Hats for summer travel is a necessity for hair and skin protection. In the yesteryears, the concept of hats was a part of our overall look and overall personality. But it’s not the case these days. These days we have parted ways with the hats. Hats provide protection to not only your face but also your neck and shoulders depending upon how wide your brim is.

Apart from this you can always use a hat when you have a bad hair day or you are in a humid environment and your hair gets all frizzy, instead of washing and styling them, style them up. Do you want to give your summer look a difference that makes it standout? Go for a hat! It serves the purpose of styling as well as nourishes your personality.

Hats allow your face to be clearly visible, so then you don’t have to worry about your hair styling, just tie a pony tail and you are good to go. There is no attire that a hat cannot compliment. So go experiment and look your best.

Making of a hat

Around 3200 BC, in Egypt, the first pictorial presentation of a hat had appeared in a tomb painting. That showed a man wearing a straw hat. Many high-class Egyptians used to shave their heads and then cover it with hats to help them stay cool. Before selecting your summer hat, you should know something about hats so that it becomes easy for you to make a choice.

So here it is, the hat school for you.

A hat consists of four portions:

  1. Crown
  2. Crease
  3. Brim
  4. Band

A crown is the vertical portion of the hat. There is a crease in many of the hats available in the market but it’s not mandatory.

A crease is a slight inward bend in the crown or at the front. Hats without a crease are available in the market but having a crease in a hat is a classic basic hat feature.

A brim is that part of the hat that is outwards from the base. Hats can have a wide brim like a derby hat or an upward brim like a bucket hat (more on those below).

A band is a portion where you can customize your hats with a ribbon or feathers.

These are the basic parts of a hat. The inner side consists of the inner brim, sweat band and inner liner. Usually, the hat from inside consists of a softer material so that it is easy for you to stay comfortable and happily select a hat for summer travel. Enough about the hat education, let’s move on to how and which hat to take along this summer.

Here are a few hats for summer travel for you to try and buy

1Derby hats

Derby hat for summer travel
Pink derby hats with a band.

Derby hats, also known as the horse races hat or Kentucky derby hat has an average brim of 6-10 inches. This hat itself is a fashion statement. You can pair it with a sundress or a wrap around and even with stripes. The trend for derby hats never fails and never gets old.

Matching this hat with striped trousers and a striped crop top will give you an entirely different summer look.

It not only provides protection to your face but also your neck and shoulders.

For the men: The brim of the derby hats is not as wide as women’s hats. But the outfit for them will be shorts and half sleeve shirts and loafers to go with it and make these hats for summer travel your style of dressing.

Plenty of derby hats are available online in different colours and sizes. A huge collection of hats are available on eBay, so choose your favourite and complete your look with these hats for summer travel.

2Visor hats

Visor hats for summers
Orange Tennis Visor

Whoever invented a visor hat was the most caring person in the world. Visor hats have just a front brim and nothing at the back. You can lie down on a beach bench without bending the brim of your hat from the back. Not just this, these hats have bands at the back of the head to adjust the size according to your head. If you wish to play outside on a sunny day, take these along with you as your favourite hat for summer travel.

3Bucket hats

Bucket hat for summer travel
Bucket summer hat

The best reason to buy these hats for summer travel is that they are packable. You can squeeze them and put it in your bag and take them out whenever you want, they will gain their shape again.

And the brim concept is totally amazing.

They have adjustable brims; you can fold them into what shape you want. You can fold them upwards if you don’t want the brim in the front. It gives you the liberty to make up your own style.

4Sun hats

Summer hats for every outfit
Turquoise sun hat

When you tend to choose a hat for your summer travel, a sun hat is your basic requirement. As the name itself suggests, it is made to provide the best protection from the sun. The fabric of the hat is made to protect from the sun. This has no separate category, if you are wearing it out in the sun, it’s a sun hat. The fabric of the hat categorizes the hat not the shape and size of the brim.

5Fedora hats

Summer hats for summer travel
Black Fedora Hat

Think of a beach holiday and then think about this hat and then pack it. This hat gives you the privilege to wear it with most of the outfits; it goes with just every outfit you choose for the vacations. They have a steady brim so that you don’t have to spend your time adjusting it. It is small in size and you can pack it and wear it with whatever you want.


Cloche hats for summer travel
Red cloche hat with black ribbon.

For winters there is a huge collection of these hats available in the market, but for summers also they have a good collection of hats, with wider brims and comparatively smaller brims.


Summer baseball travel cap
Blue Baseball Cap

No one can choose a better cap for themselves. Everyone just love these caps, everyone has one favourite team cap for themselves already. But why not try it with an attire that you would want to wear on a vacation? Probably in some different material like linen or a material of your choice, but this gives your casual attire a great look and a reason to catch all the eyes with your hats for summer travel.


Panama hat for summers
Beach Panama hat

These hats are flexible, comfortable and light. This piece is not gender-biased at all and is worn among men and women equally. It makes the attire look classier and carrying it is as easy and eating a cookie. Men can wear it with shorts and shirts or shorts and t-shirt and women can carry it with a straight dress or a short and a crop top.

9Wide brim

Hawaii Outfit Ideas
Blue wide brim hat for hair, neck and shoulder protection

As compared to derby these have a wider brim. A smaller version of derby can be said. This looks as beautiful as a derby does. If you are attracted to larger brims, then this is what you are looking for. A dress, floral maxi or a simple t-shirt and denim, can be made elegant and alluring wearing this hat.

10Flat cap

Flat capfor summers
Flat cap for your casual outfits

To top all your casual looks, this is just the perfect headwear. With your cargo look or your dress with long boots.So when packing do not forget these hats for summer travel. This is what will complete your look for this summer.

This is what is a complete hat guide for you to pick your favourite. These hats for summer travel will make your summer look stand out of the crowd and the protection that it provides is unquestionable. You will get a great collection of hats on the Village hats shop if you wish to buy it online.

Hat packing tip:

You can use the underside of the crown to stuff small items of clothing. This will retain the shape of the hat while also helping you maximise the space in your luggage, isn’t that amazing?

If you have any other hat in mind to make the summer attire look go gaga, let us know in the comments below.

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