Welcome back fellow travelers! Here we are again with an interesting blog on the best things to do in Singapore! One of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore has a lot of other superlatives including cleanest, most entertaining and best planned. Alternatively known as the Lion City, Singapore has a lot of amazing world class tourist attractions that make it one of the most sought after destinations. From extraordinary Gardens to impressive architecture, from vibrant shopping streets to world class performance spots, this place is full of exciting places and activities that anyone can leave anyone begging for more. No matter how much time you spend in this place your heart will never be full. 

Although, everything that you do in Singapore is best in itself but to make your experience more surreal and to help you in making the most of your trip if you’re visiting for the first time we have created a list of some of the best things to do in Singapore. 

By the time you are done reading this blog you will have a checklist in your hand that will have almost every exciting thing that you cannot miss in Singapore. So, if you are planning a trip to Singapore anytime soon, this blog is going to be really helpful for you. And if you are not, then this blog is definitely going to leave you so enchanted that you will be soon booking your tickets to this impressive destination. 

So without keeping you waiting any longer let’s get going! 

Best Things To Do In Singapore

There are a plethora of exciting things that you can do in Singapore to create memories of a lifetime! Let’s dive into the world of excitement and thrill and explore some of the exciting activities to do in Singapore.

Explore the beauty of Gardens By the Bay

Gardens By the Bay is a very popular tourist attraction in Singapore.
Gardens By the Bay is a very mesmerising place that leaves tourists awestruck.

Gardens By the Bay is a very popular tourist attraction in Singapore and is a must visit spot. For someone who loves nature and plants, this place is an absolute delight. This place boasts of an incredibly huge variety of plants and the way in which they are displayed is truly amazing! What’s more? It has a treetop walk and an indoor 114-foot waterfall as well! 

Witness the Modern Art at National Gallery Singapore

For those who love art, National Gallery Singapore is a must visit. It houses more than 9,000 art works and has the largest public collection of modern art in South Asia. This gallery is spread across two iconic monuments: City Hall and Singapore’s former Supreme Court. Those who are passionate about art spend almost half a day or even more exploring the museum’s galleries. A tip that can help you in exploring this museum in a better way is to visit during weekdays and buying tickets online in advance, to avoid standing in queues and wasting your time. 

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Visit Kampong Glam 

If you are a devout Muslim, or someone who likes unconventional modern art or traditional Arab crafts or you want Instagram worthy shots then you must visit this delightful enclave. Apart from the myriad of things that are worth exploring at this place, you can satisfy your taste buds as well with a slice of kaya Swiss roll from the popular Rich & Good Cake Shop. The Muslim quarter of Singapore dates back to the 1800. However, this place has evolved a lot with time and has blended with the modern advancements of the city. 

Hangout at the Jewel Changi Airport

It might seem an odd notion to hangout at the airport but hanging out at Jewel Changi Airport is a different kind of experience! This airport is world famous and is a very extraordinary airport. What makes it worth spending time is that it’s nature themed. The shopping, dining and entertainment experience here is on another level! One of the most popular highlights of this airport is the Rain Vortex which is a seven-story tall indoor waterfall. Furthermore, the attractions at this place include an indoor forest with suspended walkways, amazing places to have the finest dining experiences and around 300 stores. This airport is so popular for providing a unique experience that 20 airlines allow you to check in 24 hours in advance so that you can spend enough time inside the airport. 

Spend Time At The Intan

The Intan is basically a private home that has Singapore’s one of the most incredible collections of Peranakan Artifacts. This is what makes it one of the most amazing spots in Singapore. What’s more interesting is that the owner of this place, Alvin Yapp spent more than 30 years of his life collecting 1500 objects from Peranakan culture. This post-war home is the consequence of love and passion for art. The meticulous arrangement of artifacts here is something that’s worth witnessing. One thing that must be noted is that you can visit this place only after taking appointments. 

Visit the Merlion Park 

Merlion Statue is Singapore’s most iconic statue.
The Merlion Statue is Singapore’s pride.

Overlooking Marina Bay, this spot has Singapore’s most iconic 28-foot tall Merlion statue. This statue’s top half is a lion and the bottom half is a mermaid and it shoots water into the bay. The mermaid portion of the statue symbolises Singapore’s beginning as a fishing village and the lion portion of the statue signifies Singapura which literally means “Lion City” in Malay. This statue was erected in 1972 and is Singapore’s one of the most popular tourist attractions. So when you plan a trip to Singapore, make sure that you don’t miss this place! 

