Are you someone that craves for panoramic views and an occasional escape from the city’s constant banal realities? If you are one of them then we would like to welcome you to the club!

We have a blend of many things to do in Sentosa that will satiate your inner traveler beyond expectations – we are talking about stunning vistas and entrancing activities that will leave you wanting more and trust us when we say this, there is way more! Nestled in a snug comer off the Singapore’s southern coast, who would have thought that a secluded island can be a pandora’s box waiting to be opened?

sentosa island singapore is the best place to spend a day for fun and excitement.
Cable car ride to Santosa Island in Singapore.

This island carefully fuses cultural heritage along with natural beauty that go hand in hand, boasting of diverse attractions and catering to every taste and inclination that travelers may have We understand that there are various types of travelers but the most generally known are the adrenaline freaks who crave for those heart-pounding thrills and then there are the laid-back beach lovers that find bliss in the sun-kissed shores.

Your morning adventures @ Sentosa is just a click away.

Best Things To Do In Sentosa Island Singapore

Today, we have done our due diligence and curated a well thought out list of top things to do in Sentosa Island Singapore where you will be presented with options that will not only leave a lasting impression but also leave a strong taste of tantalizing glimpse in your memory. 

Splash Into Sentosa’s Water Wonderland!

Dive Deep IntoThrill At The Adventure Cove Waterpark

take a sentosa island tour to enjoy to your fullest
unexpected twists, turns at the water park.

Do you have an itch for those thrilling and unexpected twists, turns and all that takes your breath away? Do you love to feel the rush as you zoom down high-speed water slides, because Sentosa’s Water Wonderland offers you a playground that is enveloped with the most distinct aquatic adventure! This wonderland promises an entire day of exhilaration and adrenaline rush which will keep you on the edge-literally! This place leaves an impression no matter which time you choose to visit!

If you are someone who doesn’t like to live on the edge then there are much more leisurely activities that offer the same amount of fun, families and lovers can choose to sit back and relax along the serene stream and let your worries be carried away one gentle current at a time. The wave pool is also a popular choice among families and the laid-back visitors who wish to enjoy a day off basking in the sun. Your time here will be worth the effort if you take some time, gather the courage, and decide to experience the popular Riptide Rocket, it truly defies gravity and will send you spinning while you struggle to grasp the reality. Adventure Cove Waterpark is the place to be if you are a daredevil, turning up here will be equivalent to a vibrant oasis of aquatic excitement.

Best Rides & Attractions

Pipeline Plunge

Tidal Twister

Whirlpool Washout

Riptide Rocket

Timings: The Adventure Cove Waterpark is open from 10 AM to 6 PM every day

Entry Fees: The Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets start from $35 for adults and 530 for children

Explore The Butterfly Park Insect Kingdom And The Fluttering Wonders

A Symphony Of Nature’s Marvels Await

butterfly park is top sentosa island attractions
Colorful butterflies in the butterfly park.

Blooming flowers, fluttering butterflies and a sanctuary full of foliage in contrast with almost 3,000 rare species of insects and around 1,500 butterflies mirroring a living, breathing museum, you will be able to catch a glimpse into the miniscule yet large magnitude of fascinating features that compliment and accentuate the overall experience. Must try things to do in Sentosa include the Insect Safari Tunnel where you will be presented with the opportunity of taking a glimpse of Dynastes Hercules beetles and the rare diving beetle. Coming across such peculiar insects allows you with an educational trip along with being a casual visual treat.

If you are someone who takes interest in the life cycles of butterflies and how they flirt around with the flora, then a day out here will show you that the expansive ecosystem here is a testament to the multiformity and the tenacity on our planet.

Curiosity for the living beings or curiosity for the inner nature enthusiast, the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom offers a trail like no other, this place will make the photography buffs feel like they are a part of an exclusive episode on a wildlife show, imagine spotting something so rare that you have only seen pictures of it and then having the possibility to capture it with your camera at the right time!

Timings: The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom are open from 9:30 AM to PM daily.

Entry Fee: The tickets start from $18 for adults and $12.60 for children

Unleash Your Inner Adventure Freak On The Mega Adventure Park On Sentosa Island!

