The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a cultural and economic centre. Currently, the developmental hub of Indonesia, Jakarta has a charming historical significance that plays a part in its exciting metamorphosis. Today, Jakarta has bustling traffic and a great urban lifestyle. Jakarta is a great option for city explorers. The city has got everything ranging from the oldest Dutch buildings to activity-filled harbours. If you are adventurous at heart and want a wee bit of respite from the bustling city, its Thousand Islands will fascinate you. From cultural to historic to adventurous there are many things to do in Jakarta.

How to commute within Jakarta?

Getting around in Jakarta is not as hard as it seems. The city is well-connected with efficient public transportation facilities such as the Kopajabuses or the Trans Jakarta bus rapid transit system.

If you can afford it, hire a full-time driver to take you around. You can even opt for self-drive as well. However, you need an international driver’s license which might need to be endorsed by an Indonesian licensing office. You can also obtain a temporary tourist driving license at the Denpasar police station.

Besides, the two mentioned above, you may pre-book an online cab. Online taxi is the most convenient and affordable way to commute in Jakarta. Grab is the most common online taxi service provider in Jakarta. You might also find Uber or GoJek as options.

Things To Do In Jakarta

1. Buy Indonesian exhibits in Menteng

One of the main pastimes or things to do in Jakarta is going for a stroll in the Jalan Surabaya flea market. Shopping in Jakarta is one of the favourite activities of the majority of tourists. If you have ample leisure time, do visit the central market in Jakarta. Established in 1970, the market exhibits exquisite antiques. Owing to its historical significance, you may find vinyl records, ornate wood carvings and the like to décor your home with Indonesian antiques.

2. Breathe pure air in the serene environment of Istana Merdeka

The presidential palace, Istana Merdeka or Merdeka Palace is situated close to the Merdeka Square in the central core of Jakarta. It is one of the politically reckoned historical edifices in the city and serves as the residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. It is one of six presidential palaces in Indonesia.

Merdeka Palace in Jakarta
Merdeka Palace

3. The Monas Tower

Standing tall in the capital city of Indonesia, the Monas Tower is a pristine monument that symbolizes Indonesian independence. You will find the Monas Tower standing high within the frontiers of Merdeka Square. Add this to your list of things to do in Jakarta as part of your learning about the city’s past.

The monument of independance is a must on things to do in Jakarta
The Monas Tower, Monument in the Park in the Center of the City

4. Ragunan Zoo for the wildlife adventurers

Sprawling over an extensive coverage of about one hundred and eighty-five hectares of land, Ragunan Zoo is home to about 3600 species. While the Orangutans might steal the show, Ragunan Zoo is also a place blessed with a diverse stretch of flora and fauna.

5. Ancol Beach for Serene Dusk

If you are confused about the things to do in Indonesia, it is the perfect time to plan your visit to Ancol Beach. The beach forms an indispensable part of the magnificent Ancol Jakarta Bay City. At Ancol Beach, you might witness the calmness of the sea meeting the golden sand off the shore. To complete the allure of Ancol Beach, the place has a Sea World and a water park. Both the sea world and water park are sufficient enough to keep the onlookers engaged for a long haul.

Beautiful sunset at the beach pool, Ancol, North Jakarta.
Beautiful sunset at the beach pool, Ancol, North Jakarta.

6. The Thousand Islands

If you are looking for a stroll on the beach in Jakarta, Pulau Seribu must be a part of your Jakarta itinerary. Boating and hopping in between the Thousand Islands are one of the best adventures to quote in your Jakarta diaries.

Amazingly, the Thousand Islands are thought of as a part of the capital of Indonesia which suggests that if you’re searching for some beach time within the town you won’t need to venture too far away.

Just some hours outside of the town centre you’ll find yourself at the Thousand Islands which are known as Pulau Seribu in Indonesian and you’ll find beautiful beaches, coves, and inlets here.

The best way to relish the islands is to get on a cruise tour which will allow you to hop from one island to another. This counts for one of the best things to do in Jakarta.

If you’re searching for a touch of luxury then Pulau Macan is home to an expensive, eco-friendly resort where you’ll relish some fine organically grown food and delicious cocktails at sunset.

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The thousand islands in Jakarta is a must for things to do in Jakarta
Thousand Island near Jakarta

7. Explore The Land at Taman Mini Indah

Indonesia is well-known for comprising over 17000 islands and is split into twenty-six provinces.

As a result, it’s unlikely you’ll even be ready to scratch the surface of this huge country on a visit here, however, if you wish for an outline of the highlights then head to Taman mini Indah or lovely mini Indonesia.

This park is organized in step with the province and you’ll notice models of ancient homes and can study the native traditions, costumes, and other fascinating aspects of the country.

This is a good place to go if you’re travelling with youngsters and it offers you a circuit of the country if you don’t have time to truly visit every single province.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta

8. Enjoy Kota Tua

Kota Tua additionally goes by the name Oud Batavia, Kota Lama, and Benedenstad and is traditionally an important component of the capital of Indonesia. It is the old town area of Jakarta, which was previously a Dutch settlement.

As you walk around the space you’ll notice pretty designs that date from the Dutch colonial times and you can stroll around the cobbled central city square, which is a signature feature of the realm.

This is seen as the cultural heart of the town and lots of artists and photographers gravitate here to be within the relaxed atmosphere and feel its old-world charm. The place is additionally riddled with cafes, thus, you can have a drink or a bite to eat and luxuriate in the environment.

It also includes a high concentration of museums and you can learn some history here simultaneously. It comes with many notable sites which are relics of the Old Batavia.

People enjoy a walk on the pedestrian street of Jakarta’s old town (Kota Tua)

9. Have fun at Dunia Fantasi

Dunia Fantasi is Jakarta’s answer to Disneyland and fans of the known funfair from the US might notice several components of it as astonishingly similar. There is a Main Street here as well as a Puppet Castle and you’ll notice a variety of over-thirty rides like the Niagara Flume and the Halilintar Twister.

There is additionally a Star Wars section and an outsized rotating mechanism that permits you to soak up the views of the park. This is a good selection if you’re searching for things to do in Jakarta with youngsters and there’s additionally a theatre that includes a variety of shows regarding the Republic of Indonesia.

10. Walk around Taman Suropati

Jakarta isn’t known for its parks and that is why Taman Suropati is such a welcoming delight. Taman Suropati is less of an outsized park and more of a strip of foliage within the middle of a square. It appears over the inordinateness of colonial vogue bungalows from the twenties, several of which were built during the artistic movement vogue.

It is a good place to wander in the afternoon once the sun isn’t too fierce. There’s an art market here where you can take a look at a variety of works together with pretty Indonesian paintings.

11. Walk around Glodok

A visit to the Glodok is a must things to do in Jakart
Jin De Yuan temple in Glodok, Jakarta Chinatown.

Sitting in the administrative village of Taman Sari in West Jakarta is Glodok, Jakarta’s Chinatown. It has the claim to fame of being the biggest Chinatown in the country and is additionally one of the most important in the world.

It is currently home to a variety of temples, markets, and retailers and you can stroll around and admire the standard Chinese designs and additionally visit its known physical science center that is amongst the biggest in all of Jakarta of Indonesia. Also, if it interests you, give a visit to the drug retailers who have a variety of surprising remedies consisting of dried frogs and different oddities!

These are amongst the best things to do in Jakarta. There might be some amazing gems we might have missed out on if you know any please comment below.

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