Delve into the wildness of Bali at the Ubud Monkey Forest. Imagine 600 mischievous long-tailed macaques who are the essence of the forest, every action by them is almost an invitation for you to play along. The emerald colors of nature give the perfect contrast to this whimsical and fun playground. It’s almost as if you enter into a notorious party thrown by the furry inhabitants. The Ubud’s monkey forest sanctuary is however a lot more than what it seems to be.

The monkeys here play a major role in Bali’s rich heritage along with the dense flora and fauna. The forest is more than a regular sanctuary; it’s a safe haven for the wild and free world where the untouched biodiversity thrives. The culture of Bali is truly reflected in the dense forests that are the heartbeat throbbing through the rustling leaves.  

Monkeys, Temples, And Timeless Traditions

visit to the sacred monkey forest sanctuary bali is like a sacred journey.
Seeing the monkeys are like a spiritual blessing rather than just inhabitants of the forest.

Ubud Monkey Forest is an example of the symbiotic relationship between the primates and the local community of villagers. The kinfolk members assume the role of guardians that extends beyond a duty- it becomes a sacred pact and a shared journey. They see the monkeys as a spiritual blessing rather than just inhabitants of the forest. The shared existence gives way to a sense of respect and mutual understanding which is a rather extraordinary thing to experience. The forest stands on Bali’s deep-rooted spirituality, with mysterious temples and moss-covered statues covered in emerald hues bearing witness to the timeless charm.

In such a sacred atmosphere, the forest weaves a tale that transcends the boundaries of human- animal interactions. The primates become a passage to the spiritual realm for the villagers. Witnessing this interplay emphasizes the connection between the two. One must understand the gravity of the tradition while visiting this place. You will not just be witnessing monkeys in their habitat; you will be stepping into a living tradition, where the presence of the primates will truly feel like a kingdom where they are the rulers.

Timings To Visit

sacred monkeys of the forest
Respect their furry animals by avoiding flashing cameras on them.

Visitors are welcome to explore the forest between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

Do’s And Don’ts


Interaction and photography etiquette -We recommend that visitors respect their furry neighbors by avoiding direct eye contact 

Be mindful of your belongings- Securing any loose belongings and avoid flashing camera flashlights in their direction.

Learn local customs- Consider wearing modest attire during your visit as you will be exploring sacred grounds.


Bringing other animals- Your pets might agitate the primates, so consider leaving them at home.

Littering- Responsible disposal of waste is very necessary to maintain the ecological balance of the forest.

Climbing statues- Avoid climbing statues and carvings at all times and admire them from a distance.

Beyond Blossoming Botanical Bliss

wild monkeys in the monkey forest sanctuary
Ubud Monkey Forest Indonesia holds a trove of botanical treasures.

Beyond the spirited show of the primates, Ubud Monkey Forest Indonesia holds a trove of botanical treasures. Embracing nearly 200 species of plants and trees, this forest cradles a thriving conservational ecosystem. As the sunlight filters through the foliage, it paints a canvas of flora that blends perfectly with the commotion of the monkeys. This sanctuary is a thriving display of Bali’s indigenous masterpieces that will unfold as you stroll through this enchanting forest. Towering trees, exotic blossoms, and winding pathways, it’s a setting straight out of a fairy tale! Every element here graciously contributes to the essence of nature and you will be left feeling rejuvenated after your visit. The forest serves as a natural refuge for both the monkeys and the diverse plant species, fostering a balance in the conservation narrative.

During your time here you will feel a profound sense of commitment that the people have shown in order to preserve this space as a natural heritage. As you emerge from this forest, you’ll notice an lasting imprint of awareness we face globally and the responsibility to protect and preserve remains not just a distant thought. 

Ticket Prices And Tips

It’s always a wise decision to visit the Ubud Monkey Forest by keeping in mind the nuances of the ticket prices, ensuring an affordable and enjoyable experience. The entrance fees fluctuates based on which day of the week it is and if you keep track, you can avail a budget-friendly option-


 Adults– 80,000 IDR 

Children under 12, locals, and KITAS/KITAP holders- 60,000 IDR. 


Adults– 100,000 IDR 

Children, locals, and KITAS/KITAP holders- 80,000 IDR.

Families with little ones under the age of three are allowed free access to the forest.

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Concluding The Adventure

There is something magical in the oblivion of jungles that is hard to describe. The lush green foliage of Bali’s Monkey Forest Ubud becomes a timeless memory that will be etched in the hearts of all who wander through its hallowed grounds. 

Over decades civilization has prioritized development and compromised conservation for their gains, it’s rather refreshing to see over 600 Balinese macaques dancing amidst nature’s finest backdrop with their cackles echoing through the jungle. This somehow binds spirituality with biodiversity and that is a testament to Bali’s commitment to preserving the delicate balance between civilization and wild inhabitants, which boasts of the possibility of a synergy that is often overlooked.

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Last but not least, the governing council which is composed of devoted village members, oversees the sacred temples, monkeys and also reminds the visitors that each step taken is a contribution to Bali’s heritage and ecological tapestry. Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary is not just a destination; it’s a pledge to cherish and protect the sacred union of nature, spirituality, and wildlife for generations to come.


What kind of monkeys are in the Ubud Monkey Forest?

It is home to Balinese long-tailed macaques, also known scientifically as Macaca fascicularis. This species lives in the natural habitat of the jungles.

Can you touch the monkeys at Monkey Forest?

It is highly advised not to touch the monkeys as it can on occasion agitate them. While these macaques are accustomed to human presence, touching them will lead to unpredicted reactions. Respecting their space would ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What should you not do around monkeys?

Avoid bringing small, valuable items, wearing glasses, carrying snacks for them, or making direct eye contact. Never try to grab or try to pick the monkeys up even if they come very close to you and only feed them at designated feeding stations.

How safe is Ubud Bali?

Ubud in Bali is generally a very safe and hospitable place for tourists. However, it is advisable to practice standard safety precautions, such as being aware of your surroundings and belongings.


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