When you hear ‘best beaches in the world’, it’s that Thailand pops into your mind automatically. It’s one of the most visited countries in Asia. World-famous cuisine, lush forests, favourable exchange rates, easily obtainable tourist visa, and luxe beaches accessible to all beckon us to enter this new realm of fun travel experiences and memories. You might think that any time is the best time to visit Thailand since it’s so popular. But, to thoroughly enjoy a location, you need to be in the right place at the right time. You might visit the best beach in Thailand but if you go in the wrong season, it can turn into a bad experience. Thailand is also known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, so make sure you return with a smile and a lot of happy memories.

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The landscape of Phuket, Thailand
The landscape of Phuket, Thailand

Month-By-Month Guide To The Best Time To Visit Thailand


January is that time of the year when the weather is good throughout Thailand. There are little to no chances of rain during this time. The favorable climatic conditions makes it one of the best time to visit Thailand.

Average Temperature: 20°C to 30°C

Key Events: Chinese New Year, Dragon Parades, Firework Show

What to Expect: Peak Tourist Season


Except for the east coast, the weather in the remaining parts of Thailand remains good. This is the time where you can expect light showers of rain. Though it is still the high season in Thailand, the crowd is not as much as that one can see in January.

Average Temperature: 22°C to 32°C

Key Events: Flower Festival, Makha Bucha Day, Parade of chrysanthemums and the Damask Rose

What to Expect: High Season


Thailand enters its hot and dry season in the month of March. It is during this month the temperature starts increasing rapidly. Because of more sun and less rain the weather starts getting really hot towards the end of the month. It is still considered the best month to visit in the first 15 days of the month.

Average Temperature: 26°C to 31°C

Key Events: Kite-Flying Festival, National Muay Thai Day, International Music Festival in Pattaya

What to Expect: Hot & Dry


With temperatures touching 35°C or even 40°C, the month of Aprilis thehottest month in Thailand. Despite the soaring heat, Thailand will be crowded because of Songkran (Thai New Year). However the southern islands have good weather due to the sea breeze and occasional rains.

Average Temperature: 29°C to 34°C

Key Events: Songkran Festival

What to Expect: Hottest


Most of Thailand gets moderate rainfall in the month of May, hence the weather is slightly cooler in comparison to April. However a guaranteed sunshine is expected throughout the month. As it is the shoulder season a visit to Thailand will be cheaper.

Average Temperature: 28°C to 34°C

Key Events: Ploughing Ceremony

What to Expect: Moderate Rainfall


With moderate rain in most parts of Thailand, the weather conditions is more or less the same as in the month of May. This is the month to catch last of the dry weather. The general pattern is to expect rain towards the late afternoon or evenings.

Average Temperature: 28°C to 34°C

Key Events: None

What to Expect: Moderate Rainfall


The weather in July is similar to the weather in May and June, however with wind and occasional rain the temperature starts to drop. With the sun still out on the east coast beaches it is the best time to dive and snorkel.

Average Temperature: 25°C to 32°C

Key Events: None

What to Expect: Drop in temperature


The month of August witnesses heavy rains all around Thailand. People coming into Thailand to enjoy the beaches can avoid travelling during this month as beach options start to dwindle. Not a good time for travel as the rains can hamper your plans.

Average Temperature: 25°C to 32°C

Key Events: None

What to Expect: Heavy rains


With more and more rain, the month of September is considered the wettest month of the year. Because of the intense rain, temperature too starts to drop. It’s not a great time for beach and outdoor activities. For those looking for a budget travel with no crowds, then September could be a good time for visit.

Average Temperature: 25°C to 31°C

Key Events: None

What to Expect: Wettest Month


By the mid of October rains start to decrease and temperatures begin to drop. It is an indication of winter season setting in. With comfortable cool temperatures and lower humidity, October is one of the best times to visit Thailand.

Average Temperature: 24°C to 31°C

Key Events: Vegetarian Festival

What to Expect: Start of winter


Withsun returning to Thailand’s west coast the start of tourist high season begins in November. The cool and dry season can be experienced throughout Thailand. It’s best to visit in the first 15 days as Thailand starts getting crowed by the end of November. 

