Whether you’re travelling for a week or a month, there are some must-have travel items that are sure to make any trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether it’s to keep your belongings more organized or gadgets that will help you travel smarter and safer, you’ll never travel without these 22 incredibly practical travel items ever again.

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Travel Items to Organize Your Stuff

travel items
Packing Cubes

1. Packing Cubes – to easily separate your t-shirts from your underwear and your clean clothes from the dirty laundry. They also help you fit more stuff in your suitcase and avoid it all becoming a jumbled mess.

2. A Pouch to Organize Cables – so that all your devices’ cords and cables don’t get tangled or damaged at the bottom of your bag.

3. Water Resistant Bags – to store towels, bathing suits, and any other wet items you don’t want to put away with your dry things.

4. Shoe Bags – so that you can keep your dirty shoes from messing up the rest of your stuff. In a pinch, you can also use a shower cap.

5. Jewellery Organizer – to prevent all your necklaces and earrings and rings from getting tangled up in your pouch. If you don’t want to buy an organiser, you can put small items in contact lens cases or pill organizers, and thread delicate necklaces through straws or wrap individually in clingfilm.

6. RFID-Blocking Wallet – to hold everything from your credit cards to your passport and boarding pass, while keeping them safe while you’re abroad. It also helps you organise all your documents and make them easily accessible. 

Space Saving Travel Items

Reading e-book in the hammock.
Reading e-book in the hammock.

7. An E-Reader – when you’ve only got so much room in your luggage but want to pack a ton of books, an e-reader comes in handy. While it may not have the same feeling as a physical book, its convenience outweighs this disadvantage.

8. Detergent – on long vacations, many people wash and reuse their clothes, especially lingerie and socks. Carrying detergent with you lets you do so in the comfort of your own room without using expensive laundry services.

9. Portable Luggage Scale – to quickly and easily weigh your luggage so that you never again have to pay unexpected excess fees, or rearrange your stuff at the airport.

Set of traveling cosmetics bottles
Set of empty small travelling cosmetics bottles

10. Makeup-Removing Towels – reduce the amount of liquid you carry and use these towels which can remove your make up just as well.

11. Travel Sized Bottles – avoid having to buy toiletries at your destination or lugging around massive bottles of shampoo by getting empty travel sized bottles and filling them up at home. Make sure they’re less than 100ml if you want to carry them in your cabin luggage.

Items To Help With Safety and Comfort

A shawl, neck pillow, sleep mask, and ear plugs
A shawl, neck pillow, sleep mask, and ear plugs

12. Neck Pillow, Eye Masks, and Ear Plugs – they allow you to sleep through any amount of crying babies and talkative neighbours on the plane. Try an inflatable pillow to save more space.

13. Pee Cones – make it easier for those sans a “Beef Bayonet” to pee while standing up, whether it’s by the side of the road, or in a gross public bathroom. They’re especially useful on long road trips.

14. Hand Sanitizer – so you can wipe your hand after dinner or at the loo even if they don’t have the best washing facilities. You can even get large sanitizing wipes to help you freshen up a bit when you don’t have access to a shower.

 Female is wearing casuals. She is sitting on rock.
Traveller holding a water bottle.

15. Water Bottle – in many places, the water may be undrinkable or very expensive, so it makes sense to carry a water bottle that you can regularly fill up to stay hydrated.

16. A Waterproof Phone Pouch – these pouches protect your phone from water and snow, while still being touch friendly. While it’s still best not to take the whole thing into the water, its perfect for boat rides.

17. Travel Wi-Fi Hotspot – it will allow you to access the internet at any time without the fuss of getting a local SIM, or any roaming charges. Just make sure to turn off any automatic updates.

Other Travel Items

multi-coloured Umbrella With Raindrop Shower

18. A Compact Travel Umbrella – so you’ll always be prepared for unexpected rainy weather at any destination. Find one small enough to fit in your bag.

19. Dry Shampoo – this is perfect to revitalize your hair when it gets greasy a few days after you wash it, or when you don’t have the time or facilities to shampoo your hair. You can even go one step further and get dry conditioner too.

20. Bottle Protectors – lots of people buy bottles of things like wine and olive oil as souvenirs. A protective case will prevent them from shattering in your suitcase and spilling their contents all over your belongings.

Blue power bank with white usb and black smartphone on old vintage wooden background. Modern, information technology photo near the green plant with leaves texture.
Blue power bank

21. Portable Chargers – a power bank will help you bring your phone to life after a day spent taking lots and lots of photos.

22. A Multi-adapter – so you don’t have to worry about charging all your devices when you’re abroad. Multi-adapters allow you to plug into all possible outlets around the world.

Are there any essential travel items we’ve missed? If so, be sure to share them in the comments below.


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