In an atmosphere where alcohol is flowing and people are having a good time, many things can go wrong. Casinos also have rules that you need to follow when you are having a great time of your life. So here are a few things that you should never do in a Casino or else you will be facing a giant security guard.

List Of Things You Should Never Do In A Casino

Don’t Think It’s A Win For You Every Time

If you don’t have enough money to lose, you should not play in the first place. Please keep in mind you will not always be the winner. The truth is that the longer you play, higher gets your win/loss ratio. You don’t want to risk everything you have.

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Don’t Rush To The ATM When You Are Out Of Cash

Never rush to an ATM that is very conveniently located outside the casino when you are out of cash. This is not a good idea. Also, don’t take cash in advance on your credit card. This comes as a clear sign that you are a compulsive gambler. That makes it easier for the casinos to take out money from your pocket.

Do Not Try To Win Your Livelihood

Hollywood portrays Casinos very incorrectly. A person who has nothing walks in and walks out having more than he even needs. That doesn’t happen. Ever! Don’t put what you have to get what you think you will win. You might end up losing everything you have. Don’t be greedy.

Avoid Casinos That Don’t Give Complimentary Drinks

Charging players for their drinks is another way of casinos charging you money that you can use in playing. Drinks in the casinos are complimentary. Avoid going to the casinos that do not offer complimentary drinks.

Drink Very Carefully

Drinks are complimentary, this doesn’t mean that you will gulp everything that comes to your table. No! Drink very carefully. Don’t become obnoxious and get into a fight with someone. You might end up in a casino jail. Yes, that’s a thing. Be very careful while drinking.

Things you shouldn't do in a casino
Drink Carefully

Don’t Misbehave With The Cocktail Server or Your Dealer

Cocktail servers rely on very minimum wages. Please do not misbehave with them. Give them a good tip, if you have money to play in a casino, you have money to tip the Server or your dealer.

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Don’t Borrow Money From Your Friend

This idea is as bad as you going to an ATM and taking out money to play. Except when you take out money from the ATM you might waste your own money. When you borrow it from a friend you might end up wasting your money and your friend’s money. Bad Idea!

Don’t Sit On A Silent Table

Always select a table that is making the most noise. They making noise can mean three things; they are wining, they are drinking, they are having fun! Which is why you also came to the casino in the first place.

If You Are A Beginner, Play Games With Pure Chance And Not Skills

If you are a beginner, you should not act over smart and pull out money from your pocket and donate it to the casino. Start slow and play only the games that are chance-based or luck based and there are no skills needed to win these games. When you are comfortable, you can switch to the games that require some skils and head to the roulette wheel.

I hope you have a great time in a casino. But make sure you follow the rules mentioned above to make the best of your time. Also, do let us know in the comments section below how has your experience been in a casino.

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