Without a doubt, Bali, the most beautiful island in Indonesia is one of the world’s best travel destinations as there is something for everyone here. Apart from popular exotic beaches and cuisines, Bali has some never-ending things to offer. Whatever you want to do, you are sure to find it here in Bali. No wonder this place is called the ‘Island of the Gods’. A honeymoon’s haven, at the same time an awesome family destination, this paradise attracts travelers from all around the globe, all year round.

Top 11 Things To Do In Bali That Will Make Your Trip More Memorable

When a destination has so much to offer, the hardest part is choosing where to go first and what to see. Here’s a list of the top things to do in Bali that are sure to help you make the most of your island vacation.

1. Go Jetpack In Tanjung Benoa

offbeat things to do in bali
Flyboard extreme sport adventure on the sea.

This place is best for water sports and you can try a different variety of activities on offer in Tanjung Benoa. Jetpack kits basically allow you to rise up to 10 meters high on a jet of water and for this, you need to head to the famous Tanjung Benoa beach. There are various options for package tours, as you will be entitled to hotel pickup and drop, professional instructor, all safety equipment, Jetpack with an instructor, one-round parasailing, banana boat, shower facility, changing rooms, insurance and lockers are also included. This activity which is one of the unusual things to do in Bali can be enjoyed by people between the age group of 6 – 65 years. If adventure water sport is not what you are looking for, head straight to the beaches to relax on its clean white sand. 

2. Explore The Hidden Waterfall 

unusual things to do in bali
Sekumpul Waterfall – Bali island Indonesia

Discover these waterfalls by trekking along the secluded path. These two stunning beauties are totally worth the struggle. You can reach this place on a nature trek through the Sekumpul village, which is located in the upland region of the Buleleng regency in North Bali.

Tegenungan Waterfall: It offers a mesmerizing view of the waterfall in the hidden space of Bali. The blooming trees in the surroundings add to the beauty of this waterfall. Especially in the morning, the beauty of the jungle will be at its best as the sunlight shines above. The water is so clear that the base of the pond can be seen clearly. 

Sumampan Waterfall: This is a very beautiful natural waterfall destination with the beauty of the surrounding natural panorama making it quickly popular among foreign and domestic tourists. This waterfall is in such a hidden location that it still is very natural and not so crowded by tourists. Trek to this place so that you can see and enjoy the beauty of this hidden gem. Come here to enjoy and experience the beautiful waterfall on the island of Bali. The natural environment and the calm surrounding are what make this waterfall in Bali a good place to visit.

3. Visit The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

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Long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in Sacred Monkey Forest

The Sacred Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and Hindu temple located in Ubud, Bali, and is known locally as the Monkey Forest. This area has become extremely popular amongst tourists in recent years. The Monkey Forest or also called The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is one of Bali’s most popular tourist attractions and one of the must things to do in Bali Indonesia. The Ubud Monkey Forest is huge, covering an area of about 30.8 acres. It takes about 2 hours to explore the forest while enjoying nature and observing the monkeys. Ubud Monkey Forest is the sanctuary and natural habitat of the Balinese long-tailed macaque. Each month around 10,000–15,000 visitors come to Monkey Forest. Within the forest, there are three temples, namely Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, Holy Spring Temple, and Prajapati Temple. Come visit Bali’s sacred monkey forest for an experience like never before.

4. Spot Cool Marine Life While Muck Diving In Padang Bai 

unique things to do in bali
Coral reef, Bali, Indonesia

Muck diving is often overlooked in Bali. Bali’s muck dive sites are on the North West and east coast of the island. Padang Bai is a little seaside town on the eastern coast of Bali that is famous for muck diving and reef diving.  Muck diving is different because of its attraction to unique species and is one of the best things to do in Bali. Bali offers some excellent muck diving sites as they are spread across the island. The Jetty in Padang Bai can be done as a day dive trip. This place is an excellent dive location for people looking for underwater photography. Blue Lagoon in Padang Bai is another great spot where you have a good chance of seeing sharks, turtles, and corals. If you like the excitement of spotting cool marine life, these dive sites should definitely be on your to-do list. 

