A burger is one fast food that no one can say no to. And why not? That cheese dripping from the inside, that crispy and full of flavours meat inside is so enticing. Here is a list of types of burgers for travellers who have dedicated their lives for hunting for a perfect burger.

These burgers are dangerously mouthwatering; just a disclaimer!

Types Of Burgers From Around The World

If you are a burger fan, you should not miss these amazing types of burgers. They are foodgasm for a foodie. Writing about them is making me hungry.

Red Mill Burgers Deluxe— Washington

The size of the burger is Deluxe that makes the burger lovers super happy. You will have to be really hungry when you visit or else you’ll end up wasting the precious burger. The burger is filled with cheese and vegetable fillings with the juicy meat that is crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside.

Types of burgers
Red mill burgers

The Great Burger—Tokyo, Japan

Japan takes it’s food quality very seriously. Food is an art for them and that reflects in the great burger. The burger is filled with two patties, tomato, lettuce, onions, avocado, bacon and a fried egg. In addition to this, the burger is filled with mayo, mustard and cheese. It will cost you $25 but it is worth every penny. Plus it is huge!

Types of burgers
The Great Burger

The Brave Burger— Greece

ΜΠΑΡ ΜΠΕΕ ΚΙΟΥ Steakhouse makes the best, I repeat the best burgers in Greece. This is not just a burger it is an emotion. Probably because of the size of the burger they offer and the other reason can be the flavours. The burger is filled with steak patty and is served with fries which are worth trying. If you have been to Greece and haven’t tried these burgers, you might consider visiting again.

Types of burgers
ΜΠΑΡ ΜΠΕΕ ΚΙΟΥ, The Brave Burger

Hamburg Steak- Germany

The speciality about this burger is that the steak has been chopped in pieces and made into a patty. The cooking style has been adapted form Russians and thank God they did. The meat is a catch in the burger and is super juicy. The burger is good enough to fill the burger craving stomach.

Types of Burgers
Hamburg Steak

Royale Eatery Burger—Cape Town, South Africa

The best way to describe this burger is that it has juicy fillings and a fresh bun. The toppings and filling let you focus on the meat. The flavours used in the burger will make you fall in love with the burger. The meat is not too crispy and not too soggy. It is just perfect for your taste. If you think, the burger isn’t that big in size but is perfect for an evening snack, RETHINK!

Types of burgers
Royal Eatery

Fergburger—Queenstown, New Zealand

According to CNN, this burger joint produces the best burgers on the planet. Fergburger opened in 2001 and quickly gained popularity because of the delicious burgers it produces. The burgers are filling enough and are layered with two patties and vegetables and mayo and mustard. It looks filling and if this doesn’t sound weird, I can taste the picture.

Types of burgers
Fergburger New Zealand

Splurge On The Butchers Club Burger in Hong Kong

This burger is filled with a beef patty and is served with maple-glazed bacon, cheddar and a special onion sauce. It also comes with side duck fat fries. The meat is cooked to perfection and this is done right in front of you. And the Butchers club not only has this one burger to get hypnotised. They also serve vegetarian halloumi burgers.

Heart Attack Grill Burger—Las Vegas, Nevada

The owner of the restaurant claims to be a doctor; burgerologist to be specific. The restaurant serves 9.982 calorie burger. The burger is called the Quadruple Bypass Burger. As the name suggests it is not just one or two patties. There are four! I am sure, no one can consume this single-handedly. But this looks amazing.

Types of burgers
Heart Attack Grill

The Husk Cheeseburger—Charleston, South Carolina

The buns of the burger are homemade and are steamed, sliced and toasted. After this smeared with butter and beef fat. The burger is filled with two patties that are a blend of chuck and bacon. American cheese and onions are placed between the patties and mixed with secret homemade sauce, lettuce and tomato. This burger is an outcome of years of experiments.

Types of Burgers
Husk Cheeseburger

Sidetrack Bar and Grill Famous Burger—Ypsilanti, Michigan

The best burgers in America are served here. Not just one burger, the place is filled with the best burgers in town. Their Famous burger is a star of the bar, you just can not miss it. The burger was named number one in America by GQ a few years ago.

Types of burgers
Sidetrack Grill

Okay, no I am hungry!

These were the burgers that I have been craving for and I know now you must be craving for them too. So, I hope all the foodies will plan to get fat and get going.

Let me know in the comments section if you have tasted any of them or even if you are planning to.



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