The Maze Garden Of Barcelona – Be A-maze-d!

“Left or right?”

“Am I lost?”

“Which way is North? Wait, how exactly does knowing that matter?”

“I should’ve brought that ball of twine.”

I shook myself out of these thoughts. There was no time for questions, no time for delay. The Minotaur might be lurking nearby, and I, the mighty Theseus must kill him and free any surviving Athenians! I trudged forward, wary for any signs of movement. The cypress hedges were looming over me, hemming me in, waiting to devour me should I lose my way forever.

The scents of pine, oak and cypress engulfed my senses. It calmed me down and I pressed on, following my gut. Rounding a corner I came across Eros. Fancy meeting this chap here! I thought he would be at Mount Olympus. Ah, yes, now I recall, Ariadne told me he will be there to guide me in my quest. Now I know whence I must go! I walk more confidently, secure in my knowledge. There’s been no sign of the Minotaur, maybe he is napping. With my keen intuition guiding me I turn several more corners and finally there it was. The end was in sight. I ran towards it feeling joy coursing through me.

As I stepped out of the exit it felt a lot brighter. I blinked as I looked around me. I was out of the maze, I was not Theseus anymore. I was me.

Park Labyrinth, the maze garden of Barcelona. Catalonia, Spain.
Park Labyrinth in Barcelona. Catalonia, Spain.
The Maze Garden of Barcelona

Where I am at now is Parc del laberint d’horta, in Barcelona, Catalina, Spain. Also known as the Labyrinth Park or simply the maze garden of Barcelona. Located in the Horta district, it is one of Barcelona’s oldest gardens. Away from the city centre and distanced from the tourist trail, it is not very crowded and therefore piqued my interest. The best part for me was the labyrinth. While not the biggest or most challenging, it was my first time in one and I loved every bit of it.

What’s part of this maze garden?

Designed with several elements of Greek mythology in mind, the park consists of temples, sculptures, pavilions and statues. You will also find lovely fish ponds and gorgeous flora. At the entrance of the park, you will find a castle. This building is the palais of the park’s builder, the family Desvalls. When you walk further from this castle, you will find three terraces, the higher one housing statues and the pavilion, the lowest being the labyrinth, from which the park derives its name.

The hedges of the maze garden of Barcelona
Labyrinth Park. Barcelona. Spain
Topiary sculptures and the ‘Romantic’ garden

The Labyrinth park has several other interesting features such as the boxed gardens which have interesting topiary sculptures. The ‘Romantic’ garden is a colourful area designed in the 19th century. The agapanthus plants that grow here are known as ‘the flowers of love.’ If you are travelling alone, best do a quick once-over of this and then leave them to the couples.

This historical garden is gorgeous and serene. It is worth visiting, especially if you are interested in nature and architecture and want to avoid crowds. The fact that it’s not as popular as several other tourist spots clinched it for me.

Things you need to know

Entry Fee: General admissions are less than 2.5 Euros 

Timings: 10 am till dusk (depending on season)

How to get there: Cycle it OR take a metro and get off at Mundet Station and walk the rest of the way. Get more information on the park here.

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  1. What could a ball of twine do that a glass of wine wouldn’t? 😀 Jokes apart though… Loved the staccato, stream of thought narrative ! 😉 More power to you!


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