When I was a sophomore in high school, my family and I went on a week-long cruise to Mexico. I was so excited because even though we lived an hour and a half away from the California/ Mexico border, I had only visited twice before. And the towns I went to were pueblitos not far from the border. So when I found out that we were going to Cabo, I was thrilled. I had heard my friends talk about the clear blue waters and the liveliness of the beach and town. I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself, even for a little while. 

Interestingly enough, Cabo San Lucas remained largely undeveloped until the early 1900s when an U.S business began operating tuna fishing there. Even still, it wasn’t until the 1970s that Cabo became a popular vacation destination. The town itself began being created by the Mexican government specifically for tourism in 1974. Now, Cabo welcomes over 3 million visitors a year. With so many unique things to do in Cabo, it becomes clear very quickly why Cabo is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. 

Fun Things To Do In Cabo : Top Beaches in Cabo 

Médano Beach 

Cabo San Lucas is known for its beaches and coast
The shoreline in Cabo San Lucas is unmatched

Cabo’s most popular beach, Médano, is great for swimming, dining and water sports. If you are coming to Cabo via cruise ship, this beach is a hot spot because of its close proximity to the harbor. Since this is the main beach to swim at, it also makes it perfect for families with young kids. The waves here are mild because its in a bay and the waters are shallow. So even if you don’t pride yourself in being a great swimmer, you will still be able to find peace and tranquility while wading. 

I remember coming here to spend the afternoon with my parents and brother. It was seldom that I had been in such clear waters. And the craziest part to me was it felt like bath water. Being from California I’m used to our ocean water being really cold. But when I stepped in, it felt like the lulling ripples were giving me a hug. It stayed very shallow even though I come from a family of swimmers so we were venturing further than most. My brother and I took turns doing handstands and playing tag while my parents floated calmly not too far away. 

The only part of this beach that wasn’t exactly ideal, was all of the vendors coming up trying to sell things. This is a large part of the culture in Cabo– everyone has something to sell. Most of the vendors are very polite and respectful of your space though. 

Playa del Amor

Now, if you’re truly searching for a beach free of other distractions, then Playa del Amor, or known in English as Lover’s Beach, is where you need to be. To get here it’s just a short water taxi ride from Médano Beach. If you want to be a little more adventurous though, you can kayak or paddle board. The waves are calm and the ride isn’t far so it’s a fun afternoon activity if you and your party are up for it. For those that don’t mind paying a little extra, there are boats with glass bottoms that will take you while providing unique views of the marine life below the surface. 

Once you’re on the beach, the fun doesn’t stop there. Sure, you could hang out all day on the picturesque yellow sand, or explore the jagged rocks that spring out from the ground. You could even slip into the turquoise water and allow yourself to get lost in the dreamy current. Or, you could try one of the activities that they offer. If you are a water bug, then you definitely need to scuba dive here. Mexico has some of the best opportunities for spotting attention-grabbing fish and other underwater creatures. Snorkeling here is also a great choice for those with less experience. Either way, with so many things to do in Cabo on Lover’s Beach, you will be happy you made the trek. 

Divorce Beach 

Just a quick walk from Lover’s Beach, you reach Divorce Beach. While the name might not exactly goad visitors into exploring, it is almost as beautiful as Lover’s. A word of advice: make sure to bring shoes with you if you want to check out this part, because the sand gets extremely hot underneath the blazing sun. You will be sad if you have to stay in one place to prevent completely scorching the bottom of your feet. 

If you did come prepared though, and you are able to go over, then you will not be disappointed. Divorce Beach boasts the same beautiful white sand as Lover’s and its shores stretch for much further so there is much more room to lay out and tan, away from the crowds. The only downside is it’s not safe to go out swimming in this part. The current is extremely strong and since there is no lifeguard on the beach, you swim at your own risk. In order to prevent your vacation from getting ruined by a horrible accident, it’s best to stay safely on the shore. 

Non Touristy Things To Do In Cabo

Take a Traditional Mexican Cooking Class 

I completely understand the desire to break away from the stereotypical activities while on vacation. Yes, the beaches are very fun, and popular for a reason. But most people leave their home country, or city, to get away from the type of people they see all the time. You don’t want to pay just to go to a different location where people from your country, or state, are. So I always try to stay on the lookout for interesting things to do while traveling that will help me to become immersed in the culture, and hopefully learn a new skill. 

One way my friends and I have satisfied this desire in the past is to take a cooking class wherever we are. And if there’s one place you want to learn how to make the food, it’s Mexico. Having grown up so close to the border, I was spoiled with street tacos and friends whose families made traditional Mexican dishes. There truly is nothing like preparing and eating a Mexican taco. I’m sorry, but as someone who has traveled to many places, Mexican food has all the other cuisines beat in my opinion. The great thing is, with a cooking class you often get the choice of having it be a group experience or a private one.

