Countries across the world are slowly re-opening their borders to allow the entry of travellers and visitors. While the coronavirus pandemic is still a global threat, governments believe that after months of lockdowns and restrictions, it is finally time to restart normal life. We can’t truly predict the future of travel, but there are some early indicators that hint at certain changes.

With hotels and flights resuming their services, are people ready to kick start travelling? Self-isolation and extended periods of quarantine have been the norm for nearly four months of 2020. How are people going to approach travel now that they have the opportunity to visit places again? More importantly, how has travel changed in a post-coronavirus world?

Here’s What We Think The Future Of Travel Will Look Like After The Ongoing Pandemic Subsides

1People Will Gravitate Towards Local Travel And Staycations


While international travel may open up, most people are going to be apprehensive about visiting a foreign country. The fear of being exposed to the virus will restrict travel to more local destinations. Domestic travel will be the first step in reviving people’s interest in tourism. Staycations, road trips and weekend getaways will give people an opportunity to ease back into travelling for leisure before they start planning international vacations. 

2Anxieties About Flying And Spending Long Hours At The Airport Will Remain

Choosing to take a flight is going to be decidedly more complex for everyone. Given how easily the virus is transmitted from person to person, most people are going to be anxious about getting on a flight and maintaining close contact with strangers for an extended period of time. Long lines at the airport (because of more stringent regulations surrounding hygiene and social distancing) may also deter passengers from readily hopping onto a flight. 

While there have been multiple reassurances about air travel being hygienic and secure, it is left to be seen if people will be enthusiastic about using it as a mode of transportation anytime soon.

3Cleanliness And Hygiene Will Top Everyone’s List Of Priorities

The most important thing the coronavirus pandemic has led to is a renewed focus on the importance of hygiene in everything we do. Something as mundane as washing your hands is now potentially life-saving. Industries have had to reevaluate their health and hygiene strategies to create a safe space for consumers and encourage them to start travelling again. 

Hotels and the airline industry especially are working tirelessly to let the world know that sanitation is their top priority. Travellers themselves are going to be extremely particular about where they stay, what places they visit, and how hygienic and clean their surroundings are. 

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4Wellness Travel Might Be More Important Than Ever

future of travel

People’s heightened concerns about their immunity may drive them towards wellness travel experiences that will help them focus on their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. After spending so much time indoors, travellers will seek more open spaces and look to explore the outdoors, away from large crowds. 

5Lots Of Great Deals, But Will There Be Any Takers?

A major part of getting people to travel again will include a variety of offers, discounts and deals. Given the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, a certain section of travellers might choose to go on budget vacations. But will these low prices be enough to evade their concerns and apprehensions about going on a trip? 

The New Normal For Travel

The ongoing global pandemic has forever changed our idea of what it means to lead a ‘normal’ life. These notions have seeped into how we will approach travel as well. It might take several months for travellers to feel secure about going on extended vacations to foreign destinations. However, we must remain hopeful that the ‘travel bug’ will make a comeback with a renewed vigour and we will be enthusiastic about exploring the world once again. If you have any thoughts on the future of travel, let us know in the comments below.

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