The state of Karnataka offers an abundance of undulating landscapes and a lyrical journey through the trickling waterfalls, lush forests and majestic mountains. Ardent hikers who are intimately acquainted with the euphoria of walking through mysterious trails can find diverse options of adventure and discover serenity on treacherous paths. The exhilaration of ascent to the summit through the list of trekking places in karnataka we curated for you will have you at the receiving end of some of the most fulfilling experiences.

Top Trekking Places In Karnataka To Bring Out The Adventure In You

Whether you are seeking the thrill of conquering lofty summits or just wish to experience the solace of quiet trails, Karnataka has intense and captivating landscapes, ready to be explored.

1. Mullayanagiri, A Quiet Sentinel Sitting Amidst Chikmangalur’s Verdant Expanse

karnataka trekking places for a memorable adventure
Adventure Awaits On Karnataka’s Tallest Peak.

Mullayanagiri is known to be Karnataka’s highest summit, soaring at a height of 1,950 meters above sea level. Nestled 20 kilometers from Chikmagalur and 23 kilometers from Baba Budangiri, Mullayanagiri stands as the highest peaks in karnataka, rising 1950 meters above sea level. For those with a daring heart, Mulayanagiri is a safe space and a hearty challenge at the same time and this trek could also be one of the main reasons to visit Karnataka.

The starting glimpse of Sarpadhari signals the beginning of the diverse experience that Mullayanagiri offers as the route winds through scenic vistas weaving through wooded glades and sunlit clearings. As trekkers ascend, views surrounding the valley makes the strain on the legs enjoyable.

How To Reach Mullayanagiri: The best way to navigate the winding roads is to hire a local taxi, you can also take your own car if you can maneuver the hair pin bends. You will have to park at Seethalayanagiri for a 4-kilometer trek to the summit.

Distance From Bangalore: Mullayanagiri is approximately 260 kilometers from Bangalore

Timings: Everyday from 6 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees: You will be required to pay a fee of INR 250 to INR 300 at the Forest Department Checkpost

2. A Trek To Kudremukh, In The Heart Of The Western Ghats

top treks in karnataka for adventure seekers
In The Enigmatic Shadow Of The Horse’s Countenance.

Kudremukh loosely translates to “Horse Face” in Kannada, it is the third-highest peak and also the most commanding peaks in karnataka. standing at 6,207 feet and offers a gateway to Kudremukh National Park and houses a diverse wildlife. This peak is also known as Samseparvath. Your trek begins from Mullodi village and will be accessed from the Kudremukh entrance which is located 10 kms from Kalasa. The grasslands, misty valleys and lush greenery here are esteemed as one of the best views you can catch making it one of the best trekking places in karnataka and one of the most offbeat things to do.

How To Reach Kudremukh: You will be starting your trek from Mullodi village which is 15 kilometers from Kalasa, hire a jeep to reach the village.

Distance From Bangalore: Kudremukh is approximately 318 kilometers from Bangalore.

Timings: Everyday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Trekking hours are from 6:00 am t 5:00 pm)

Entry Fees:

Indians: Adult, Child and Senior Student: INR 200

Foreign Nationals: Adult and Student: INR 1000

3. Kumara Parvatha, A Trek To Nature’s Majestic Heights

trekking in the third tallest peaks in karnataka
Indulge In The Exclusiveness Of Karnataka’s Third Tallest Peak.

Kumara Parvatha holds an esteemed reputation for being the highest peak in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary standing at a proud elevation of 1712 m above sea level and the 6th highest in Karnataka. It is also the toughest trek in karnataka, this peak is on the list of all enthusiasts who enjoy trekking in karnataka. This legendary peak offers a formidable challenge for the daring ones. It is located in the tranquil village of Subrahmanya and boasts of a 13 kilometer distance that stretches for two days. 

You can choose from two paths while traveling, the first one gently winds through Girigadde and Mantapa offering scenic views. Trekkers can also choose to camp at Girigadde or Mantapa under the starlit sky. The other route is challenging and starts from Bidahalli, where adventurers encounter the majestic Pushpagiri Peak along the way. 

How To Reach: Mysore and Hassan are the closest railway stations to Kumara Parvatha, You can choose to board the Karwar Express or Bangalore Mysore Express trains.

You can also take a cab to reach Kukke Temple which is the start of the trek in Coorg on an overnight journey.

Distance From Bangalore: Kumara Parvatha is approximately 258 kilometers from Bangalore

Timings: Everyday from 6 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees (At check post): The entry to Kumara Parvatha can cost between INT 200 to 300

Timings: Everyday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

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4. Discover Dandeli, A Marriage Between Adventure and Nature

there are many top things to do in karnataka
Embark On An Unforgettable Journey Through Karnataka’s Wilderness

Dadndeli is located at a short distance of 55 kilometers from Dharwad and 73 kilometers from Hubli, this whole town offers a scenic bounty filled with wildlife and rustic energy coupled with the silent river Kali flowing through the Uttara Kannada District.