5. Spend Some Quality Time In Sidemen

best things in bali
Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia

Sidemen is pretty untouched by tourist hustle and bustle, hence a perfect place to slow down and unwind. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and traditional village life to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this place. Mount Agung, a huge volcano looms over the local villages and there are many incredible points you can take it in from. Whether it’s a homestay or a luxury hotel, most places here come with incredible views, often looking out to Mount Agung or the rice paddies. One of Sidemen’s main features is the huge rice fields found throughout the area. The endless greenery has been carved out over centuries and they look even more beautiful with the temples, palm trees, and rustic huts that sit on the terraces. One of the best things to do in Bali is to visit this beautiful place.

6. Only Good Vibes At Tanah Lot Temple

things to do in bali indonesia
Sunset at Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot temple also known as “The temple of the rock” is one of Bali’s most important landmarks. It’s one of seven ocean temples on the coast of Bali that create a sort of spirituality against bad vibes rolling on the ocean currents.  Set on a big rock and encircled by seawater from all sides, this temple is famous throughout the world. With just 20 meters away from the coastal tip, this place is easily accessible within a few minutes of walk. Tanah Lot Temple is simply among the top things to do in Bali during sunset because of its breathtaking views. Its unique setting provides the perfect backdrop for sunset photography. This temple was constructed in the 16th century. Once you are here this place will make you feel Bali is totally worth the visit.

7. Adventure Negings By Snorkelling In Amed

things to do in bali
Snorkelling, Bali

While Bali is not really a snorkeling destination, some very good snorkeling can be found on Amed Coast which is said to be one of the best snorkeling spots. The largest and most notable beach in this province is Amed beach. Set on the backdrop of the majestic Mount Agung volcano, Amed is the best place to start your adventure. It is a real treat for first-time snorkelers as well as experienced divers. There’s plenty to discover for all in these warm, shallow waters with healthy reefs and shipwrecks. Easy access right off the beach, no currents is what makes snorkeling in Amed so good. Getting a jukung (local boat) might be a good idea for a fun day out at sea and for hopping from one snorkeling site to the other. This is undoubtedly one of the best and cheapest things to do in Bali.

8. Watch A Traditional Kecak Dance

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Dancers performing traditional Balinese Kecak Trance Fire Dance

A visit to Bali will not be complete without watching some of the traditional performances the island has to offer. Traditional dances like Kecak, Barong, and Janger dances are performed here. The most popular of them is the traditional Kecak Dance which is performed in the form of dance musical drama. It is generally held in the open air at sunset, usually above a cliff facing the sea. Kecak is a form of Balinese dance that is said to have originated from an ancient ritual called Sanghyang. 

It is aimed as a form of exorcism or to repel evil spirits in which dancers fall into a trance. What is very unique about Kecak dance is that it has no other musical background besides the chanting of the troupe of bare-chested male dancers. These dancers make a “chak-achak-achak” clicking sound while swaying their bodies and waving their hands. Do not miss this experience for you will not regret watching this captivating performance by the locals.

9. Experience Wreck Diving At Tulamben

best time to visit bali
Shipwreck in Indonesia

For travelers looking to do some underwater wreck diving exploration in Bali, Tulamben is the perfect destination. Travel to the famous diving spots to explore the underworld beauty around the sunken USS Liberty. The liberty ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo and then was beached near Tulamben. It is also one of the best sunken shipwrecks in the world. Already visible from the surface on a clear day, the World War II shipwreck is packed with colorful corals and is home to a number of unique underwater species like Ghost Pipe Fish and Pygmy Seahorses. 