Average Temperature: 24°C to 31°C

Key Events: Yee Peng Lantern Festival, Loi Krathong

What to Expect: Cool and dry


Average Temperature: 21°C to 31°C

Key Events: Christmas Celebrations

What to Expect: Pleasant temperature

The great weather and festive season makes the month of December one of the costliest months for a visit. For people looking to experience the best of all, December is a great month to enjoy the festivities under clear skies and pleasant weather.

Seasonal Advice

Weather plays the most important role in travel. It has the power to make or break your trip. Southern Thailand has coastlines that will make you forget the best beaches in the world. But if you visit them in scorching heat or in the pouring rain, you will have a miserable time. Since Thailand is a tropical country, it is warm throughout the year. But the best time to visit Thailand is from November to April. It is ideal because the start of November marks the end of the rainy season, and summer starts in April. September witnesses the heaviest rainfall of the year, and the heat during April is blazing. January is an ideal month for trekking and hiking. 

Winter is believed to be the best time to go to Thailand since it’s not very humid and you can see  clear skies. The days are also slightly sunny making it the perfect time to spend time sightseeing. Furthermore, if you want to visit the mountains, you will need to pack a few warm clothes as the nights get colder up there. 

Although the east and west coasts have slightly different weather, the east coast sees the highest rainfall of the year in November, so the most favourable months to visit there are January and February. Famous places like Koh Samui, Sai Kaew Beach, and Koh Mak Island are on the east coast. On the other hand, if you are planning to travel to the west coast then the best time to visit Thailand is winter, between November and March.

Phuket, Khao Lak Beach and West Railay Beach are some most visited destinations on the west coast. The best time to visit north and central Thailand is from October to January, and the skies pour down through the other months in these regions. Northern Thailand includes places like Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, and Chiang Mai. The central part of the country has tourist spots like the capital city of Bangkok, Phra Pathom Chedi, Kanchanaburi, and Ayutthaya.

Kata Beach on Phuket Island, Thailand, the best time to visit Thailand
Kata Beach on Phuket Island, Thailand

Away From The Crowd

If you are not a big fan of the heat and have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid Thailand from March to May. The average temperature goes up to 34 degrees Celsius. But if you don’t want to miss out on events and festivals, you must visit in summer. Festivals like The World Durian Fruit Festival, Songkran (water fights), Bun Bang Fai Festival (rocket festival) make summers one of the best times to visit Thailand. Also, if you are planning a budget trip to Thailand then this is the best time to book your tickets, as there are fewer tourists and better discounts. If you cannot deal with huge crowds, it’s the best time of year to visit Thailand. But always remember to carry sunblock and a water bottle in your backpack, because the sun is unforgiving. 

Monsoons in Thailand are not for the weak-hearted. The rainy season starts in July and extends up to October in some parts of Thailand. If you love the rain and don’t mind getting wet then this is the best time to visit Thailand. The average temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius. This is also the best time of year to visit Thailand’s national parks because everything is green and dried up water bodies like waterfalls are filled to the brim. Festivals in Thailand wait for none, not even the rain. During this season the people celebrate both the King’s and the Queen’s birthdays throughout the country. Additionally, foodies must visit Hua Hin for the Hua Hin Food Festival, and culture enthusiasts must aim for the Por Tor Hungry Ghost Festival in Phuket, where the locals make offerings to their ancestors out of respect. 

Lion dance Chinese New Year Bangkok, the best time to visit Thailand
Celebration of the Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand

Decide Your Best Time To Visit Thailand

Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries for tourists. It’s one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, thanks to all the culture, food, experience, and fun it offers. The country has different ecosystems with rice fields, coastlines, dense forests, and even a plateau. The diversity is very evident. Every season presents you with something interesting to do. The best time to visit Thailand will therefore differ depending on the things you are interested in doing. You’re spoilt for choice, so you need to decide what is your right time and the right place.

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How many days are enough for Thailand trip?  

7 days is a good time to see some of the major tourist attractions in Thailand, however to experience more of this beautiful island, consider spending at least 10 to 12 days.

What month is the cheapest in Thailand?

The offseason months between July and October is the cheapest time to visit Thailand. This is the time when monsoon sets in and the rains could hamper your activities. But for people who love the monsoon season, this can be a great time for a visit. From flight tickets to accommodation, all rates will be lower during this time.

When is Thailand’s shoulder season?

The time between the peak season and offseason is typically called as the shoulder season. Thailand’s shoulder season is between the months of April to June and then again from September to October.


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