Dandeli is esteemed for the dense Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is Karnataka’s second largest one and houses various animals like the leopards, elephants, black panthers and also offers a wide selection of things to do in karnataka for the nature enthusiasts among others like white-water rafting, kayaking and cycling.

How To Reach Dandeli: The Alnavar Railway Station is well connected to major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad and is located just 33 kilometers from Dandeli. You can even choose to take a flight as the Hubli Airport is just 66 kilometers away from Dandeli.

Distance From Bangalore: Dandeli is Approximately 460 kilometers from Bangalore.

Entry Fees: The entry to Dandeli can cost between INR 600 to INR 1350

Timings: Everyday from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

5. Kyatanamakki, A Sequestered Refuge Amidst Chikmagalur’s Verdant Hills 

 trekking in karnataka is fun because the weather is pleasant
Unmasking Tranquility Of The Offbeat Trails Of Karnataka

A reposeful hill station lies near the Kudremukh area emerging as a clandestine oasis in the heart of Karnataka – Kyatanamakki lies 92 kilometers from Chikmagalur, amidst the rolling hills carpeted in a thick layer of meadows and labyrinthine of streams. It is one of the lesser known trekking places in karnataka.

The travelers need to park their vehicles just before the tar road ends and the dirt road starts. A 4 x 4 jeep might be needed to cover the rugged path which is easily available on rent. If you wish you can also cover this 3-kilometer distance by walking for a more engaging experience and a warm up before the actual trek.

How to Reach Kyatanamakki: This hill station lies approximately 20 kilometers from Kalasa, The route by road winds in the following order: Bellur- Chikamagalur- Aldur- Balehonnur- Magundi- Balehole and finally Horanadu. 

Distance From Bangalore: Kyatanamakki is approximately 300 kilometers from Bangalore

Timings: Everyday between 6 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees: The entry to Kyatanamakki is free.

6. Kopatty Trek, A Journey Through Coorg’s Verdant Realm

best treks in karnataka
Unravel The Majesty Of Western Ghats In A Day’s Sojourn

The Kopatty Trek in Coorg unfolds as an enticing option for a day-long journey through meticulously tended coffee plantations and dense forests and it is a one of the promising treks in karnataka The ascent takes 3 hours and the descent from the summit takes on an exhilarating twist as you find yourself walking down a narrow crevice of a steep cliff descending through a dense forest the trail ends at a clear stream offering a picture perfect climax to an unforgettable experience.

Situated in the Talacavery ranges and approximately 3 kilometers from the Cherambane right before Bagamandala, Kopatty trek really sets itself apart from the rest of the treks because of its ability to fully showcase the depth of Western Ghats’ essence in just about 6-7 hours.

How To Reach: Navigate yourself to the Mahavishnu temple as you begin your journey from Cherambane, drive further for about 5- 10 minutes covering 3 kilometers more and you will arrive at the Kopatty bus station. 

Distance From Bangalore: Approximately 295 kilometers 

Timings: Everyday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entry Fees: The entry to Kopatty is free.

7. Skandagiri, A Trekker’s Quest For Serenity

apart from toughest trek in karnataka there are some easy treks too.
Deep Dive Into The Ancient Mountain Fortress Of Kalavara Durga.

Beginning at the revered Papagani Temple in the hushed embrace of the Skandagiri, a trekking odyssey unfurls. Skandagiri stands proudly as an ancient mountain fortress at an altitude of about 1350 meters. Renowned for the nocturnal escapades it offers and the close proximity to Nandi Hills, which is also one of the trekking places in Karnataka. This one is a cherished trekking hotspot near Bangalore. 

You can choose the path that starts as a detour from the road to Nandi Hills or the other one from Chikballapur. As you walk through a maze of dense thorny shrubbery and ascending through a series of stonewalls, you will be greeted by the equally ethereal landscape views. This 8 kilometer journey is filled with rugged terrains, a beautiful blend of ascents and descents and 4-5 hours of excitement.

How To Reach: Skandagiri is located 61 kilometers from Bangalore, it is accessible from Nandi Hills or Chikbalapur also.

Distance From Bangalore: Skandagiri is approximately 61 kilometers from Bangalore.

