If you are a regular traveller, you will understand that travelling to places with unusual weather conditions can be really a problem. So you tend to carry a few extra rain jackets, just in case. So here are a few rain jackets for your monsoon trips. This will help you buy the correct one.

Things To Know Before Buying Rain Jackets

  • The outer layers of most of the rain jackets are made of rugged nylon or polyester. That’s not it! These materials are coated with DWR (Durable Water Repellant).
  • DWR is a coating that is applied to the fabrics the rain jackets are made up of. Durable water repellant helps the liquid shed off the surface. DWR is a coating, so isn’t permanent. But can be easily revived.
  • The inner membrane is made up of a microporous fabric made up of polyurethane or ePTFE. These fabrics help the fabric be breathable and act as a primary waterproof material.

Rain Jackets For Your Monsoon Travel

1. Wildcraft Men’s Raincoat

Rain jackets
Image Source: Amazon.in

If you are the one who likes to buy a quality product. Here is what you can buy for yourself. The product says it’s specifically for men but it fits women perfectly too. The lining is made up of 100% polyester. The jacket features Omni-Tech that helps the fabric stay waterproof yet breathable. It is a zipper with a chin guard. It comes with a seam-sealed construction for extra protection. The hood can be adjusted too. This jacket is a boon, grab it!

3. Women’s Waterproof Mountain Hiking Rain Jacket MH100

Rain Jackets
Image Source: Amazon.in

Ladies, you don’t need to think twice before buying this wonderful jacket. The jacket has a waterproof coating of 5 m. The jacket has been tested in the labs for 3hrs in 60L/hr/m². The material is breathable and longlasting. It has a pocket on the inside to secure your items along with the adjustable cuffs. The dual material lining helps the upper body to promote breathability and nylon on the sleeves and hips help to optimise ease of movement. This is a great rain jacket for women.

4. Grundéns Weather Watch Hooded Fishing Jacket

Rain Jackets
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The material is made of nylon Oxford weave fabric and is waterproof as well as breathable. Hoddie in this rain jacket fits perfectly and also there is plenty of space for the hoodie to stay in the jacket. It is not super light though. But it is not a heavy duty jacket either.

5. Quechua Women’s Rain cut Zip Waterproof Nature Hiking Rain Jacket

Rain Jackets
Image Source: Amazon.in

This particular rain jacket contains a waterproof coating of 2000mm and has a two-year warranty. It is fitted at the waist and that gives it a flattering look. The fabric is highly waterproof and the best part is the price. Such a great jacket for just 1099/-. If you buy it from Quechua the prices may vary a bit. The jacket is perfect for a rainy day outing.

6. Puma Men’s Solid Regular Fit Jacket

Rain Jackets
Image Source: Amazon.in

This rain jacket is made of 100% polyester lining and is highly waterproof. Even if it is waterproof that doesn’t make it less breathable. It is not a slim fit jacket so will be comfortable enough to be in all day. The hoodie can be a little uncomfortable since it is not adjustable. So when you are out to buy it, either buy a bigger size or try before getting it. If it fits perfectly, it is one good rain jacket for men.

These rain jackets are more than perfect for your rainy day travel experiences. But I would still highly recommend you to try every item before you buy. Since the brands are different, the sizes can vary.

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