The best part of the dive is getting a chance to swim with the abundant marine life. The entire dive takes one through the wide holes and twisted metal bars of the wreck. Wreck diving is one mesmerizing opportunity for underwater photography here because of the contrasting colors of rusting metal posts and corals. If you are looking for some unique things to do in Bali Indonesia, this underworld experience is a must-try!

10. Get Close To Nature At Menjangan Island

best islands to visit near bali
Bali, Indonesia

Menjangan Island is located just about 10 kilometers North West off the shore of Bali’s mainland, it forms part of the West Bali National Park Conservation Area. “Menjangan” in Indonesian means “Deer”.  It was Bali’s first internationally-known diving location. This island is surrounded by white sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs, and an enchanting underwater environment. Menjangan Island is a perfect definition of what natural beauty is all about. The best way to reach Menjangan Island is by taking a boat from Labuhan Lalang, a port located in North Bali. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the island by boat. It is forbidden to stay overnight on this Island unless it is an emergency. Menjangan Island also has a Menjangan Resort which lies within the national park. This is one of the best islands to visit near Bali.

11. Quiet And Secluded Seaside Escape At Candidasa

is bali still worth visiting
Candidasa Beach – Bali Island Indonesia

If you want a quiet and secluded seaside escape, this is the right place. This coastline extends from Manggis through Candidasa town and east to Bugbug. It is 60 to 80 minutes from Sanur and is also easily reached from Ubud. Candidasa is a charming location that offers some great diving sites. The three rocky islands, Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang, and Gili Biaha, seen from the shoreline of the town, are a must-visit. It’s the best place for relaxation on sun lounges, to enjoy good local food, and for a great foot massage from the locals on the beach. Lotus Lagoon is one of the most popular places here and has a number of tourists coming in from all over the world. Snorkeling in Candidasa is famous for the beautiful ocean and the bright-colored fishes. The reef and many colored corals can be viewed in your snorkeling activity. 

6 Offbeat Things To Do In Bali Indonesia

With around 8 million visitors traveling to Bali every year, this place can get overcrowded and noisy during peak holiday seasons. However, there are many offbeat places near Bali that are equally breathtakingly beautiful as the other popular tourist spots. So here are some offbeat things to do in Bali while avoiding the crowd. These places may look weird, mysterious, and scary, but we guarantee you that it’s going to be a fun-filled one.

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1. Walk On The Wings Of A Boeing Aircraft

 why visit bali
Image Source:

The Indonesian island has around 5 abandoned planes out of which the Nyang Nyang Beach plane is the most beautiful of them. What started as an idea to attract tourists has become one of the most thrilling and offbeat things to do in Bali. A local restaurant on the top of a cliff installed an old retired Boeing 737 above one of the most beautiful beaches, Nyang Nyang Beach. This has become a fabulous vantage point as one can walk on the wing of an aircraft that is suspended over a cliff. Only people without a fear of heights can attempt this. Because of its popularity, this plane will soon be turned into tourist accommodation.

2. Get Spooky At Taman Festival Bali

 unusual things to do
Image Source:

Taman Festival Bali is an abandoned theme park located in Sanur. It was abandoned in the 90s and since standing desolate in its incomplete form. Its crumbling buildings, statues wrapped in vines, and the swampy remains of an old crocodile pit give it a spooky feeling. To add to this, many say that this place is haunted too. The creator of this amusement park had grand plans but unfortunately, it was not completed. Many don’t dare to enter, making it an offbeat location for people looking to explore this mysterious place surrounded by jungle. 

3. Escape To Lombok Island

offbeat things in bali
Lovely sunny day on the beach. Lombok island, drone shot

If you have had enough of Bali and are looking for an escape, you should head to Lombok, a relatively undiscovered Island. Bali’s next-door neighbor offers an exceptional holiday experience and a much-needed escape from the tourist herd. Just 40 kilometers from Bali, this place is often marketed as an unspoiled Bali or Bali’s sister island. The virgin island offers beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches and extraordinary experiences of underwater adventures. It’s also home to Indonesia’s second-largest volcanic peak, Mount Rinjani. Visit this island is one of the best offbeat things to do in Bali.