Timings: Every from 6:30 am to 1:30 pm and 03:30 pm to 08:00 pm 

Entry Fees: Saturday’s and Sunday’s – Adults: INR 500, Children: INR 250; Monday To Friday – Adults: INR 250, Children: INR 125

8. Yedakumeri/ Green Route Trek, A Journey Through Nature

Yedakumeri is in the western ghats of karnataka
Into The Heart Of Verdant Vistas.

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats of Karnataka, the Yedakumeri/ Green Route Trek boasts of exclusivity. It is known as India’s most iconic railway treks and spans the distance of 17 kilometers between Donigal and Yedukkumeri offering an unforgettable experience for trekkers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The trek begins along the abandoned meter gauge railway line which is popularly known as the ‘Green Route Trek’. This is one of the trekking places in karnataka that will have you huffing and puffing for sure. The trek takes you through twisty trails, tunnels and bridges and allows you to marvel at over 25 waterfalls and innumerable streams, needless to say that this is a paradise for nature lovers. We would highly recommend that one treks here in the pre monsoon or post monsoon season.

How To Reach: You can catch a taxi from Sakleshpur and reach Donigal easily. Sakleshpur is also well connected by bus with Bangalore via Hassan which is approximately 10 kilometers away.

Timings: Everyday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Distance From Bangalore: Yedakumeri is approximately 260 kilometers from Bangalore.

9. Tadiandamol Peak, A Rendezvous With Kodagu’s Majestic Heights

majestic peak is the tallest peak in Kodagu
A Serene Hike Through The Ancient Sholas.

Tadiandamol Peak stands at an elevation of 5730 feet above sea level and this majestic peak is esteemed to be the tallest peak in Kodagu, offering breathtaking vistas from above and the steep slopes embracing the horizon while reaching skyward displaying a stunning gesture.

This trek offers you the opportunity to trek 14 kilometers through the Shola forests, babbling streams, expansive grasslands and views that will remain in your long term memory. This moderate trek takes only 3-4 hours to be completed and can be accessed by novices and experienced trekkers alike.

How To Reach Tadiandamol Peak: You need to reach the KRS road so take the Bangalore- Mysore highway which passes through Mandya. Keep a lookout for the circle near Srirangapatna bridge and take a right turn towards the path less traveled.

Distance From Bangalore: Tadiandamol Peak is 273 kilometers from Bangalore.

Timings: Everyday from 6 am to 6 pm 

Entry Fees: The entry for the Tadiandamol Peak can cost around INR 100.

10. Nishani Motte Trek, A Sojourn In Coorg’s Enigmatic Ranges

Nishani Motte in Coorg’s lush Western Ghats
Enjoy The Views From Two Different States.

Nishani Motte is tucked away amidst Coorg’s lush Western Ghats, the 4100 feet Nishani mountain ranges stretch from Bangamandala in Southern Coorg to the Northern borders of Karnataka. Choosing this trek is like choosing the road less traveled and expecting a captivating experience

Coorg has an exceptionally unique charm that is very different from the other places around, you also get a dual package with this trek as you get to appreciate the Kerala-Karnataka border views dotted with the diverse Shola forests. This trek will have you rooting for the preservation of the sholas and falling in love with nature all over again.

How To Reach Nishani Motte: Bhagamandala is the gateway to the Nishani Ranges, board a bus from Madikeri and upon reaching Bhagamandala prepare for a 7 kilometer dirt road journey by jeep or rickshaw till talacauvery.

Distance From Bangalore: Nishani Motte is approximately 280 kilometers from Bangalore.

Timings: Everyday from 6 am To 6 PM

Entry Fees and Permits: You are required to obtain special permits to be able to go on this trek from the Forest Range Office in Bhagamandala. The permission fees ranges from INR 900 to 1300

Final Thoughts

These trekking places in Karnataka offer a glimpse of the untamed nature of Karnataka which is tempting enough for adventurers to explore its rugged terrains.From the challenging Kumara Parvatha to the dreamy Kudremukh trek or one day hikes like Skandagiri. Each one offers stunning vistas and dense woodlands carpeted with well designed coffee vineyards and breathtaking views of sunsets.


What is the most popular and difficult trail in Karnataka?

The Kumara Parvatha trek is not just a popular one in the state but it also promises a challenging ascent and it is the third tallest peak in Karnataka.

Are there camping trails available in Karnataka?

Most of the treks listed here offer the option to camp in the embrace of the forests like the Nishani Motte trek and the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Which are some of the easy treks in Karnataka?

There are many easy treks that are perfect for beginners like the Kudremukh Trek and the Tadiyandamol which come with breathtaking views too.

Which are the best treks beyond 300 km from Bengaluru?

If you wish to go further away in search of something more enigmatic then you can try the Dzongri- Goechala trek in Sikkim and the Valley of Flowers trek in Uttarakhand which are both very renowned for the stunning landscapes.


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