Kerala’s biggest festival is here. Onam is the harvest festival and it signals the end of monsoons. The festival is celebrated with high enthusiasm and the best part about it is the delicious Onam food that is served.

Here Is A List Of Delicious Onam Food

Kerala Rice And Sambar

This simple dish somehow never bores me. This is so simple and yet everyone has a different style of making it. The typical Kerala style of making a sambar is so savoury and no one can easily get over it.

Onam Food
Rice, Sambar and coconut chutney


The dish made of potato, carrots, raw banana, drumstick, beans and raw mango makes your mouth salivate. Aviyal is a traditional dish that is served with rice and you just can not miss it.

Avial - South indian vegetable side dish, kerala cuisine

Aviyal served with rice


“Puli” in Malayalam means tamarind and “inchi” means ginger. So as the name suggests the dish is sweet and sour with a combination of hot chillies and spicy ginger. It is used as a pickle with the food. Jaggery is added to the dish to give it a sweet flavour.


Pachadi is a mouth-watering blend of coconut, curd and pineapple. The dish blended with chillies and spices gives it an aroma that you will dig right into. It is served with rice or roti and with both it tastes wonderful.

Delicious Onam food
Pineapple Pachadi served with rice


This coconut-based vegetable dish is another delicious Onam food that Kerala has to offer. It is served with steamed rice and is enough to fill one’s stomach and heart. Earlier the dish wasn’t made with garlic but nowadays garlic is also added to make it even more delicious.

Moringa red Spinach stir fry/ Cheera Drumstick leaves Thoran, selective focus
Thoran well served with rice

Manga Curry

Manga curry or mango curry is another delicacy offered by Kerala on Onam. Mango cooked with spices, chillies and coconut milk or dry coconut. This curry is usually served with rice because of the gravy but I have tasted it with butter naan which makes it even better. Try it before Onam so that you can decide how much to eat then.


No onam festival can be completed without this amazing dessert. Payasam doesn’t only come in one flavour, it comes in four. Rice Payasam also known as Kheer is one best ways to end this auspicious occasion. The other type of Payasams are, Moong dal payasam, Paal Payasam, and Arisi Payasam.

Onam Food
Rice payasam or Kheer

Naranga Curry

Naranga curry is served as a pickle. It is made using curry Naranga which looks like lemon but is comparatively very juicy. It has a tangy taste and can be stored for 2-3 days and consumed in small amounts and is not recommended to consume it in bulk as it can cause acid refluxes.

Ulli Theeyal

Tiny onions cooked in roasted coconut gravy give this delicacy a tangy and spicy taste. You will not be able to get over this amazing dish. On an Onam Sandhya, this dish is a must and it is understandable because this dish is more than just tasty, IT IS AMAZING! Do try it, folks!

Delicious Onam Dishes
Made of onions, roasted coconut and spices

Kootu Curry

It is made of black chickpea with a sufficient amount of spices and chillies. This mouth-watering dish is hard to ignore. Enjoy this dish with rice or chapati, I give you the guarantee to enjoy it.

Here is something that will help you to cook some of these amazing dishes.

Please do let us know in the comments section about what news you made or what did you try.

Happy Onam To All Of You!


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