The Tiny Yet Surprising Place That Is Belgium

Hey. My name is cocoa and this is my journey of introducing you to a country that’s became famous because of me – needs me to survive – and I’m pretty much added to everything in the country (yeah, I’m being boastful but 99% of the time I’m sweet). Anyway, I come in many shapes, sizes, flavor and most of all bring smiles to so many people. My travels through this multilingual country is historic and modern. You might think what beans I could spill on travel insights (hahahah it’s a traditional family joke). Think about it – I travel by air, land and water – I’m so well taken care off, that it can’t get any better than this.

Brussels, Belgium -Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in Brussels, Belgium.

Whenever I bounce off the basket I see the medieval feel Belgium offers and then suddenly big city lights, beaches and industries bring to life the trip I’m having. Some of my ancestors are at the Chocolate Museum in Bruges and trust me you would need to carry an extra pair of loose clothing to survive the visit. Because some of my cousins really make sure to stick to you for life. They are coveted as the world’s best/sexiest/luscious/tastiest chocolates – so all the best.

Belgium is small and has an artistic seduction with its market, squares and canals. I have really good competition from Beer, as they are brewed traditionally in monasteries here. He is my arch nemesis because he tries to steal the smiles, songs and everything mine late at night (that’s why we are known as an aphrodisiac now). And yeah, it matters how much we spread the love. This is also a place for those adventure seekers who like kayaking, caves, trekking and so on. I’m such a thrill seeker, that when people visit castles and valleys – I’m automatically tagged along. It’s so clear that without me, the trip won’t be sweet.

My best-friend uncle waffle dominates the squares (they have a family joke too. Just look at them you would know) in Belgium. He has like an empire and anyone who gets a whiff of his aura – wants him immediately. The Rock asked uncle Waffle if he could use his catch phrase, but tweak it a little. He graciously battered him up. To me he is the ultimate playboy – uncle waffle knows when to be brown, soft, crisp and brings the entire nation to its knees when served in a plate with me. I’m honored to be part of breakfast and dinner. You will GORGE on uncle. Just be prepared.

Beer, chocolates and everything classy (Michelin star restaurants) are all housed exceptionally well in Belgium and it is a trip that has to be taken by those who love to indulge their senses. I’m not even kidding when I say that life is all about those things that are best enjoyed with the company of your loved ones – Belgium is the perfect place to spend those moments with family, or as a couple or even single. Either ways, I will be part of your entourage because without me there ain’t no sweetness to your trip (at-least that’s what I’d hope).


  1. Had a chance to taste homenade cookies and chocolates once, and my ftriend who brought those, told about this place.. This article is a briefing of the sweetness of Belgium.

  2. Omg chocolates and waffles.. Can’t wait to visit this classic city and walk through these artistic streets with my fair share of chocolates and waffles!

  3. Every girl’s fantasy land. Can’t wait to see this place. The land of chocolate. Indeed on my my list of places to visit. Loved the way the article is written,???


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