 If you choose the private option, you get more one-on-one time with the chef. If you choose the group option, you have the opportunity to make new friends with the people in your class! Honestly, a win- win. You can find more information about the types of classes offered in Cabo here

Hike Mt. Solmar 

To me, one of the best parts of vacations come from the stories I gather to tell later on. This hike is one of the things to do in Cabo that is guaranteed to provide you with great tales to tell your friends. 

The hike, which is led by a local man named Enrique,  takes you up an hour up a steep jagged cliff. At the top, you will have ample views of Médano, Divorce and Lover’s beaches. Oh yeah, did I mention the hike done with dogs?! The reason being, is the guide that leads the hike owns a kennel and dog training center on the same property as the mountain. Since the property is privately owned, there is no public access to the trail so going with Enrique is your only option. But honestly, there is no way you would want to do this hike any other way! 

Enrique leads this expedition almost everyday around 8am, starting from the dog training center. Select dogs are chosen everyday to join in on the hike and away you go! While the incline is rather intense at the end, most of the hike is pleasant and not too strenuous. Along the way Enrique will provide deep insight into the land and culture of the area. This activity is completely free, but tips are recommended for Enrique’s valuable time. You can find out more information about days and times of the hike here

Free Things To Do In Cabo 

When most people hear “Cabo” they think of Cabo San Lucas, which is the area that I have been talking about in this article. However, Cabo is actually short for “Los Cabos” (The Capes) and it encompasses Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. San Jose del Cabo is situated 30 km Northeast of Cabo San Lucas (the beach between the two towns is also a part of “Los Cabos”). 

Although more people go to Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo has a lot to offer for those wanting to break away from the norm a little bit. There are also many fun and exciting activities that are available here for no charge! 

San Jose del Cabo Art Walk 

If you find yourself in Los Cabos between November and June, then this is an activity that should be on your to- do list. Every Thursday between 5-9pm, free walking tours of galleries are held to help visitors become acquainted with the local art scene. During the tour, you will be able to chat with curators, artists, and other people that just enjoy admiring art. Around the area are many bars and cafes where you can stop for a break in between galleries, or afterwards to debrief about your favorite pieces. 

The groups start at the Main Square and move from gallery to gallery. This is the perfect way to spend an evening as you will be able to meet new people, appreciate local art and artists, and support small businesses along the way!

Wirikuta Botanical Cactus Gardens 

Tucked in the desert of San Jose del Cabo, 12 acres holding 1,000,000 plants make up this wondrous garden. In addition to showcasing cactuses, succulents and other plants from Mexico and other parts of the world, the gardens aim to honor indigenous traditions. Inside the grounds is a labyrinth of bougainvillea, and three stone pyramids. 

On this land, you will be given a lot more than just a feast for your eyes. Intellectual stimulation is a large part of this experience, as you discover information about the original peoples of Mexico. Every Wednesday from October to July, there are also night performances highlighting Huichol culture, complete with dances, acrobatics and fire demonstrations! 


Yes, there are many things to do in Cabo that are within the comfortable realm of tanning on the sand, drinking at beach side bars, and walking along the main strip. However, I highly encourage people who go to step outside of their normal tourist mindset and explore all of the different options available to them. You may be surprised how much fun you are able to have off of the beaten path. 


Should you swim with dolphins in Cabo?

I’m going to say a big no. This is coming from me, who has actually swam with dolphins in Cabo. When I visited with my family back in 2014, we did an excursion that consisted of swimming with dolphins in a pool. Honestly, even though I was young and at the time there was less stigma surrounding activities like this, it still broke my heart. The dolphins had scars on their mouths and fins. 

The trainers assured us that it was not because they were being physically beaten by the staff, but from playing with the other dolphins and running into the sides of the pool. Either way, the space is not large enough for the dolphins to live in. Expecting wild animals to live in captivity and perform for the rest of their lives, especially in cramped quarters, is inhumane in my opinion. If you dream of swimming with dolphins though, there are some companies that allow for open water swims. 

Do you need a car in Cabo San Lucas?

No! Cabo as a whole is very walkable and it is one of the safest vacation spots. If you plan to stay in the main areas of the city, then everything is pretty much within walking distance of each other. If however, you want to take my advice and try out some activities that are a little unique and outside of the busy areas, or if you are planning to stay for a while, then a car might be useful.

Why is Cabo Mexico so popular?

Cabo is most popular for its clear waters and white sand beaches along with their fabulous scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities.


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