Zip Through The Fear On Asia’s #1 Zipline

sentosa island activities for adventure seekers
The Mega Adventure Park On Sentosa Island

A paradise for the adrenaline rush addicts and equally exciting for beginners who just want to experience a new thrill or even for those who would be interested in experimenting with something new for the memorabilia! Mega Adventure Park is located on the charming Sentosa Island where you can experience heart-thumping excitement with the number 1 zipline in all of Asia, The MegaZip spans across an electrifying 450 meters and goes at the speed of 60kph. Adventure seekers have 4 grand options to choose from, each very distinctive in its nature:

MegaZip, For Those That Like To Soar Like An Eagle

This one is perched at a breathtaking height of 75 meters, the design of this ride is such that it makes you race with friends and family through a test of your friendship from the lush canopies of Imbiah Hill to the white sands of Siloso Beach.

Restrictions: Min Height allowed: 90 cm Min Weight allowed 30 kg Max Weight: 140kg

Last Entry: 6.43 pm Entry Fee: 50 SGD

MegaClimb, For Those That Wish To Conquer The Heights

If you like a challenge then The Mega Clunk offers Singapore’s premium ropes that are perched through a 5 to 15-meter-high Eucalyptus tree, the trip through here is beyond an adventure and will take you through a breathtaking view along with thrilling obstacles. If you wish to take the challenge up a notch then choose 2 out of 3 levels that they have to offer making it one of the top sentosa island attractions.

Restrictions Min Height: 120cm| Min Weight: 35kg Max Weight: 120kg/Larr Entry 6:15 pm Entry fee: 45 SGD

MegaJump, For Those That Love To Take The Plunge

If adrenaline stimulation is not enough for you then couple it with a 15 meter drop against a staggering ocean view This free fall parachute jump sensation comes with safety to ensure you let go completely and plunge with all your heart!

Restrictions Min Weight: 30kg | Max Weight: 120 kg

Last Entry: 6:30 pm Entry For: 25 SGD

MegaBounce, For Those That Want To Bounce To New Heights

Located on Silgae Beach, the bungee-assisted trampolines at Megalisunce test your acrobatic skills like never before, you will be bouncing like a child up to 8 meters high with formed and well-trained professional instructors ensuring your safety throughout the session

Restrictions: Min Weight, 10kg Max Weight: 90kg

Last Entry: 6:45 pro Entry Fer 15 SGD

Scentopia Sentosa, Let Your Personality Be Defined By Fragrance

best sentosa island activities
craft your signature scent at Scentopia Sentosa.

Looking for more elegant Sentosa island activities? This carefully designed space allows you to craft your signature scent ma digital paradise where your personality meets the art of scent making, from custom made scents to compliment your characteristics to exploring the interactive adventure of observing the scent making process, Digital innovation is coupled with the timeless allure of perfume making and you will realize at the end of the day that you are carrying some of the most unique blend of fragrance in your pocket on the way out.

Scentopia Sentosa is a bespoke atelier where each scent that is crafted reflects the estetice of your individuality. The master perfumer blends exquisite ingredients to create personalized fragrances that encapsulate your distinctive style ensuring a sensory journey of olfactory expressions With this exclusivity you can be assured that a single handed whiff from you will narrate your story and will leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

This space has two workshops for those who are looking to learn the art of cooking up that perfect scent.

Orchid Perfume Workshop (100ml)

Get yourself indulged in this carefully curated workshop where custom-made scents fit in a 100ml journey beating through floral essences. Learn the art of concocting your own personalized fragrance from the vibrant notes of orchids to the ultra-subtle hints of your personality. Your story will be written in every drop and all the equipment necessary will be provided to you ensuring an unforgettable experience with a total of over 200 augmented reality exhibits. At the end of this workshop, you can be rest assured that you will be unraveling the mysteries of harmonies as you pay more attention to the olfaction details.

– The workshop is led by a trained profession and goes on for a duration of 1.5-2 hours

– Ticket price for the workshop is 120.55 AUD

Orchid Perfume Workshop (50ml)

If you are seeking a more intimate experience, then prepare to choose the 50ml workshop where you will be set up for a magnificent olfactory odyssey where you master the careful art by dedicating yourself in a personalized program by esteemed in-house creativity. This rigorous educational session lays a groundbreaking foundation for those interested in exploring the different facets of fragrances. This workshop not only helps you find a way to have your own designer scent but also you will be walking out of the class with newfound creativity. This digital paradise truly assists you in designing a materialistic substance that mirrors your essetice with the help of cutting-edge technology

– The workshop is led by trained professionals and goes on for a duration of 1.5-2 hours.