4. Hike For A Non-stop Adventure At Kawah Ijen

is it safe to visit bali
Beautiful panoramic view of Kawah Ijen lake and volcano early morning in East Java, Indonesia.

Located just about an hour from Bali, Kawah Ijen is the highest and the largest crater formed from a group of composite volcanoes. The reason why many people hike here is to witness the unique phenomenon known as the “blue flames”. The sight of the blue fire streaming down the side of the mountain is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. These offbeat things to do in Bali are sure to impress every adventure lover. April to October is the best time to experience this rare phenomenon.

5. Spend A Day At Penglipuran Village

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The traditional village of Penglipuran, Bangli, Bali, Indonesia, Asia.

Penglipuran village is a beautiful highland village located in Bangli Regency in Bali. It is one of the cleanest villages in the world as the residents of this village follow proper disposal and recycling of waste. Spending a day here will give you that eco-friendly feel. All the houses are made of bamboo and all individual compounds are well-kept to look traditional. The single stone-paved street that runs through the center of the village all the way to the local temple is beautiful. One needs to buy a ticket to enter this community-based tourism destination. Visit this place is one of the top things to do in Bali, hence do not forget to add Penglipuran village to your Bali itinerary.

6. Visit To The Pura Paluang Car Temple 

unique things in bali
offbeat temple in Bali

One of the most offbeat temples in Bali is the Pura Paluang also called the Car Temple. This temple is so unique that you will be welcomed by two car-shaped buildings in front, which are actually the main shrines of the temple. The very look of this temple is very different from the millions of temples in the world. This calm and quiet place is perfect for meditation and conducting other religious rituals. There is no clear idea how and when this temple came into being but it is believed that the statues were built 500 years ago, a time when cars had not arrived in Bali.

Weather In Bali

The weather in Bali is always warm and humid because of its tropical climate. It has only two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The dry season months are the busiest time on the island as visitors come in from all parts of the globe to enjoy this beautiful weather. Here are some basic climate facts:

Hottest Month – May (88 F)

Coolest Month – August (86F)

Sunniest Month – August

Wettest Month – January (13.6 inches)

Some Interesting Facts About Bali

  • Bali is made up of 4 islands: Nusa Islands, Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Lembongan.
  • The official calendar of Bali (Pawukon Calendar) has only 210 days in a year. One year is divided into 6 months with each month having 35 days.
  • The Balinese have just four names, the first child is called Wayan, the second child is Made, the third child is Nyoman, and the fourth is Ketut. If there’s a fifth baby, the cycle continues.
  • The world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak, is priced as high as $50 a cup. This unique coffee is made of civet cat poop.
  • Bali is an island of pet lovers where most of the houses have at least two species of pet ranging from dogs, cats, birds, cattle, pigs or even chickens.
  • Balinese priests of every religion are paid by the government.
  • Apart from the white sand one can also see black sand here. This is a result of a lot of volcanic eruptions.
  • Mount Agung and Mount Batur, the two towering volcanoes of Bali are still pretty much active.
  • There are around 1,200 spas across Bali Island which makes it one of the world’s highest.
  • The suckling pig known as Babi guling is roasted over an open fire for several hours, flavored with a spicy paste, rubbed with turmeric, and basted with coconut water is one of the most famous foods in Bali.
  • Since Bali is a tropical place, it has only two seasons: the dry season from April to October and the wet season from October to April.
  • 85% of Balinese people are Hindus but Indonesia on the whole is predominantly a Muslim country.
  • In an effort to preserve the island’s heritage, the governor of Bali had issued a decree requiring people to wear traditional clothing and speak only Balinese on Thursdays.
  • Barack Obama’s first book ‘ Dreams from My Father’ was written on Bali’s east coast.
  • Bali is home to 4 major lakes – Lake Batur, Lake Beratan, Lake Buyan, and Lake Tamblingan.
  • Bali has over 20,000 picturesque temples. 
  • You will be surprised to know that 80% of Bali’s economy comes from tourism.
  • For the first three months, babies in Bali are carried everywhere as they are considered little angels.
  • The 1000 years old irrigation system called “subak” is listed as Bali’s UNESCO world heritage site.
  • In the month of March, the Balinese observe a “day of silence” called Nyepi. On this day all businesses are closed and everyone stays at home. Even at night time, the lights are to be turned off inside and outside of your house.

