The relationship you have with your siblings is very special and weird. You love them to death, but sometimes no one wants to kill them more than you. They are your partners in crime but also the ones that tattle to your mother. In spite of the fighting, crying, and drama, you can’t help but love them, because they will stay by your side no matter what happens. 

Siblings are also the ones who make great travel mates. While childhood vacations were a forced adventure, as you grow older, you can choose to spend quality time with each other based on your common interests.  

Destinations That You And Your Sibling Will Love, Based On The Things You Love

1. For The Curious, Critical, And Pop-Culture Inclined—London

Harry Potter tour Diagon Alley - Leadenhall Market in London, UK - Travelling with siblings
Leadenhall Market resembles Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.

Growing up, we all had favourite books and movies. This love for culture is fuelled further if you have a sibling to share it with—to have someone who can recite the dialogues from your favourite movies, or complete the quotes from your favourite books, and get the pop cultural references even before you spell them out. If you and your sibling belong to this group, London should be your destination. If you are a Potterhead, a visit to the otherworldly theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is a must-do.

Situated in Leavesden, it takes you through the original props, costumes, and sets used in the movies. Apart from this, there are many spots in London that are equally Harry Potter-magical. The Millenium Bridge was featured in ‘Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince’. King’s Cross Station, where students of Hogwarts boarded the Hogwarts Express, has a sign indicating the popular ‘Platform 9 3/4’. The Leadenhall Market in London was used as the exterior of Diagon Alley. 

Of course, Harry Potter isn’t the only cultural draw in London. Don’t miss the legendary Abbey Road where The Beatles shot the iconic album cover photo on the zebra crossing. Sherlock Holmes fans will find the Sherlock Holmes Museum at the famous address, 221B Baker Street. The museum has four floors with authentic furniture and props related to their cases. You can also visit the Old Royal Naval College in London where famous movies like ‘Les Miserables’ were shot.

2. For Fans Of Fresh Air—New Zealand

Reflections of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman in Lake Matheson, Fox Glacier New Zealand
Reflections of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman in Lake Matheson, Fox Glacier New Zealand.

Some of us like the outdoors more than the indoors. It feels as if the trees, wind, lakes, and sky keep calling for us to spend time with them. If exploring nature puts a smile across your and your siblings’ faces, then New Zealand is the destination for your trip together. New Zealand has unimaginably beautiful landscapes that transcend human imagination. Mount Cook, the highest mountain in the country, is one such example. Mount Cook (also called Aoraki) National Park is a popular camping spot with resorts and cabins. If you prefer the beach, there are camping sites like Urupukapuka Bay Campsite, Spirits Bay, Motuora Island, Poukaraka Flats, and others—all of which are very tourist-friendly. Amid some of the most awe-inspiring natural beauty, there are hiking trails, beaches, and other attractions—something that will satisfy all interests and moods.  

3. For Those Who Like To Drop The Beat And Enjoy The Nightlife—Belgium

Tomorrowland, an EDM festival held in Boom, Belgium - Travelling with siblings
Tomorrowland, is an EDM festival held in Boom, Belgium.

If your sibling and you saved all your pocket money through your teenage years to buy the latest dance album every summer, then Belgium is the destination for you. The country has a vibrant music industry, with traditional, folk, and street music particularly thriving. Belgium also is where one of the most famous dance music festivals is held, Tomorrowland. The music festival is known for its great mix of EDM, with the best DJs leading massive stages. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Tomorrowland is now a virtual festival conducted over the weekend of July 25-26. Other music festivals across Belgium that you must attend include Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop. 

4. For The Adrenaline Seekers—Australia

Great Barrier Reef Australia, Virtual Australia Experience
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

While some seek security and comfort, others seek thrills. If your sibling and you love the idea of adrenaline pumping in your veins, then Australia is the place to be. It offers a wide variety of adventure sports, from skydiving to shark cage diving. White water rafting is especially popular—even if you’re a beginner, you can try it perfectly safely, with protective gear and a little caution. Famous spots for white water rafting in Australia include the Franklin River, Mitta Mitta River, and Tully River. If your sibling and you love underwater life, then you can scuba dive.

In Australia, you can experience shark cage diving too, where you can get up, close and personal with the sharks, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Calypso Star Charters in Port Lincoln provides this unique experience. Try skydiving in Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney. Or cliff camping on the Mount Buffalo gorge, where you are suspended on a 300-metre cliff face for an overnight stay.

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5. For Those Who Think The World Is Their Dance Floor—Czech Republic

Night sightseeing, Prague, Czech Republic - Travelling with siblings
Night sightseeing, Prague, Czech Republic

If the weekend is your favourite time of the week, and dancing the night away is what you and your sibling love, then you must visit the Czech Republic as soon as possible. Get the whole gang of cousins together and experience the amazing nightlife of the Czech Republic, famous for its eclectic party culture, night clubs, and microbreweries. Prague, the country’s capital, offers both cosy bars and blaring techno clubs and is famous for its pub crawls.

Prague’s Pub Crawl is the biggest in Europe. Karlovy Lazne is a five-story club in Prague, popular not just for its size but the experience it offers on every floor. The first floor buzzes with chart-topping music, with an Oxygen Bar and Ice Bar. The Oxygen Bar, as the name suggests, serves essential oils infused with oxygen to help to treat hangovers. Ice Bar’s temperature is always below -8 degrees Celsius. The second floor has a dance floor and a laser light show. The third floor is retro, with vintage décor and a dance floor. The fourth floor grinds with hip-hop and RnB beats. The fifth floor is a chilled space, with bean bags and soft music. 

6. For Those Who Know That A Full Stomach Equals A Happy Person—Thailand

Food vendor at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market preparing Thai style noodles, Thailand. Bangkok on a budget
Food vendor at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market preparing Thai-style noodles, Thailand.

Food is a necessity for some, while others simply relish the taste. There are some only concerned when the dish will be ready, and others who take an interest in what goes into the making of the dish. If you and your sibling fall into the latter category, you need to visit Thailand. This country is all about its amazing street food. The flavours that make up Thai cuisine are coconut milk, peppers, lime, shrimp paste, and tamarind. The smells of various kinds of meat being cooked and the smoke from it, welcome you to try the famous street food of Thailand.

Some street food restaurants and vendors have even been awarded Michelin stars. Of course, there is fine dining here too. There are also curries of seafood that must be tried to get an idea of the authentic Thai taste with creamy, sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. Apart from common dishes like different Thai curries, dishes like Khao Soi, Gai Yang, and Tom Kha Kai are must-eats. Khao Soi is a thick coconut milk-infused gravy that consists of boiled and fried egg noodles, herbs, and meat. Gai Yang is chicken grilled with different herbs and is served with Thai sticky rice. This dish is more famous on the streets. Tom Kha Kai is an authentic soup from Thai cuisine made with coconut and chicken and has both sweet and sour flavours.  

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Take The Time Out To Go On A Trip With Your Siblings

The fun and excitement one can have with a sibling are unique. All of the mentioned places can strengthen your bond and give you more time to explore the activities both of you love. Even though you cannot travel to these places right now, you can add them to your bucket list and use this time to research and make a proper plan. Common interests between siblings are rare to come by, as they usually turn out to be opposites. So when you do find something that you love as much as you love each other, it must be treasured and nurtured, and travelling and indulging in them is a wonderful way of doing so.


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