– Ticket price for this workshop is 91.65 AUD

Scentopia Sentosa Highlights

Scentopia Sentosa offers a digitized and touchless experience that helps craft your signature scent.

– You get free scented tours where you can explore different facets of scents.

– You get to not just witness but be immersed in 300+ augmented reality experiences.

Experience The Thrill Of Body Flying At iFly Singapore!

Fly inside the world’s first themed wind tunnel and prepare to have your adrenaline pumping at the speed of light, most of you must have heard about SkyDiving but we can assure you that its close cousin is a lot more fun and will stimulate you all over! The sensation of skydiving remains as you soar through the air without requiring any heavy-duty technology. At iFly you get to experience the thrill of skydiving indoors with the world’s first themed wind tunnel which is designed to throw you around in the safest and fun way possible.

What You Are In For:

The moment you start stepping towards the room, you will be suited up in appropriate skydiving gear and briefed on safety protocols. This wind tunnel is 16.5ft in width and five-stories high which will take you for a gravity defying journey, be prepared to be propelled with full force, sounds a bit harsh? Worry not, the patented technology allows a careful calculation to happen before you take flight, and the trained professionals provide comprehensive training that ensures your safety and enjoyment at the same time.

Package Options:

Normal timings is priced at AUD 123.69 for residents and AUD 157.75 for tourists.

If you choose to access off-peak timings, it’s priced at AUD 112.35 for residents and AUD 146.39 for tourists.

If you choose to access the super off-peak timings, it is priced at AUD 100.99 for residents and AUD 135.05 for tourists.

Elevate Your Senses To Cloud Nine With Sky Helix Sentosa

check official website for sentosa island ticket price
Absorb the beauty of Sentosa with the Skyhelix experience.

Does gliding at 35 meters elevation enclosed in an open-air gondola with a cold drink in your hand sound pleasing enough? Well, throw a panoramic view that takes your breath away into the visual too and there you have it! The Ska Helix Sentosa, this one is your golden ticket to vistas you have never experienced so closely before and it gets etched in your memory, you get to absorb the beauty of Sentosa, Keppel Bay, and the Southern Islands. If you are all about catching sunsets and watching the skies go from one hue to another then this is one of the top things to do in Sentosa.

Click here to book your SkyHelix Sentosa experience

The Experience:

The journey of Sky Helix  is a phenomenal one with a poetic essence, as you prepare to move, a sense of extreme excitement and a casual rumble in the tummy might be felt. You will start ascending slowly but surely and will watch the world get smaller and smaller. The Azure waters of Sentosa’s beaches gleam and glisten ahead of you as the warm glow of the sun casts aural crescents in your vision. The lush greenery of Keppel Bay will slowly unfold before your eyes and just when you are trying to grasp all of this, you will reach the peak of 35 meters with a 360- degree panorama of Singapore’s stunning landscape unfolding right before your eyes.

Ticket Information:The tickets to SkyHelix are priced at AUD 19.40 for Adults and AUD 16.49 for Children.

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In conclusion Sentosa Island is a gem for those that want to go for the extraordinary experiences, from thrill seeking activities to laid-back unwinding, this island has something for all kinds of travelers making it an ideal spot for everyone. The fact that it’s located on an Island also gives it a touch of exclusivity allowing travelers to have a niche experience, so pack your bags and head over because there are way too many things to do in Sentosa.


Which are the best places to visit in Sentosa with kids?

Some of the places for kids in Sentosa Island which are suitable for kids is Universal Studios, Aquarium Adventure Cove Park, SEA and Palwan Beach.

What are the best things to do in Sentosa?

Some of the best things to do in Sentosa are visiting Universal Studios, relaxing at the Palwan beach and taking in the unique setting around you or experiencing the Skyline Luge.

What is the best time to visit Sentosa?

The best time to visit Sentosa Island is between February and October which is also called the dry season if you wish to enjoy the sunny weather and outdoor activities.


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