The funniest facts are also the ones that surprise us and sound so ridiculous but end up being true. Interesting fun facts can serve as conversation starters and help you make friends easily. These following fun facts about everything will not fail to astonish you. 

Funniest Facts From Around The World

One of the funniest facts is that the British love their tea so much so that they are prepared for drinking it during the war as well. British military tanks are equipped with a boiling vessel to make coffee and tea at any time. 

One of the fun facts about Iceland is that they have a special job called an elf whisperer who looks around for elves in a construction site before work begins. 

Among the did you know facts is that chainsaws were first invented to help in childbirth. In 1780, two doctors invented the chainsaw to remove the pelvic bone faster and easier. It was later used to perform amputations and cutting bones. 

Another one of the facts for fun is that while the Battle of Vienna was the longest war, the shortest was Anglo-Zanzibar War that went on for 38 minutes. Sultan Khalid bin Barghash ascended the throne of Zanzibar in 1896 without British approval. The British sent their warships when he did not agree to step down and finished bombing the palace in little less than 40 minutes. Khalid ran away and the war was won by the British. 

‘J’ was the last letter added to the English alphabet. ‘J’ and ‘I’ were initially the same character and were used interchangeably. In 1524, an Italian grammarian called the Gian Giorgio Trissino identified the soft ‘J’ sound and differentiated it from ‘I’. 

One of the funniest facts is that undersea waterfalls seem to be contradicting but they do exist. 

One of the world’s largest waterfalls, the Denmark Strait cataract is in the Atlantic sea. The waterfalls are almost 3,505 metres high and fall at a speed of 123 million cubic feet per second. 

One of the fun facts about ‘Ok’ is that it might just be a fake word. During the 1830s, people misspelled abbreviations as a joke. That carried on and ‘all correct’ became ‘orl korrekt’ and led to ‘ok’. It is also believed that during Martin Van Buren’s (8th U.S. President) reelection campaigns, his supporters were called the Ok Club and the word stuck around. 

Adding to the list of did you know facts is that according to an art by Vt. by 2001, less than 20  percent of the world population said that they dream in black and white but earlier in 1940s before colour TV was invented about 75 percent of the people dreamt in black and white. 

As weird as it sounds it was toilet papers that replaced corn cobs. It took till 1875 for mass-produced toilet paper to reach the Western side of the world. Before that pamphlets, newspapers, mussel-shells, and corn cobs were used. 

Canada and its citizens are every bit as progressive and polite as they are portrayed to be. So polite that since they say sorry too much in 2009, the Canadian Government passed The Apology Act. According to the act, an apology meant “an expression of sympathy or regret” and cannot be considered as evidence of admission of fault or liability. 

Lobsters’ anatomy might just be one of the funniest facts you have read today. Lobsters have three stomachs and their teeth are in one of them. Also, lobster’s pincers have small bristles that are similar to taste buds, so lobsters are tasting with their feet. 

John Batman claimed to have found Melbourne in 1835 and so the city was named Batmania for some time. But later the town was named with its current name in honour of Lord Melbourne, Former Home Secretary of the United Kingdom. 

Conspiracy and unkindness, it is unthinkable that these words would be the words to describe a flock of ravens but these are the words you should be using. 

Switzerland takes equal care of its citizens and guinea pigs. It is not allowed to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland. Among one of the incredible and funniest facts is that it is illegal to do so as the guinea pigs can get lonely. 

LaMarcus Thompson got so fed up with places like saloons and brothels that in the 1880s he built America’s first roller coaster in Coney Island, New York. In this way, he thought he could stop humans from committing sins and being immoral. 

Vatican City, San Marino, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Andorra are the five countries that do not have airports. 

While ‘buttload’ is a commonly used term, ‘butt’ also happens to be a unit of measurement for wine. One of the funniest facts is that if you have a barrel full of wine it is a buttload or full butt.

Do tell us in comments about any of the fun facts that you wish to add to the list and tell us which one surprised you the most.


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