Feast your Eyes at the Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is an eight-acre outdoor art park that is surely bizzare but is an absolute treat to the eyes. Set up in the 1930s (yes it’s that old!), by the founder of Tiger Balm and philanthropist Aw Boom Haw, it was once very crowded and popular. It has now become less crowded and has also lost a bit of it’s charm but if you want to see something natural and unfiltered, then you must visit this place. This place gives you an opportunity to get some genuine lessons on Chinese morals and culture. What’s more interesting about this spot is that it claims to be the last of its kind in the world! 

Indulge in the Exquisite Experience of Night Safari 

Night Safari in Singapore is the world’s first park that houses nocturnal animals. An interesting fact about this place is that it is run by the same group of people that run the very popular Singapore Zoo. This 86-acre big reserve has 2500 animals from 130 species. Tourists here get a chance to ride around the park on teams that are complimentary. The your is around 40 minutes long and covers seven themed geographic areas. Before visiting, you must remember that specific animal sight seeings are not guaranteed here. 

Enjoy Eateries at Old Airport Road Food Centre

The Old Airport Road Food Centre has a lot of food stalls.
The Old Airport Road Food Centre is one of the most popular spots in Singapore.

The Old Airport Road Food Centre is more than 40 years old. One of the Singapore’s most-loved hawker complexes, it has 150 stalls spread very neatly across a single floor. A small tip that we would like to give you here is that a long queue in front of a stall means that the food there is delicious. Standing there in the long queues is totally worth the wait. 

Parting Words

Singapore has a lot of excellent spots that offer unique experiences.
Singapore is full of delightful attractions.

Singapore is a place that is full of exciting activities catering to everyone’s likes and interests. For someone who wants the ultimate travel experience, Singapore is a great destination. 

If you have been to Singapore and think that we missed out on something that deserves to be on this list, then do let us know in the comments section! 


What to know before visiting Singapore?

There are certain things that are not very known about Singapore. For instance, tipping is not really a part of Singapore’s culture. It is not expected by the staff of the restaurants there. Another thing that you must know is that you can freely drink the tap water here. The tap water in Singapore is very clean and suitable for drinking. An interesting fact about Singapore is that it’s multicultural. You will find people from different ethnicities here. Singapore is also a very walkable city, which means that you can walk to any destination you want very conveniently. Another thing that makes Singapore one of the most preferred destinations is that it’s safe. So female travelers and solo travelers can feel safe in Singapore. 

What to Do in Singapore?

Singapore has a lot of attractions that entice all kinds of travelers. You can sail and have a luxurious experience on a ship. You can visit the museums of Singapore and marvel at the showpieces and exhibits there. Those who are fond of animals can visit Singapore Zoo. Travelers can also visit The Universal Studios which is one of the most popular destinations in Singapore. Singapore also has a lot of culinary delights. So foodies can indulge themselves in aromatic delights. Singapore has breezy beaches as well, so beach lovers can enjoy the stunning views at the beach.

What are the adventure activities to do in Singapore?

Singapore is a great destination for those who love adventure. There are a plethora of adventurous activities that you can do in Singapore. You can do indoor skydiving, visit Sentosa Island, do night safari, visit the Skyline Luge, do kayaking, indulge yourself in scuba diving etc. There are a lot of spots in Singapore that offer exciting and adventurous activities which are absolutely exhilarating. 

What are the best water sport activities to do in Singapore?

If you love indulging yourself in water sport activities then Singapore is a great destination for you. Some of the best water sport activities that you can do in Singapore include, kayaking, sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, pedal boating, surfing, paddle lodge, scuba diving, rafting, snorkeling to name a few. 

Which are the most romantic things to do in Singapore?

There are a lot of romantic things that you can do in Singapore. It’s one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. You can visit Gardens by the Bay, take a tour on Singapore River Cruise, visit Arab Street, go to the Fort Canning Park etc. 

What are the best fun things to do in Singapore with kids?

If you have kids accompanying you, then there are a lot of places you can take your kids to Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, National Orchid Garden, Cloud Forest and many other places that are suitable to be visited with family.


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