Most people enjoy travelling to different places whenever they get some free time. While going on vacation is an amazing way to experience a new culture, learn and explore a place, it can often be daunting for a first-time traveller. Planning a trip and getting used to a new place can get overwhelming, especially if one is travelling internationally for the first time. Travelling in your home country is an entirely different experience from travelling abroad. Here we have a list of some handy travel tips to help anyone going on an international vacation for the first time!

Planning and Packing

travel tips

-Do all your research well in advance once you’ve selected an international destination. Read about their cuisine, food, culture, etc. so that you’re not in for a shock when you reach your destination.

-Ensure your passport is up to date, keep all the documents ready for your visa. Getting a visa can sometimes be a tedious process (depending on what country you’re travelling too). Figure out in advance all that you will need for your visa. Apply in advance as well to prevent any last-minute mishaps.

-Keep photocopies of all your essential documents.

-Since it’s your first time abroad, it is advisable to book your accommodation in advance. While a lot of people choose to reach a place and look for hostels and budget accommodations, it would be better off to book your place of stay.

-When you reach an international destination, the initial anxiety can be contained if you’re sure of where you’re going to stay, at the least. Look for hotels that have all the facilities you require, check for additional taxes and other charges while making your booking.

-Pack smartly. Carry clothes according to the weather, comfortable shoes because you’re going to be exploring a new place that is bound to involve walking around. Carry medicines, electronic devices and everything that you are unsure about finding in a new place. It is better to keep your essentials with you in a new place in case of any kind of emergency.

-Make sure you can access your money overseas. Speak to your bank about how you can use your credit/debit cards. Extra charges apply when you make transactions abroad. You could opt for a forex card to make things easier. Keep enough of the international currency with you when you’re travelling. 

In Transit

travel tips

-Reach the airport well in advance for international flights

-Stay hydrated because you’ll probably have a long flight to your international destination

-Sleep and eat at your destination’s time to avoid jet lag. Also, mentally prepare yourself for some jet lag once you reach your destination and when you come back home.

-Carry a neck pillow for a comfortable sleep.

-Invest in travel insurance to ensure your belongings stay secure

Experiencing the destination

-Keep in mind the local customs and traditions and be respectful of them

-Learn a few basic phrases in the local language, it will help you talk to the locals and ask for assistance.

– Google translate is your best friend! Download the app on your phone.

-Experiment with local cuisine instead of eating food that you’re familiar with. It’s one of the best ways to engage with a foreign destination. 

-Move away from touristy sites and explore lesser-known places for a more wholesome travel experience.

travel tips

– To ensure your safety, be aware of your surroundings. Don’t get too friendly with strangers, always keep your belongings (especially your passport and cash) with you. While researching the place you’re going to visit, figure out places that may be potentially dangerous and steer clear. Even if you’re travelling with a group of friends, it always pays to be aware of potentially unsafe locations.

-Use public transport to get around if you’re on a budget.

Travelling abroad is incredibly exciting, don’t let anything overwhelm you. With these do’s and don’ts for first-time travellers, you can rest assured!

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