both the Presidential and US Ambassador’s Residences!!! One can spend the entire day here roaming around and enjoying the sights it has to offer. If you are keen on writing or reading or just want to relax under the trees listening to some calming music, this is the place to be! It transports you into a very relaxed and calm zone.

Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland - best of Dublin
Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland

Third, shop while you eat

After walking around and enjoying the sights I would suggest a hearty lunch at the Avoca Wool Shop & Café. Ireland is known for its wool and mohair products made from the local sheep. At the wool shop and café, you can stop by to purchase some scarves, sweaters or blankets made from Irish mohair and then go upstairs to their café, and have a nice lunch.

Fourth, check out some history

Another place that I would recommend would be The Little Museum of Dublin which will give you a lot of exposure to the history of Dublin in one shot. Most of the artefacts are given by the people of Dublin and have a nice story to them. The tickets cost about €7. From films to music to politics to history and culture, you will get a taste of everything. It is worth going to as in a short span of time you can see a lot of cultures and get to know a lot about the best of Dublin in a nutshell.

The Little Museum of Dublin
The Little Museum of Dublin (via Stephen’s Green Shopping Center)

Last, party hard!

You can end the day with a party at the Temple Bar. It is one of the iconic bars of Dublin. It has a fancy red exterior and very nice interiors which gave an amazing ambience to the nightlife of Dublin. Irish whiskey lovers will swear by this place!

Pedestrians walking around street in Temple Bar, best of Dublin
The Temple Bar

Apart from this, there are beautiful churches such as the St. Patrick’s Cathedral that you can visit and marvel at the architecture of this rich in culture city. You can also check out some more of these amazing places to see in Dublin.

Before you go, check out the video below to get the best of Dublin. Bon Voyage!

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