Complete Bali Packing List

Before getting ready for your big trip, consider these simple tips while packing to make your holiday very safe and comfortable.

Clothing To Pack: There are no real strict rules when it comes to clothing in Bali. Make sure to cover your knees and shoulders while visiting temples and other religious sites. As Bali weather is very hot and humid it’s advisable to carry lightweight cotton garments that dry quickly. Keep your packing simple and light as you can purchase some inexpensive clothes locally or you could also use the laundry if you are staying for a longer time. 

Best Footwear: As there will be a lot of walking to do, pack some comfortable flip-flops or sandals. If you plan to do some serious hiking don’t forget to pack good hiking shoes. You can also purchase cheap and good flip-flops in shops and stalls that are all over the island.

Toiletries: Toiletries can be a little expensive here, hence carrying all necessary items. Apart from your regular stuff, pack a mosquito repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes. It’s always good to pack hand sanitizer and toilet paper while using the public toilet.

First Aid Kit: Walk-in pharmacies here sell nearly everything you need, but it’s always advisable to pack a few medicines for some general ailments like headache, fever, stomach pain, and dysentery. I am sure you don’t want these ailments to take away your precious time on the island. Hopefully, you won’t need anything from this kit but it’s always better to be prepared. 

Electronic Gadgets: In order to capture those Instagramable worthy photos, carry the right gadgets. Bringing them is just not enough, you must also know how to protect these gadgets from the tropical environment. Carry an international adapter along with chargers and a power bank.

Money And Documents For Bali: Before traveling to Bali, make sure you’ve got all the necessary travel documents you need. Two sets of copies of all important documents like Passports, visas, insurance, tickets, and vaccination certificates should be kept in two different bags. Come prepared with enough cash, just in case the network goes down. 

Miscellaneous Things: Earphones, a dry bag, a wet bag, a small padlock to secure your cabinets, and security lockers. Don’t forget to carry a flashlight for unexpected power outages and waterproof cases for electronics and valuables.

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Despite its size, there are so many things to do in Bali that will make you want to come back for more. This place will make you feel at home, no matter where you are from and when you are here, don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

Which are the main water sports in Bali?

All water activities like Surfing, Sea walking, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Rafting, Kitesurfing, Water jetpacks, and flyboarding are here in Bali to experience.

What is the best place in Bali for a honeymoon?

Uluwatu, Mount Batur, Canggu, Crystal Bay, Kuta Beach, and Ubud are some of the best places for honeymooners. 

How many days are enough for Bali?

5 to 6 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Bali. If you want to explore Bali in detail, then you will need at least 10 to 12 days.

What is the best time to visit Bali?

May to September is the perfect month for a classic Bali beach vacation.

Is it expensive to visit Bali?

Accommodation, food, and Bali’s best attractions are very affordable. This makes it a super budget-friendly destination. 

Does Bali have nightlife?

With its rows of bars, pubs, beach shacks, and nightclubs this place has exotic nightlife scenes.

What language is spoken in Bali?

Bahasa Bali or Bahasa Indonesia is the most commonly used language in Bali.

What is a Bali belly?

An upset stomach (travelers’ diarrhea) caused by consuming contaminated food and water is called Bali belly.

Is it safe to visit Bali?

The friendly locals and like-minded travelers make this place a very safe destination to visit.


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